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Ok - there is a lot out there quickly.

Labour vibes to those of you who feel like things are starting to kick in. Just keep going until you can't do life anymore! Then let the baby hold your hand through their labour.

Went to MW today. I don't have another appt until 8/10 because she is going to shut her office to get some stuff done and just do births. Should we place bets on whether I have that appt or not. Right now I am thinking this week is definitely out but I am more ok with that than I have been. Mel- I totally know how you feel - that's why I joined the August boards (edd July23) and I still had to accept the fact that more than one mom would have her baby before me. But, this is what my kids need to grow - trust me I don't always think this positively about it. And honestly, because of my history I am very protective about when I will let myself be considered late by the medical profession. If I am consistently 10 days past my edd I am loathe to consider 37 weeks term. YKWIM?

Also, around 35 - 37 weeks there is a hormone surge and a lot of people feel like they have been hit by the first trimester all over again. It should pass! Sorry, it's such a crummy way to feel.

I thought I had that end stage energy burst but all of the sudden I don't want to leave the house, want to go back to bed, just not in the mood to talk to people - kind of iffy about being around my own kids too!! OH the whining and crying - they smell something is comig!

So, no appts. and baby due now I just sit here in whatever land this is waiting. Hopefully I can do so gracefully.

I need a method of bc because I went off the pill in 2001 for medical reasons and was pg the next month with DS (poor use of condoms). At 7 weeks, on demand nursing, cosleeping, no pacifier etc I started my period again. Tried the minipill and was nuts. Went back to condoms and voila pg with DD (DS was 7 months). After DD was born - same again except I had read up and learned as much as I could about cervical fluid, charting, temp etc. Based on all the rules MW and I are blown away but pg with #3 and DD was only 3 months old.

mommycaroline - I like to have people over too. Part of it is just being in a southern town. I don't go to the same extremes as a lot of other families around here - we don't do special order birth announcements, invitations etc but for birthdays I always get the cake from the bakery that did our wedding cake. I throw parties for the whole family though and then no one knows (they forget normally) that it's the kids b-day and I don't have to worry about gifts. The kids have enough stuff. When they get older I am hoping to do things where the kids can donate time or canned goods are that kind of thing and then treat them all after to lunch or something. I have such a large family they are always getting things.

OK - this turned out pretty long. Hoping to go take a nap now!
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Looks like everyone is plugging away! My due date is in 6 days!!! How in the world did that happen?! I had my last appt. on Friday and everything is good. My bp is back to normal now, but has a tendency to rise when I get too busy so I'm still not supposed to do any cleaning. DH has been a huge help!! I have been doing some minor cleaning though like cleaning out closests.

As for baby wipes (and diapers) we use cloth. We make our own solution that includes apricot oil, tea tree oil, baby wash, and water.

I have a birthday party to plan too in Sept. My oldest turns 5 on Sept. 4 and that happens to be on labor day weekend. I hate planning these parties!! They are so much work! We are probably end up renting one of those blow up things for her and her friends to jump on.

As for birth control, with my last one I used the "mini pill" I could never remember to take the stupid thing. Don't know what I'll do this time.

Hope everyone has a good week!
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lena-I think I am feeling teh head through the vaginal wall? I couldn't feel any openings...I talked to my mw this morning, and she said that my cervix might be tipped back towards my back so it would make it harder for me to feel it. She offered to check me tonight.

mat4mel-sorry to hear you feeling so miserable! Hopefully the next few weeks fly by!

Sorry-I don't have time to respond to anymore. Ds is whining in the other room, waiting for me to come lay down and nap with him.

But wanted to add...Starting last night and all through today I have been having random, crampy contractions. Every 10-20 minutes or so? Sometimes longer. My back is killing me, I am going to the chiro today. I have never felt this many contractions before, especially with ds, I never felt any. So I feel like my body is definitely in pre-labor. I don't know how you haave dealt with this for so long, Lena. Dh mentioned that maybe this means we will have baby on the blue moon, and I told him I don't want to feel like this for a whole week. I am hopign baby comes in teh next day or two.

Labor vibes needed!!!
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Ilove- yeah must be through the vaginal wall. Very cool. Def. engaged! Sending you gentle and wonderful labor vibes! I was talking to my brother last night and complaining about being "stuck" for so long and he said "Shouldn't you be used to it, what with your PTL last time?" Very true. I had it for 12 weeks with DS. 3 weeks or more is nothing compared to that. esp. when you don't want baby to come and be a preemie!

Kate, at first when I read your post I thought you were saying your midwife would be gone but then I realized you meant she was just closing her office. I am with you one the not leaving the house thing. Actually most days I am not even getting out of my nightgown b/c it's just so darn comfy!

Oh, and I had like 2 or 3 weeks where I only want drinks and junk food (candy, ice cream, ect.) It passed. Must be hormonal. At the time I told myself it was b/c the baby must be putting on a lot of fat right then. I think that sounds about right.

Leah, wow on the house! Cool, let us know!

Everyone else, hope you are doing good. I've been working on trying to get our water problem taken care of (it's probably a leaking pipe) Hopefully it should just cost us $500 (our insurance deductable) which is still a LOT of $. I am really hoping and praying that our homeowner's insurance will cover the damage. Otherwise it will be in the thousands!

TTYL ladies
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Originally Posted by ilovebeingamom
lena-I think I am feeling teh head through the vaginal wall? I couldn't feel any openings...I talked to my mw this morning, and she said that my cervix might be tipped back towards my back so it would make it harder for me to feel it. She offered to check me tonight.
Labor vibes needed!!!
I will send you some. I don't need them for a few weeks.

I too can feel a head through teh vag wall. If I really lube up my hand with KY I can reach my cervix- it is so far up there now. Maybe a 1 and not at all effaced. (yes, I have to use my HAND to get up there-ugh!)
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Originally Posted by madrone
Magemom - you are one of the ones of whom I was enviously thinking yesterday. So you normally don't get to have those week-end cleaning feasts? I'm sorry. My DH will do the dishes, cook, and sweep the kitchen floor if DS had a particularly messy day. But outside of those kitchen things, that's it. He doesn't seem to think that they ever have to be done. I shouldn't complain because his cooking abilities are excellent (I'm sorry for you Kimberly) and he cooks a lot. It just gets frustrating though when he actively tries to prevent me from cleaning things outside the kitchen. Because it doesn't matter if there's sand all over the living room floor or if there's facial hair covering the bathroom sink from him shaving. But when we lived in the states, he didn't have a problem with having a housekeeper come in bi-weekly to keep the place clean without me spending my energy doing it. Now, a housekeeper is not a possibility in any way. We were poor then, but now we're really super poor. So, no shopping for me.

Tiff, It USED to be that DH made dinner 4 nights a week. It was great. He cooked, I cleaned. Then he went back to school. (and a side note I am pissed to just find out he really didn't graduate in May even though he walked) when classes started he stopped doing anything. Not sure there is anything to be envious about.

So no marathon cleaning sessions here. With it being summer the big kids do daily chores. Example is today DD is washing the last of the laundry and folding and putting it away, and cleaning the cat box. I had all but 1 load washed when I left for work today. DS1 is unloading and loading the dishwasher and picking up the family room.
This will leave the play room and some sweeping for this evening- and the big kids may get more chores after dinner. DS will be mowing tonight so that will keep him busy.

I can set a timer and get everyone to work 15 minutes here or 15 minutes there and occasionally on a Saturday we will do 1 hour massive clean. That is usually saved for the weekend. I am terrible when it comes to cleaners- I use the wipes and wipe up the bathroom every few days instead of pulling out the safer cleaners and a rag. I try to do something in our bathroom nightly during bath time for the little boys, but DH is about to take over that task. My kitchen floor could use a good cleaning, but I figure I am not nesting enough for that.

DH doesn't really care either about the house. He says he loves coming home to a clean house, but doing anything about it isn't his thing. If I ask for his help he deligates to the big kids. That is why we ALL have to work at the same time so he can't pass anything off. I keep telling him he is not in management in this house! (I hate how he pushes things off on them, even though I give chore lists)

The 15 minute thing has really helped getting him to pick up his clothes. Last weekend he got all his clean clothes put away and the closet looked good for a few days. We need to do that more often. Again, if everyone is spending 15 minutes in their room, he is better about it. Motivates better than let's clean till we are done. In the past it would take him 45 minutes to get ready to clean and by then I would be done and pissed. (gotta change, get the right tunes, collect the right cleaner, the perfect rag)

His office at home? Disgusting and I don't want to be in it. He thinks when he gets new carpet it will be better. Not sure how that will help him take out his trash, but I am willing to wait and see.
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Just a quick not to say that I have really had you on my mind today, Kate. Maybe after friday when I reach my due date (I think I'm the next one due, please correct me if I'm wrong) we can start our own 'overdue' club! JK. But really, I have been thinking about you. You must be very frustrated, but we you!
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Oh Dodo!
I really, really feel for you if you have gastro. I've only ever had it twice - and both times are during this pregnancy!

I'll be 38 weeks on Wednesday and there are no energy bursts around here. Just tired. And running after a toddler + the heat isn't helping.

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excuse the self-centered post here, just wanted to update y'all on my "adventure" today lol
guess i've got a bit of an eager beaver here...prepare for TMI! i was getting ready to get in the shower this afternoon and had it running and went to the bathroom first like always. after wiping, i stood up and felt a trickle down my right leg - i immediately thought "ick, i peed on myself". then i realized it might not be urine so i used my fingers to wipe my leg and smelled of it, didn't smell at all like urine (and i've got a super-sensitive sniffer)...then it trickled down the other leg, i sniffed again lol...about this time i thought, oh my it might be amniotic fluid so i called mil who said to call my dr and see what he thought...luckily he's a great guy and said to come in for HIM to check me instead of sending me to the hospital to be checked. so i called dh and we made the hour's drive into memphis to his office (left kids w/ sil). dr did the fluid test and says there's evidence of fluid, some pooling inside when i cough (he told me to lol) and some blood/mucous which evidences some cervical changes...he also did a quickie afi/ultrasound to monitor his fluid levels and said they were still ok, so we're calling this a high leak. i'm having much more contrax's than i was before this "leak" started, but not enough for him to admit me...we're just playing the wait and see game now, but seems ian has other plans than keeping his 8/21 due date lol...next appt is the 4th - we'll see if i make it that far...
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Cool Heather!!
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wow Heather.....How exciting!! Lena you may not be next after all......
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Ohhh, Heather! Sounds promising!!

Kimberly (who flooded the bed with the cough technique )
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So cool, Heather. YOU may be next! We could all surprise each other with who goes when...you just never know!
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yay heather! sending labor vibes!
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Heather. I am sending you gentle and wonderful labor vibes. Can't wait to hear what's up! Maybe our second baby?!? Poor Kimberly needs a friend
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believe me, part of me would love to be snuggling w/ a new baby right now...the other half is grateful that my dr sent me home instead of being invasive and sending me over to have him last night...i've had plenty of contrax's since my li'l visit, but nothing that'd scream "IT'S TIME!!!" to me lol...i had a miserable night though, i woke up every hour and couldn't get back to sleep several times...and jake and shelby seem to both have some sinus crud coming w/ the funky weather changes...jake was up in the middle of the night crying his throat hurt and is still complaining this morning, so i've doped him and shelby up...now if only dh would get out of bed and watch them for a bit so i could go back to sleep for awhile...yeah right...
i couldn't sleep right now if i wanted to...my li'l trip yesterday put the "fear" in me lol and now all i want to do is finish up all my cleaning/sewing/organizing before ian does decide to show up. all dh wants to do is "hurry it along" since it is an inconvenience to him after school starts back to have to take off geez, yeah we know this is all about HIM, sigh...

i hope everyone is doing well this morning, poor dodo - i hope you're better soon...stinks to be sick any time in pg, but this close to the homestretch and at this size stinks! bless your heart!
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ok, question since i see that two other mamas have had the possible leak, but tested neg and i've got a leak somewhere (but not gushing) and have plenty of fluid and testing pos for fluid - do i follow the rules for broken waters or not? dr didn't say anything about that last night, makes me wonder?!?!? i'll call him in a bit to see what he thinks...dh wants to hurry this along since we know i'm doing something, but if my waters are "compromised" (for lack of better words) i don't wanna be sticking anything up there yk? besides, i've got no desire to hurry this along quite yet lol...much easier to take care of him in utero, despite how uncomfortable/painful being pg is at this point!
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If I were you Heather, I would follow all the rules for a small leak in the membranes, knowing that it is amniotic fluid. So, spending the next two days lying down, not sticking anything in there, and washing (with a hose or squirt bottle) after going to the potty. I would also start taking Vitamin C and E and echinacea to help prevent an infection.
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Personally I would do everything possible to prevent any chance of infection. Even if it's just a small tear, stuff can still get in there, iykwim. What did your dr say about if you don't go into labor over the next day or so? You aren't looking at a possible induction, are you? I hope not.

ETA: I've read that you can use toilet paper if you stick it in the oven for a little while to kill any germies.
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Keep us posted Heather.

When I was pg with Brannon and my water broke I was a walking mess. He wasn't engaged so I just gushed water everytime I moved. Of course I had serious meconium then too.

Ok - yesterday my Dad call from Iraq just to say he loved me and all that. My mom was "late" with all three of us so he wanted to catch me before I had the baby - haha. Well, our old digital camera doesn't work with my new computer so I really wanted a new one. I want to get pictures to my Dad asap. Anyway, decided to save a whopping $15 and order it online at BestBuy and do the pick-up thing. To make a long story short - was treated HORRIBLY, stood in three different lines for 20 min and then told very nastily to get back in another line (at the end) because how were they to know if I was telling the truth etc. OMG - I was furious. Walked out, burst into tears, went home and cancelled my order with them. DH went back out to Circuit City told them my saga and got me my camera for less. So happy ending but I was pouting and sobbing and just a wreck. People seem to think they are doing me a favour! I used to work retail to get through college and I would have been fired immediately if I ever treated anyone the way I was treated.

And, I don't think I will ever have this kid because I can't get my head in the game. I can barely cope with the two I have - each day DH and I just pass out frustrated and tired. How am I going to cope with a third? I started taking a very low dose of zoloft just before I found out I was pg just to try and help keep my anxiety level at bay. I feel so guilty because they both have so many needs and I just can't be there. I don't want to treat Brannon like he is older (not even 2.5 and will be the oldest of three) but sometimes I can't help but expect too much from him. DH and I are very driven, very academic, high spirited, outgoing people - so when the genes collide we get some amazing kids but...

OK - enough sorry ladies. I know this is a joyful time and I am truly aware of my blessings. I sometimes think I am just over blessed which is not right.
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