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Ahhh Kimberly..ouchie....never had mastitis...thrush, yes for 2 months but not mastitis..hope you are feeling better this morning......

Just checking to see if we have any babies this morning!
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Woohoooooo Lena!
And Kimberly, hope you're doing better this morning. What a drag. Do you think you'll ultimately have to do a round of antibiotics to kick it? Terri, what did you mean by cabbage leaves?

And where is Laurie? And Terri, the health-care world would operate much smoother in some ways if we all took the time to do what you did.

I'm up super-early this a.m. So much to think about and I feel all charged up with strange, squirrely energy. I can barely sit still. After a few days of not being able to really wake up, this is a big change. Finally.

DH took DD out and about yesterday pm while I took a long walk with the neighbor kids and the dog. DH returned with a new computer! Seeing as how we already had replaced everything except the motherboard, the hard drive and the keyboard on our old machine, everything he brought back from the store fit in one box and wasn't too nastily expensive. And oh, my old machine made it's last clicks, weirdo death noises and flashing lights right after I posted to you all yesterday.

And Bears, you are right, the waiting is hard. It eats at your nerves.

Have a good day, ladies. Sending strong woman vibes to all of you..............

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We haven't heard from Katje either have we?

Can't wait to hear about new babies! My kids are so little and yet newbies are so tiny and you forget so quickly. Who is still nursing? Amelia has been nursing for longer periods and it is creating some serious cramping - my uterus isn't ready for it - I can tell my the way the cramping feels (if you've ever been on pit with an unripe uterus you KNOW) so I am kind of iffy about the long nursing stretches. Any input?

Tiff - you guys sound like you have found your peace. This baby may come soon. Dh is cool with UC - he just didn't want to plan it for 9 months. If I have the baby this week HAHA it's highly possible because mw's clients are all out of whack and she has a bunch expecting this week must be the moon. If they all go this week, next week is all about me. I love my mw though - she's like a mentor to me.
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Hey guys, I could use your thoughts and prayers. I am at 12 hours post water breaking and still no good labor going. I am having good strong contractions when I am outside walking, but I can't keep walking all day. I don't know if I'm making progress and just not feeling all the contractions and such, or if my body just isn't kicking in. I'm worried I might end up on pitocin if it doesn't pick up. Well anyway, I'd appreciate any advice too.
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Lena, big (((HUGS))). You must be stressing right about now. Have you called your midwife/OB yet? Hope not, cause that's when the clock starts ticking. In the meantime, there are some herbal remedies you can try. The cohoshes (Black and/or blue), pennyroyal, feverfew, are all known to help start labor. I don't know doses, though, but can look them up for you if you think you can get some. Castor oil is supposed to help too, but yuck a roo!

Try to relax, get some sleep while you can. Your body may be gearing up for labor, and you just need to rest? Good luck! And, keep us posted!

And, Kimberly, yikes! Mastitis already? Ouchies! Hope you kick it quickly.

Just got back from my first NST. All is well. Baby was active from the start so it went pretty quickly. The nurse was super nice, and as it turns out, we go to the same mass. I'll have to watch for her next Sunday. I have to go every week until the baby is born. Yawn! I scheduled it for 7:00 am so I don't have to bring my daughter, she'll stay with Daddy until he goes to work. Hard to be up that early, that's for sure!
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Checking in, too, about our babies...

Lena-You MUST be stressed. I know I may be a little conservative on this front, but 12 hours post water breaking would get me started thinking about calling the OB/MW (I know not everyone agrees with this). Please just do what you think is right for you and your babe. Believe me, I had Pit with #1 and it is a horrible thing. It was not pretty and I am hoping to avoid it at all costs, too. Just let us know how you're doing, sweetie-Hang in there!

Kimberly-I never had mastitis, but b/c DS was a winter baby, I had lots of plugged ducts. I always hopped in the shower and pressed with a wash cloth on the sore, plugged spot and then I had DS nurse on that breast the longest-even if it was sore. Always helped.

Hey, I'm still nursing DS (2.5) and I've been realizing that I only now nurse on one side. I think I've been doing this for about 6 months now. I'm going to have to get used to nursing on both sides again with that little baby mouth! :

and to all you mamas. Thinkikng of all of you (us) today!!!!!
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Lena - are your waters still clear. If so you are doing fine. Just make sure you keep feeling the baby move. Go with what you feel comfortable with - all I can tell you since none of us are there with you is go with your gut. I will pm you.
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oh lena honey, i'm tickled for you! i hope your contrax's will pick up soon though! have you alerted your mw/ob yet? i think i'd try some nipple stimulation and an enema maybe? both have thrown me into labor before when i just needed a nudge after my water breaking! <hugs> and many prayers for a safe delivery
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I am a little over 35 weeks along now - really getting down to the
wire now. We had a test-run with our birthing pool last night.
That thing is going to be AWESOME !!!

We inflated it - didn't take long once we started using the proper
attachment to do that, then had a girlfriend of mine come over with
her water-bed hook-up kit, and show us how to use that to fill it,
and to drain it. It took about 20-25 minutes to fill it, but that
was with a few kinks along the way, but a long time to drain it -
maybe an hour ?

The pool is about 23" deep at the top, and is wide enough that if
I'm sitting up straight, my butt is touching one side and my heels
just touching the other side. Our son liked the fish decorations on
the side of it.

I really am starting to feel like this is coming together for us
now. I feel good physically, and am confident mentally as well
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Oh Lena s I hope it all kicks in soon! I'd think the herbs are waaaaay nicer than pit. Any chance you can get your hands on some??

Terri: Way to go firing your ob! Sounds like an excellent choice.

Nevermind, I'm going back to bed. I didn't fall asleep till 4 a.m. last night from the pain meds... I don't know why they keep me up?? Drives me nuts. Gotta pump and go back to bed.
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I am with Bears,I would call my OB now too, I would be a little worried at this point too-but I have a tendancy to over worry everything...
The homeopathic remedy Pulsatilla or CAULOPHYLLUM (which is the homeopathic version of blue cohosh) will bring those contractions on too..don't know if you can get any one to the health food store for you....take 30c every 15 minutes until you see some change...hth..and hang in there....
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Sorry for a few days of absence. Thank you to all of you thinking of me right now.

Lena: Yeah!!!! I have been thinking lots about you. If you have a Breast Pump you could try it for 10 to 20 min. Releases oxytocin! Good luck to you I am so excited and can't wait to hear about your birth.

I still have this darn Sinus infection. Having tons of contractions but they just aren't getting stronger. I woke up about every 10 to 15 min. last night with contrx. Atleast I easily went back to sleep in between. They just need to get stronger. Still having slightly blood tinged mucous and the runs. This is not a stomach bug or my DD would have it already. Contrx are making me nautious. At this point I would love to be able to puke but it's not happening. Having tons of bad BAD back cramping. I did have some back labor with my DD and this morning these pains are really starting to hurt. My midwife apt. today is at 2:00 but I am hoping things will pick up and I can skip the apt. and just go to the hospital. My sister leaves tomorrow at 2:00 for a 2 and a half day vacation in Houston and she is going nuts. She doesn't want to leave and I really want her at the birth. I guess it's just the waiting game. I will definetly let the MW check me today. I will post as soon as I have any news or updates.

Again.... Many prayers for you Lena!!!

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Lena, are you still leaking? How are the baby's movements? So much easier to say what I would do/feel not being in the situation.

Laurie- Hopefully today is your day?

I feel like crapola. I am debating cancelling my appt for tom because I just don't care.
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Finally, my weekend

Friday we packed up and headed out. Took us an hour to get our act together to get on the road. We did Arby’s on the way out instead of my plan of eating when we got to Des Moines. Turns out it wasn’t too far, 2.5 hours instead of the 3.5 I was expecting. I still made DH stop long enough to let me out to pee. We got to the hotel and checked in. Sean loved that we were staying in a castle. (Settle Inn) we changed to swim suits and went to the pool, leaving DH in the room to be a grump. I brought the little boys back about 9:30 and the big kids came a tad later. We then raided the vending machines for snacks and goofed off. Around 11ish DH and DD started arguing over something stupid- I think they were looking at each other or something stupid. DH kept saying it wasn’t his fault and I kept saying ‘bullsh!t’ This of course tickled DH and DD so I ended up saying it enough times that Sean started repeating it and laughing. It was so cute and all my fault.
Next day we get up, head to Wal-Mart for snacks and cameras (forgot ours) then hit the park. It was spitting rain but ok. Rode several rides, walked around for a bit then decided it was time to eat. This was when the rain started in earnest. So we got our hands stamped and grabbed lunch to take back to the hotel room. After some food and naps we went back- rain all done. It was such a great park. Good blend of big and little rides together instead of exile for toddlers. Lots of trees and well laid out. We stayed till they closed and went back to the room. For all that walking and activity, the boys were up early and ready to go Sunday. We packed up and headed to the zoo. Our local zoo has a reciprocating membership with the Des Moines zoo so we had fun there. Then ate lunch and headed home. Again stopping every hour for me to potty .
It was my first ever, real vacation, even if it was only a weekend. Never growing up had my parents done something like this and so far in 15 years, DH and I had not either. We may go somewhere on the way to a family thing, but never just going somewhere for the heck of it. Mom had sent us tickets to the park she won through work. I debated not using them since they were from Nestle, but decided to do it anyway. I am so glad we did.
We got back home around 4ish, the little boys were happy to play outside and DH and I went to a movie. I barely made it with out getting up, but succeeded. We have nothing scheduled this weekend and I think that is a good plan!
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Hi all!

Just checking in. I don't have much to report, no labor signs for me!

Lena: I am hoping things have picked up for you and you are working on having that babe right now! Sending lots of labor vibes for good strong contractions.

magemom: wow, your vacation sounded fun and exhausiting! glad you had a good time.

Laurie: I hope today is the day for you, too!

terri: I agree with everyone else, that is awesome you stood up for yourself and fired your ob. I can't believe they acted so badly.

Lizabear: cool about the tub! I feel like everything is coming together now, too. I'm just about ready for this baby to come! Can't believe its so soon!

I will be checking back soon to see if anything excting is going on. Wonder if Katje will have some news soon! so so exciting!
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Yesterday was good. I could feel my cervix thinning (ouchy) so I went for a walk to encourage things along.
Went to the midwife today. She couldn't get over how much the baby was moving around. She couldn't tell me exactly what was where because naughty grrrrrl squiddgled and schmiddgled around the entire time. So in other words, her position is changeable.
She thinks the baby has dropped some.
I think we're close to baby time.
Third week in a row that my weight has been the same. That baby is growing like crazy and eating all my food, the little piggy!
My friend is coming over today to do the henna and there will be pictures. She says she's never done a pregnant woman's belly who's close to her due date and not had her go into labour within 72 hours. I don't think I'll be breaking that record.
Let's just hope my water doesn't break at the Homeland Security office. They sent us a letter on Tuesday saying our fingerprints are expired so we had to be there at 8am Thursday to get new ones done. This will mean getting up at 5am. Blegh. Just in case, I do have a towel in the car.

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Lena, are you still leaking? Your body continues to produce the amniotic fluid even after your bag breaks....I think that you can forego pitocin and induction, but your ob is going to want to give you antibiotics by IV since the baby's protective barrier is gone now. Just speaking from experience. I layed in bed at the hospital for 8 days after my water broke with Chloe.......I was only 34 weeks......but I think that extra week really helped her lungs develop fully. On the 8th day I told dh to take me for a ride in the wheelchair; I just couldn't stand another day of bedrest!!!

Anyhow, I hope that things pick up for you and you progress naturally!!
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Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you all and sending good, healthy labor vibes to all those getting close. No news to report here...

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Good labor vibes to those of you getting closer and closer.

I have a couple of questions for you today.

I remember a long thread topic about slings: pros and cons of each type. I looked for it but we are notorious for 8 page threads so I got exasperated quickly. Could we repeat who has what and if anyone has a new native? I was thinking about that one lately.

Also....for those of you bringing your birth ball to the hospital, how are you getting it there? Are you bringing it deflated and then inflating it there? Are you just proudly carrying it in all big and huge? I am going to bring mine if I expect to be doing alot of labor in the hospital. If I am able to wait at home until the contractions are close together I might just skip it.

Off topic...dh is applying for a job that would eliminate his current hour and a half commute. I hope this works out. That would be great, and it sounds like a job he would like much better than his current one. fingers crossed.

I'm about to go walk and be fit. When my doctor said that a good way to avoid a section is to stay fit because labor is hard work, (I knew that but it is easy to get lazy and forget) it motivated me to get back into a workout routine! Huh! I am tough woman! Build the muscles!! Roar.
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Last time we just chucked the ball in the back seat of the car. This time we don't need to bring it as the birth centre has birth balls.
Yay for possible smaller commute! DH has a 2 hr commute so I feel for you!

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