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Getting a little envious here with all of your beginners luck. We charted for a year in advance of trying and and are now on our 5th cycle with fresh/known donor. We've had excellent timing each cycle but no BFP yet. Our donor's volume is a bit scant, but this cycle it was twice as much! Hoping that helps!
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We did 3 iui's, and I had 3 miscarriages with those...
One ivf was cancelled, then the next went great and we have a son! All told between rests and tests he was 4 years in the making and worth every second of heartache.
We are now ttc another child- just had an unsuccessful ivf and will be trying again soon..
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oops, wrong board...had to delete my post
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First four times, fresh. Lost all four babies, two to m/c and two to ectopic termination.
Last time, frozen. Worked the first time and the kid stuck around. He decided to all of his "look mom, I'm gonna die now! Watch me!" after he was born. I'm glad he's here... but once I just want a normal healthy pregnancy and a normal healthy kid.
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<< Megan & Sacha:Getting a little envious here with all of your beginners luck. We charted for a year in advance of trying and and are now on our 5th cycle with fresh/known donor. We've had excellent timing each cycle but no BFP yet. Our donor's volume is a bit scant, but this cycle it was twice as much! Hoping that helps!>>

Well, we just finished cycle #2 (frozen/IUI), and really thought it was the one. I think it was, but it didn't stick around long enough even for a BFP. In anycase, we're sticking with this for now & yes, a bit shocked at how many are successful with try #1 or try #2! We need to pause for a cycle of tests now, and will resume our trying next month.

Anyways, our thoughts are with you Sacha & Megan. : Good luck!
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Thanks Michelle. We got another BFN and are now onto cycle number 6. Can't believe we've been trying so long with no hint of a BFP. This sucks!
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hi splash, sounds like you've had a rough time..... what happened with your little boy?
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I had planned on using fresh from a friend of mine. That fell through and I wound up using frozen. It stuck.

I'm looking to get pregnant again, and I may just go ahead and use frozen.

BTW, Hi! I'm new. lol
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Well, if this next cycle doesn't work for us, I think we're going to move to doing IUIs with our known donor. Hopefully we won't have to, but our timing may be off this cycle since we're traveling around O time.
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Fresh, home/donor's home, 5mL syringe. We tried for seven or eight cycles over the course of 14 months before it took. I was seeing an RE and getting acupuncture for 3 or 4 cycles.
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At home ICI (insems at 12 and 24 hours after +OPK) using frozen anon the first try.

We were amazed that it actually worked. I'm 5 weeks and 2 days pregnant as of today!
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I'm new here. My partner and I did injectables, two IUI's with anonymous frozen sperm and are expecting twins. She was also pregnant last year and lost our daughter @ 10 weeks, that was clomid and one IUI with frozen anonymous.

Nice to meet everyone.
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getting pregnant

Fresh partner's brothers sperm , pregnant second month trying. . .

now we have a beautiful 2 year old and we've been trying for a little sibling for just over a year now with fresh partner's brother's sperm.
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Hi. My dp and I are currently expecting our little girl on 10/31/06!

We got pregnant at home on our third cycle with frozen IUI- 2 vials.1 vial at surge, 1 about 14-16 hrs later.

We used OPKs 2xs per day. We charted for six months before trying, took prenatals in advance for six months, checked for all fertile signs known to woman, took evening primrose oil, used natural progesterone cream, used preseed with the insem ( that was different on the cycle we got preg), ate/eat organic and got lucky.

Hope that helps. Sending positive thoughts to all...fxfxfxfxfx to the twwers
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Progestrone cream

Just read your post... Very informative!
When did you use your progestrone cream? After serge? What is pre-seed?
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We ordered a natural progesterone cream and used it from 3 days after insem until AF..and then when my partner got pg she used it until 9-10 wks.
Preseed is an "intimate mosturizer" that is supposed to allow the sperm to move freely. We added it because we were using frozen IUI and we thought it would give them more movement/motility...who knows...just one more thing to put into the mix : You never know for sure which thing it is that works but I hope that helps!

Good luck and TONS of babydust to all

Ps If you are interested both things can be easily ordered over the internet
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We charted for 6 months using cervix observation & mucus as our primary indicators, then started temping closer to when we actually wanted to insem, along with OPKs. Also made dietary and exercise changes plus prenatals and extra b vitaimns pre-ttc and drank fertility tea (RRL, nettle, oatstraw, red clover). Later added organic decaf green tea to the mix.

We got pg on the 6th try of at-home inseminations using frozen, washed (iui-ready) samples. We tried both vaginal/ici insems and home iui at different times, all done ourselves with no medical intervention or monitoring. I am due any time now!

Hi Megan and sacha, nice to run into you on a different board - try not to get too discouraged, we've been in your shoes. 6 months felt like an eternity at the time, but statistically there are some very lucky ladies on this board because *average* ttc with frozen is 6-12 months. Lots of the mamas here used fresh or KD. So, even though it was really, really hard to go through the roller coaster of ttc emotions 6 times, we were actually on the shorter end of average ttc. best of luck.

I'm happy to answer any questions if people want to PM me - especially about the benefits of checking out the cervix. Believe it or not, the speculum can be your friend and result in lots of good info!

congrats to all the mamas who got lucky on try #1 - please know how fortunate you were.

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Hi Rachel, good to see you too. We ARE using a KD, which is what makes the wait so discouraging. One of the benefits we thought to using a KD was that it may not take as long to get pg. Now, after 6 BFN cycles, it's clear that it's going to take a while....starting to feel that it won't happen, even though I think it probably will.
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Hi, everyone,
I am getting to this thread a little late. I just started posting at MDC and was reading through old QP archives and found this thread. Didn't see our situation here so I thought I'd add it to the mix. We did IVF using DW's eggs and I carried. We used an ID Release Anonymous donor.
Good luck to all of you ttc!
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kands, it is interesting that no one had mentioned that method before. I know it was soemthign we talked about, but my partner decided he didn't want to be going on 'egg harvesting' hormones/drugs just before going on testosterone (nor is it somethign we can afford right now). He would love to be genetically relatd to our children, but it just doesn't look like that is a possibility at this time.
thanks for sharing & welcome to MDC!
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