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Well I did it. I fired my ob today. Here's the story behind it all:

Starting last Friday I wasn't feeling the baby move. I mean not at all. No matter how much I ate, layed still, nothing. So I called the midwife, and went to her house. She listened on her doppler, and baby sounded just fine. Reactive, strong heartbeat. SO that made me feel a little better. then, on Saturday, no movement. I went back to her house, we listened, and same thing; lots of great heartbeats. She sent me home with her doppler, and encouraged me to listen whenever I needed to. Come Sunday, I'm still not feeling any movement. I called my ob's office, and spoke with the nurse. She sent me to the L&D unit at the hospital. This was around midnight. SO I went down there by myself, since dh had to work then next day and my kidlets were already asleep. The triage nurse put me on the fetal monitor, with the dilly that you mash on when you feel the baby kick. I didn't feel a damn thing. But, the monitor was picking up tons of movement, reactive heartbeats, and contractions every 3 mins. Funny, I wasn't feeling any of it. So after an hour of that, the triage nurse called my ob's nurse and they said well alrighty, you're fine, go on home. This really made me feel funny b/c i was expecting an u/s to check whethere the baby was clutching her cord, whether it was wrapped around her a few times, etc. But no, just go on home. SO I went home, and slept fitfully still.
Monday comes, and still no moving. I had an appt with my midwife for 4 pm. When she got her, we listened to baby, and decided that i should call the ob's office and see if I could get in to have an u/s. I called, and this is exactly what the nurse said: Terri we closed at 4..........i can't bring you in for an exam. go eat a big meal and lay down. you'll be fine" WTF!!!! My midwife and I just looked at each other in total disbelief. Now this is my 4th kid, and am not a psycho worrier. But I have to admit i was MIGHTY PISSED at this point. So, midwife and i talked it over, and decided that i was never going back to the ob, and that from here on out i was putting all my trust in her and her ability to take care of us. And wouldn't you know it, baby kicked.
So today I called the ob's office, cancelled the appt that i had for tomorrow, and left a message on the nurse's voice mail saying" I won't be coming back to your office because of the lack of caring and compassion shown to me." period. Baby has been doing gymnastics in my tummy ever since, and my birth kit arrived today from the supplier. It's a good day everyone!!

PS I am 50% effaced and only 1 cm dialated. I think we'll go the whole 40 weeks this time.

thanks for reading this far..........i have to take a bunch of packages to the post office now.
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Originally Posted by lena_girl
DH and I have talked often about how much nicer and easier it would be to have the baby at home. He hates hospitals so he has no problem with it. I am just chicken about the possibility of something going wrong with no "professional" there to help us, since a homebirth w/ a midwife wasn't an option. Magemom and Madrone (and anyone else thinking UC) do you have any plans in case of emergency?
Lena, The problems my children have had in the past at birth/right before/after were directly related to what people in the hospital did. DH and I have read books and really picked apart problems and what ifs... and what we would do. My doc is working with DH just in case we don't make it, working on the fast labor assumption. The fire dept is at the end of our street, there is a hospital around the corner and I have been seeing an OB so if I am not comfortable, I will head in like I had never thought to stay home. Last time I had too much blood loss for my comfort so I went in. I had never bled during labor before. That was so far my favorite labor/delivery because DH told the doc if she didn't agree to my birth plan I would stay home and not even tell him I was in labor. I really wish she was still delivering babies. DH wanted to ask her to make an exception and deliver at our home. I would have done that.
DH is less happy about the UC than he lets on, but is looking forward to catching his baby. That alone may keep us home if my doc isn't on call.
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It sounds like everyone is getting good news! Congratulations on vbacing, insurance, ob and midwife appointments, baby kicking, and good days.

Ketilave, you made me laugh literally when I read the thing about yelling so loud you made your 2yo pee his pants. Ha!

I had an awsome ob appointment yesterday. I usually don't have any questions so I'm in and out. Yesterday I had at least 15 that were very broad and open ended and he thoughtfully and slowly answered each one with promising answers. Because my hospital is very "lawsuit-abuse-skiddish" they are very conservative with what they allow in childbirth. I knew this ahead of time but I"m going to make the best of it. I had a lot of questions about what I'm allowed to do and whats not. It turns out squatting during the pushing stage and bouncing on a birth ball during labor are A OK with him and other people have done it in the past. That's good news. He also says that episiotomies are not routine because "if we cut it, we have to stitch it, so we don't like to make extra work for ourselves if it isn't neccessary" That makes sense and it made me laugh. I didn't have one last time either, but every single other person I know that has delivered at this hospital has.
I also got to express how strongly I want to avoid a c section. I asked him to tell me things that in his opinion would help me avoid it. I th ought that was a good way to passively let him know my feelings about it and that I want to avoid it without preaching to him. He said some good things, but basically it is a case by case thing. He felt around to tell me where the baby was laying. He used his fingers to feel the head and I could feel it in me. That was amazing. He did this once before too about 2 months ago. The head is definently bigger this time. It was a little scarey. That big thing has to come out of me! I'm getting prepared mentally now. We're so close, yet so far away!!!

I wonder where Laurie is. Having a baby?

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Umm, ladies, I was sitting here reading the birth story posted on the UC thread that Madrone mentioned earlier, and suddenly a little gush! My waters broken. Lots of gush gush gushes! Now I have to clean my house really quick! I mean, DH needs to clean the house really quick. LOL, I'll let you know later tonight what's going on or later if it goes quickly.
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mommycaroline, i'm so glad to hear your vbac plans are going great and that your OB was supportive!

lena, woohoo on the insurance taking care of the house mess. it'd be lovely to have taken care of before baby arrives, but hope it gets taken care of properly regardless!

terri - i'm tickled that you fired your OB, i can't imagine having a care-provider that didn't "care" about you lol...glad baby is moving around again too!

yes, naturegirl/cheryl, my edd is 8/21! i have no clue if i'll make it that far w/ what's been going on the last two days, but we'll see! only God knows and i sure trust his judgement on baby's arrival more than i do mine or the dr's! dr L didn't seem to think i'd make it to my appt next wk (the 4th) but he said that the last three wks of shelby's pg an i kept making it! lol
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No way Lena....cool! Good Luck.....wow! Is this getting exciting or what you guys?

Terri..So sorry you had such an experience over the weekend. Good for you for canning the ding dongs for their lack of compassion...

Cheryl congrats on the GBS negative!

Christine glad your appt was a good one!

Dodo glad you are better


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Lena, guess this means the house repairs won't be done before the baby gets here! (2 y/o wanted to help with smilies)

How wonderful that it is covered and PLV for you!!
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Lena! How exciting! I hope your water broke on the carpeting you're having replaced. Glad your insurance company is coming through for you, but sorry they won't beat your baby!

Easy labor vibes! And, I can't wait to hear your story!

Thanks everyone for the support. You guys are the best!
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Originally Posted by lena_girl
Umm, ladies, I was sitting here reading the birth story posted on the UC thread that Madrone mentioned earlier, and suddenly a little gush! My waters broken. Lots of gush gush gushes! Now I have to clean my house really quick! I mean, DH needs to clean the house really quick. LOL, I'll let you know later tonight what's going on or later if it goes quickly.
WOW!!! Too cool! I look forward to reading an update from you!
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Yay, Lena! I'll light a candle for you.

I was wondering the same about Laurie. Such an interesting day online and yet not a peep...

Terri, what I find most striking and heroic about your story is that you went to the hospital in the middle of the night alone. You could have rec'd devastating news! I'm so glad that you didn't.
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OK, my candle's lit. Let the contractions begin.
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Oh Terri! I'm sorry you had that experience. Sounds like you left a much more polite message than I would have. What a jerk! My midwives would never say something like that to me. Thank goodness you had the option to dump them. *hugs*

Lena~ Yay for breaking waters! We're all eyeing you enviously. Sending you vibes for an excellent birth.

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Yeah that is right Dodo ...where is Laurie....hhmmmm
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Lena ~ Sending you beautiful birthing vibes! I cant wait to read your story!!
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Hi Ladies!
It's been a few days for me, and honestly, I can't keep up. So much going on with all of us, must be all this waitin' we're doing...

LENA-BEST, BEST, BEST labor vibes to you!!! And BTW, DH and I have wondered if the house will get clean before the birth of this babe. Last time, we sort of hung around the house and cleaned, did laundry, etc.

Girl-Congrats on firing the OB. Sounds like it was all very scary and not the optimal situation, of course. But I'm always happy to hear when someone follows thru on their gut feeling. And this wasn't even a GUT feeling, this sounds a but negligent in my book.

Ketilave- I don't know how you're doing it, but just keep hanging in. If it's any consolation (although I know it's all relatve) I have one 2.5 yo and many days HE ALONE can put me over the edge. Please go easy on yourself and take care of yourself.

Great news, Caroline, on the VBAC!

Hey, Where IS LAURIE??? Could she be in laborland?????

Okay, I'm missing a bunch of you, but I've read all the posts and can barely keep my eyes open.

Still nesting quite a bit. I still have a bag to pack, and more laundry to do. A few small things left to purchase, but they could wait if they had to.
I just wish someone would TELL me when this babe is coming. But then again, that would take some of the fun out of it. At least I'd know my house would be clean, though...

My feet are OUTRAGEOUSLY swollen tonight. Did some running around in the morning, but not much in the afternoon, so I don't know what the deal is. I'm feeling some more cramping-not quite contractions, though. And last night and the night before it seemed that the babe literally moved his/her whole body all night long. Woke up this morning and it seems like I've "dropped"-although someone here said that this wasn't necessarily a sign of going into labor with a 2nd child. Ready to have my body back, but like AP said, if this is our last, I will miss these swollen feet and these private moments with this babe in utero.

Next appointmen on Thursday morning. I'll be 39 weeks then. WHOOO-HOOO!!!! Sleep well, ladies. I'll be thinking of you all...
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mastitis. owwwwwwwwww. nak

fell asleep and rolledonto my breast.... always gives me mastitis

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay lena!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think laurie tooooooooooooooooo

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay babies
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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
mastitis. owwwwwwwwww. nak

fell asleep and rolledonto my breast.... always gives me mastitis

Oh honey OW!!!! Cabbage leaves and the dreaded antibiotics for you I'm so sorry
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Lena!! WOOHOOOO!!!! Happy and painless labor vibes headed your way sweetheart! :
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Still can't sleep, fever is breaking though.

Wow, that came on fast. I was FINE at 7, watching tv with dh and during Big Brother (trash) at 8 I said "I don't feel good!" and then by the Amazing Race at 9, I got nauseated, dizzy, noticed a big red streaky lump in my breast and my temp was 100. By 10 it was 103!! And I had taken Motrin and Lortab at 8 because I felt icky!!! That's an insane amount of fever reducer!

Dh ran out to the 24 hour pharmacy and I got my drugs at 12:00.

I hope that they kick in fast!

I took a hot hot hot shower and pumped for a long time and nursed and nursed... is anyone else hyper susceptible to mastitis? I have to be SO careful, I get plugged ducts like mad. It's this crazy oversupply syndrome... I used to pump 60-80 oz a day when I was EP'ing for Libby.

Well, I'm feeling chatty, that's a good sign that the Lortab is working I took it again at 12. I was totally weaned off the stuff on Saturday but thankful I have some left!!

THinking of Laurie and Lena!! I think both of them will have babies today!!

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