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Where can I find car seat ratings?

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All of this talk about car seats makes me realize that I woll be buying one in the next few weeks! My 5 month old is right around 20 lbs. I have heard that you can find ratings for them, and woas wondering if anyone could help me find the ratings online.
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This is a good page of links on car seat safety and compatibility.


You can find info on http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/
which gives a complete list of all car seat recalls. This is how I keep up to date on recalls, because even Britax didn't notify me when my carseat was recalled.
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What are the pros and cons of having the bar that runs across the front (kind-of like where the high chair tray would go?) I am looking at the Britax and the Eddie Bauer. One of hte Eddie Bauer chairs has the bar across the front and the others don't.

If you have any other tips on what to look for when buying a convertible car seat (like what makes life easier), I would appreciate it very much.
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Consumer Reports has really good info re: carseat safety ratings, plus they rate on things like ease of use and how well it fits in cars. To get the info online, you have to subscribe (which costs $3 a month or something like that) but I suspect you could access the hard copy at a library for free. I think the site is http://consumerreports.org
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You can see the car seat information at consumer reports webpage for free.

5 point harness seats are the safest. I think they are trying to phase out the ones with the bar in the front. Babies face gets slammed into the bar in an accident.

An eddi bauer seat is a cosco seat with an eddi bauer cover on it. I will not use cosco seats. I've had a lot of trouble with them over the years. They also recieved the largest fine in US history because they had to be forced by the government to do recalls(they knew they needed to be done).

Century seats usually do very well on the consumer reports ratings and they are some of the least expensive seats made. I do wish they had a little more padding, but overall I'm happy with the century seats I've had. I also like the evenflo seats.

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The Consumer Reports ratings are very outdated, some of the seats on their list aren't made anymore, and many new seats have been put on the market since the last ratings were done.

I myself personally won't use a Cosco carseat either(and the brands Safety First, and Dorel are the same company as Cosco).

friskeymama, I'm not sure where you are in Louisiana, but you may want to try a Big Lots store, and seeing if they have the Fisher Price Safe Embrace. I've heard of stores in Texas and Tennessee getting some in(Fisher Price discontinued making carseats due to them not being profitable enough, but they were some of the best-made seats on the market)

You should make sure before you buy any carseat that it fits your car correctly, go to http://www.carseatdata.org to see what seats were listed as fitting your vehicle the best.

And once you buy the seat, I'd recommend finding a certified child passenger safety technician near you, and getting your installation checked. PM me, and I can give you a list of techs in your area.
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by benzmommyplus1
[B]The Consumer Reports ratings are very outdated, some of the seats on their list aren't made anymore, and many new seats have been put on the market since the last ratings were done.

Ooops! It's been a while since I bought a carseat - thanks for correcting me!
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No problem tara, you didn't know that it was out of date. They only seem to do the reports every 2-3 years, and since the car seat market is so fast moving, the report is almost out of date when it's printed!

The Baby Bargains book is a bit more current, and they have messageboards too, in fact that same person who runs the car seat compatability database is the regular car seat person on the carseat board. You can find the boards by going to http://www.babybargainsbook.com.
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Another vote against Cosco!!!! When we needed to get a booster seat for my son (one that is a five point harness that grows to a seatbelt booster) we had two choices that would fit in our car (we have a 97 Nissan Altima and have a miserable time finding carseats that fit tightly.) We went with the Cosco because it had a cup holder and ds thought that was cool.

Well, a mere nine months later, ds had gotten taller and his shoulders were taller than the top belt path (they only give you two) and we had to switch to the seat belt. He was 35 pounds and the manual says that you can use the seat belt once they hit 30 pounds. I wasn't comfortable with the way it seemed to fit him so I had a police officer (actually three of them) who was a car seat tech look at it with my son in it.

The officer told me that there was no way I should be using that car seat for my child. He said that it was very poorly designed and the way it is designed it guides the lap belt directly across the child's stomach -- the very place you don't want the lap belt to go! I immediately went out and got the graco five point booster and I love it.

It makes me sick that a company would make a product that they claim helps keep kids safe, but in reality, it would have done him more harm than good in an accident.
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