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Usually small tears/leaks if you take it easy can reseal themselves so it's often not a reason for induction. Definitely up the Vit C to help strengthen your bad of waters.
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That is exciting news Heather! Good luck to you!

Dodo, I hope you feel better very soon!

The mw's were here last night...Looks good! They checked and baby's head is very low and engaged, cervix is thinning, and I am about 1-2 cm. I had lots and lots of BH yesterday. They hurt, but they have slowed down alot. I am glad, b/c I was hoping to have some type of break before real labor. So I got some sleep last night. And today I can relax too, hopefully!

So..still playing the waiting game basically! Something that has really touched me is how everyone, mw's, friends, husband, are treating me so special! I have never been the center of attention before, it is so strange! I tried explaining it to dh, but he just said enjoy it, you deserve it. But like I said, I am just not used to it. I do like it, but it makes me feel like crying too. Hormones?
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I think they only induce for full term ROM if the mom does get an infection, no? Looks like nature is running its course. How exciting! I check back day after day to see if we have another baby yet, but aside from lurking and reading about other peoples situations I don't have the stamina to jump in most days.
I'm not as far along as a lot of you, so I don't have the same aches and pains yet... but I remember them from last time, believe me!
At 35 weeks I still have room for my lungs, et cetera... so big s to everybody who is in their last days and waiting patiently, or not-so-patiently!!!

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because baby still has plenty of fluid, we're not even talking induction. my dr called back and said that sex was fine, being that it's a high leak - if i start gushing to call him back. i'm not really leaking much since that initial few trickles down my legs...laying down for two days is pretty much out of the question - my kiddos are needy since they don't feel good and there's no one to help really. i'm definitely not going to be overdoing it by cleaning or anything though, just normal day to day mess w/ a LARGE nap thrown in there since i'm exhausted from not sleeping last night. i doubt we'll be having sex either, since i'm not comfortable with that thought after yesterday, regardless of whether my dr thinks it's ok...maybe in a few days if nothing's happened i'll feel different about having sex...but i'm for sure taking it easy for a few days, then we'll reevaluate!
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Sounds like you have a pretty knowledgeable OB. I know that lots of people in this forum would disagree with me, but, I don't quite trust most OB's.

Vent here:
My sister's OB induced her at 34 weeks with a small leak, that could have healed itself. And once the baby was born, it turned out he was probably more like 33 weeks. Spent the first 2.5 weeks of his life in an incubator and was given oxygen when he should have been in her tummy with her on anti-biotics are something to prevent an infection. Plus, lots of doctors don't read JAMA and still give babies oxygen when studies have shown that it it is not good for babies. Babies given oxygen have a slower rate in transitioning to the world from the womb than premies not given oxygen and they have a huge increase in the rate of this one eye problem. Which, my nephew has that eye problem.
End of vent.

I'm bored today. I don't quite want to do anything. If I'm up, my ribs on the right side hurt. When I lie down, my ribs on the left side hurt. Since DH isn't working now, I basically helped with DS for maybe 3 hours today and that's it. The one time I had him by myself, I ended up bringing him to DH after a bit because I wanted to lie down to get the pain to the other side. My torso just isn't long enough.

I may be towards the top of the list, but I don't think I'll be having a baby anytime soon. This little one is still moving around a lot. I'm still ripe but undialated and no thinning. I checked today. But I don't want to go into labor for another week and a half, so I'm happy with that. Besides, all the achey, miserable days help to prepare you emotionally for labor. Or at least that's what someone close to me says. I like to think that it's true and that the aches are there for a reason.

Well, another self-centered post from me. Take care all - Tiff
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i feel like a post-hog today lol...just not much else to do when i'm trying to take it easy lol...
tiff, your poor sil/nephew, what an awful ordeal...you're right, i've got a pretty good OB imo...he's pretty cautious, yet still non-interventionist in most cases. i'm glad he likes the "wait and see" approach and we didn't even talk about abx's, though he did say to call if i started to run a fever. he knows that i'm pretty "hands on" about my medical care and would object to just taking them for the heck of it...the whole "don't fix what ain't broke" thing yk? lol...
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I'm glad there isn't any talk of induction. A while back when I had some gushes (which I'm pretty sure was a tear that healed) I didn't go to the hospital about it. It stopped so I figured it would heal and I was so afraid they would try to preassure me to induce if it was. My hospital is very intervention friendly. My OB is great, just not the hospital. I believe I've mentioned before that the only person I know of the hasn't had a c-sec there was my doula. Still dream wistfully of "accidently" having the baby at home... If my labor goes as fast as I think it might it just might be a good idea.

Well, if you go now, then good luck sweetie, if not then yay for cooking your bean a little longer. Do you have all your diapers ready?

DH has stopped calling me during the day to see if I'm in labor yet. Methinks he's given up on me Madrone, I'm bored too. It's a rainy day and I have nothing to do. I'm just to big and uncomfortable to be playing much with DS (he's a very physical child). I've got everything ready. I've even printed out all the envelopes for the birth announcements already. Wait, wait, wait...
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You should be taking it easy, so you should be a post hog right now. I know for me, if I had something like this on my mind, I'd be needing to talk to someone about it. And posting here is just like talking to a friend. Or at least for me.

I wouldn't want anti-biotics automatically either. I would just for caution's sake get DH to the pharmacy for echinacea and vitamins A and C, but I don't think I would want to go straight to anti-biotics. But more mainstream people might want to go straight there. I think that is much better than inducing. Your doc does sound good. Right now especially, I think it's hard to find those as opposed to all of those who think they are God. You're lucky to have found one.

ETA: Glad to have company in my boredom Lena. There was just a new birth story posted on the UC thread in the homebirth forum. I'm rather happy to have that right now for some reading and thinking to help lift the boredom. Maybe it would help with yours too.
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ita about needing the friendship and support right now tiff...and lena, glad i'm not the only one having those "wish i could have an accidental homebirth" thoughts lol...i've had two dreams lately that he was born at home lol. anyways, thanks for the good thoughts everyone...i'm having a really hard time getting comfy to nap, kiddos are down for the count...really crampy today w/ some blood tinged mucous. still think it'll be awhile though!
yeah lena, diapers and clothes are ready...just need to be set in truck when we're ready to go to the hospital. i've packed 18 (mix of prefolds/wraps and fitteds) for a 24hr stay, hope that's plenty...
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Okay hormonal ladies, I have a tip for you. Do NOT, under any circumstances, read The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde. I read it last night and cried my eyes out. I had finished off The Picture Of Dorian Gray and that was one of the short stories at the end. It's so beautiful but oh my gosh was I ever ugly crying.

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Had an appt with the OB today. Boy, do I wish I'd been seeing her more frequently. I normally meet with the midwives in her practice, and I have had some serious trust issues about the way labor and delivery would go, since I know the OB really calls the shots. But, she was just as wonderful as could be.

A few weeks back, I had that U/S after which she sent me a letter saying my "chances for VBAC could be decreased because my baby measured so large" Blah, blah, blah. And, that's only made me feel even more distrustful. So, today, finally, we got to talk about that. I've been bracing myself for the "we need to induce next week" speech, and it wasn't like that at all! We had a very honest dialog, and talked about VBAC's and legal issues, and her whole position is that if she doesn't have a record of warning me, then she places herself in a vulnerable position. Doesn't mean she doesn't believe I can't do it, just that she needs to have given me the information. It does *slightly* change the way she treats me from here forward, in that I need to get some NST's, but I don't mind that. They just want to hear some heart accelerations from the baby occasionally. And, she will not let me go more than one week past my due date without an induction. What a huge relief that was to hear! I've already lied to her about my period, so that means I have a deadline of August 30, when in actuality, I should be due August 17, so I end up getting two weeks, without her knowing that. All of this is of course contingent on things progressing the way they have been, no huge weight gains, good baby movements, etc, etc. I'm actually okay with this, so I feel so much better than I have for a long time. The fear of her taking this away from me has overshadowed so much of this pregnancy, but we're in the home stretch now, so I'm really seeing the possibilities again.

Other good news is that I'm 70% effaced, 1 1/2 centimeters dilated and at a -2 station. Amazing! With my DD I never dilated until I went on pitocin, and never made it past 50% effaced. I feel like I've already come further than I did last time. I know it's silly to get so excited about this sort of thing, since it really doesn't mean much about *when* you'll go into labor, but it sure made me feel good. And, best of all, the head is confirmed DOWN! YAY!!!! I feel this huge release of fear now. It was all I could do to hold back my tears. I looked over at my husband, and I could tell he felt the same way. It was a very good appointment indeed.

So, labor vibes to those in their last days! I'm too self centered right now to be able to remember who said what. I read it all, but my mind is just a blur. This is really going to happen. Ladies, I have dreamed about giving birth naturally since my cesarean section, and I can't even tell you how much it means that I have an honest chance at this!

In nesting news, I started sorting diapers last night. I was up til the wee hours sorting out our diapers. I do not exaggerate when I say we must have 15+ covers in each size, and I even put some in a bag to sell as I was sorting. Where the heck did we get so many? I was sitting in these huge mountain of diapers just trying to figure out what to do with them all. Unreal! We also have 4 1/2 dozen infant pre-folds, several infant AIO's, 5 dozen premium pre-folds and a couple dozen toddler AIO's. I must have been a nut case with my DD. I sure don't remember having this many! But, it's all good, I guess. I'm selling off a HUGE bag and I still have a massive stash. Maybe I'll be able to buy something great for the baby with them! Better yet, use the money to splurge on a cleaning lady. *That* would be spectacular!
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Originally Posted by ketilave
OK - enough sorry ladies. I know this is a joyful time and I am truly aware of my blessings. I sometimes think I am just over blessed which is not right.

Over blessed. What a good way of putting things. I was supposed to call the pediatrician about weaning off Zoloft these last 2 weeks then starting up after birth 'just in case' I didn't, I am not and baby will get more from BF so I am not worried about withdrawl in him/her.

Today I am so tired, I could really use a nap. I might even go take one. (I am at work) Took DS2 to the dentist (thankfully things look ok) talked to dentist about ds3's swollen cheek 2 weeks ago. Then took him to preschool and ds1 to the adhd/autism doc. This doc says yes red flags for Ausperger's but more ADHD like. FINALLY! He has been treated medically for a year (with good results) but I NEED parenting help. I have been trying to get it here and there, this book and that but it is so exasperating. So in 2 weeks he will have a game plan for us to try, letter for the school and some follow up. And he said counceling for DS1 is pointless at this point since he will tell you what you want to hear to make you go away. A plan. I like it. Next appointment is 2 days before my due date. Hmmmm.....

Guess I had better get some work done today. Only some though!
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Yay! The insurance company called and everything will be covered except our deductable of course. Looks like def. the whole living room carpet will need to be replaced plus a large portion of the wall. Now, what do you suppose are the chances we can get this done while I'm still preggo? That seems easier than with a newborn babe. It should be interesting where we will move all our living room furniture to for when the carpet is replaced. I think we will just have to pile it all up in the kitchen. Maybe we should just stay at a hotel when it's done. Anyway, that's a huge relief for me.

I want to take a nap too, but DS won't. He doesn't take a nap like 1/2 the time now. Magemom, I'm glad to hear you are getting the help you need for your DS.

Caroline I'm so glad to hear how well things are working out for you! I hope and pray you'll get the birth you want.

DH and I have talked often about how much nicer and easier it would be to have the baby at home. He hates hospitals so he has no problem with it. I am just chicken about the possibility of something going wrong with no "professional" there to help us, since a homebirth w/ a midwife wasn't an option. Magemom and Madrone (and anyone else thinking UC) do you have any plans in case of emergency?

Okay, I need to stop posting today. I'm being a posthog too. With no good reason.
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Caroline - Great news.

Well, I almost killed the kids today so DH and I took the kids and got out for a while. My own fault, should not be trying to paint a bedroom with a 2yo help. Plus, I yelled so loud at Brannon for playing with the paint he peed himself and we have been in underwear for just 4 days :LOL . I tried on lots of shoes Looked for a dress for this weekend in case I need to run out because I can't stand everything I have - decided I am just BIG this time - my legs - just not right.

A friend is coming over on Friday so we can abuse our children together and also to do some belly shots with the munchkins. We shall see how that goes!!!

Going to play with my new camera!

And, I am in the same boat Tiff, though my pain is mostly on the left side and I have turned the kids over to DH. For us though it's just safer for everyone.
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I feel like there is so much going on in this thread: leaks, doubts, home improvement projects and dr.’s visits for mothers and children alike. Forgive me for not keeping it all straight!

I did have a little bout of gastro. Thank you for your well wishes. I’m very lucky in that it was short-lived. In fact, dh tells me that this virus has been dubbed the “one-puke flu.” He had it over the weekend, but we mistook it for food poisoning. We surmise that he caught it from a little girl who licked him last week hours before succumbing to the illness herself. This knowledge makes me feel a little better about our overall health and hygiene. I was worried that we were catching any virus in the vicinity, but, really, what can you do when little ones lick you? We’re very lucky in that dd didn’t catch it.

Since recovering, I feel great. I kept dd home from daycare, had a playdate, finished up the last of my baby shopping and mopped the floors. All of a sudden, I feel on top of this baby stuff. My diapers are ready and my clothes are sorted, if not washed. The house is in a reasonable if far from pristine state. I’d now like to keep dd home as much as possible, but the daycare provider and the other kids look so bummed when I go to tell them that she’s not coming that I’m not sure I have the heart. Is that weird?

I will be checking in again soon to see if any of our babies are on their way. I’m really excited for those of you who have seen major progression.
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Caroline...from one VBAC'ing mamma to another your post brought me to tears of joy!! I am so happy for you and see you VBAC'ing successfully..... having your baby the way you want......oh I cannot express how happy I am for you!!!

This thread is all getting too exciting.... I finally sarted packing my things today for the hospital....very bittersweet for me as I am officially 39 weeks today with my last baby...maybe it will decide to stay for 2 more weeks...I will miss all the in-utero movements and carring my little bean in my belly.....

I am in the same self centered boat right now ..but reading everything everyone is posting and smiling and woo-hoo'ing for all the babies that will be here with us soon......
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Wonderful news Caroline on the VBAC! Hope you get it!

Lena - I do have back up plans in case of an emergency. The doctor who owns a house about 7 meters from ours will be here at that time, there is another doctor about a half km away, there is a place about 15 km that isn't allowed to do births but still did more than 1 birth a week last year, and the fire department has a doctor and a midwife. I know what I need to know that would indicate that I do need help and then we would seek it without hesitation. I am capable of feeling things for myself, just like lots of you have done in feeling your baby's head. I am in tune with my body and trust myself. DH and I have learned how to have him listen to the baby's heartbeat through an empty toilet paper roll and he knows what it sounds like in case we decide that one of us needs to hear it for reassurance. And, another MDC mom will be here who can always go to the UC thread to get help from someone if we just need reassurance. I feel as prepared for a UC as I did for a midwife attended birth. Actually, I feel more prepared.
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Hi everyone! Looks like we're doing pretty well for a group of very pregnant ladies. Just wanted to let you know that my computer is in the process of crapping out...................the death of my hard drive is imminent (or so the machine keeps telling me) and things are crazy enough here what with this babe coming soon, meeting with mortgage officers, and DD coming daily a bit more unraveled as she loses all of my lap space. I'm betting we won't get this machine replaced for a bit. Anyway, I'm going to try to keep checking in with you via my MIL's computer.

Who knows? Maybe my computer's demise will be slow and prolonged and I'll get to read about all of our birth's from my own house?

In-utero babe kicked the tar out of me this afternoon and is definitely positioned with the butt on one side of my belly and the legs on the other side......much more horizontal than vertical. When will this kiddo settle down and get ready for business? I plan to spend the evening bouncing, bouncing, bouncing on my exercise ball.

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Mommycaroline- Sooo glad to hear your appt went well! I know how you feel as a fellow vbac'er! Ds was breech, so at my appt when we found this little girl head down, tears just leaked out, I was so relieved. I had so many fears with this pregnancy, and one by one they have fallen away. This whole pregnancy has made me a stonger, better person. I really had to look inside myself and figure out who I was, and what I wanted. I am so happy that I have found the confidence in myself to stay away from the hospital, and found a great midwife! Our hospital sucks, it currently is in the longest nursing strike in the U.S. (over a year!), and is so interventionist. My chances of VBACing there were very slim. But anyway, I am so happy that you are also finding peace in these final days!

Not too much happening with me today. Some BH's, but nothing like yesterday. Maybe we will be holding out for the blue moon!
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Caroline, congratulations on the good news. I am so happy your OB is good and you are feeling such positive vibes about everything. You can do it! (and if you have any extra wool diaper covers in newborn/infant size let me know! I am looking for a couple in smalls or mediums)

Lena_girl on the insurance company pulling through. What a relief! I sure hope they get things fixed up so you can enjoy your babymoon!

Dodo, So glad you are feeling better. Thank goodness it didn't last too long. We all need to have some healthy days and weeks before these babies come!

Heather, good for you getting some rest. Sounds like everything is under control but I don't know if you will make it to your due date! Isn't it the end of August? I probably wouldn't be too excited about having sex either. Any little thing makes me shy away from dh in that department.

I got my GBS results back. NEGATIVE! I really didn't want any hassle with the hospital and now it looks like I won't (If I do end up there...)

Gotta run and get back to work!

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