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February Mamas July 25-August 1

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Welcome the first mamas to the SECOND Trimester The rest of us will be there soon. Let's have a week of calm stomachs

Kater07 February
Chiku due Feb 1 birthing center
Parker'smommy (Heather) due Feb 1
Lisashepp (Lisa) due Feb 1
Sadkitty. Due Feb 1st
Dandylion (Stephanie) due Feb 2
Truvie due Feb 2
PeacefulVegan (who also answers to Tracie) due Feb 3
Lou due Feb 3
Twin Mom (Deb) Due Feb 4, VBA2C homebirth
Free Thinker (Mandy) due Feb 5
HelloKitty (Kitty) due Feb 6
Letabug (Arleta) due Feb 6
LianneM due Feb 7 homebirth
TexasSuz (Susan) due Feb 7
Happymamajenni (Jenni) due Feb 7 hospital/OBGYN
LesleyLuu (Lesley) due Feb 7 (or 9th?) hospital/OBGYN
DeirdreAlison (Deirdre) due 1st week Feb homebirth, maybe waterbirth
New Life Due Feb 8
Shannon 0218- due Feb 11 hospital birth with great OB
ella-makes-3 (Jasmine) - due ~ Feb. 11 midwife/natural birth at birth center
Tug due Feb 12
Firefly due Feb 13
Christi due Feb 14 hospital birth with fab OB
Periwinkle (Karen) due Feb 14
Fairymomma (Pamela) due Feb 14
Jorie (Margorie) due Feb 14
AmBam (Amber) due Feb 14 homebirth
Wtchyhlr (Joy) due Feb 14
rose angel (Karen) due Feb 16
mama2m&m (Denise) due Feb 16
HydeParkB due Feb 17
Karennnnn (Karen) due Feb 17
Coopsmama (Kristen) Due Feb 17
Shyly (Monica) Due Feb 17
Gretchen Due Feb 18
weesej (Jen) Due Feb 19 homebirth
mehndimama (Stell) due Feb 22 unassisted homebirth
*Amy* (Amy) due Feb 20 birthing center/possible water birth...?
heveasoul due Feb 21, h/b with m/w
woolfairy (Elle) due Feb 27, baby #2 homebirth
Ekblad7 due Feb 28
KateSt. Late Feb. Homebirth
Chloe'sMummy #2
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OK ladies. Tummy is starting to feel a little better. Woke up after sleeping 4 and 1/2 hours last night (I usually wake up every 2 to eat), and OOH was I regretting it, but if my tummy isn't getting me up as frequently its getting better.

I am so sad. Katie is having more bottles than mama milk. I have been trying SO SO hard to keep my supply up, but she was so hungry! Started supplementing and she needed it. Now when she nurses there is so little milk, even after 6-8 hours. SHe just bites and pulls and tugs and squeezes like she is trying to get every drop out. Even as a newborn she never nursed for comfort (totally unlike DD #1), she is a thumb sucker and it is almost as if she doesn't see the point in sucking on a boob if there isn't gonna be much milk : She is going to be 9 months this week, so it is just TOO young for me

Will try and get a heartbeat again tommorow. The senior midwife will be in with the stronger doppler, so I should be able to hear it
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Good morning all.

I had another baby dream again last night - I dreamed again that the baby is a girl. The dream started out in labor/delivery and I ended up having an epidural and a c-section! In my dream though, I wasn't really upset about either; I think I felt that they were both necessary for the baby. Anyway, they pulled her out and said, "it's a girl!!" and I was so ecstatic. The dreamed continued into later that day and night when we were home (of course, no post-surgery pain or anything. ) and Baby Brynn was crying in the night, so I determined that she was hungry. We got out of bed so I could go sit in the rocking chair...and just holding her in my arms was the most wonderful feeling, I can't even describe it. It was the most intense feeling of happiness and connectedness. Pure bliss.

Gosh I can't WAIT to get my hands on this baby!!!!

I hope everyone has a good Monday and a great week! I get to hear the baby's heartbeat, and go see Sting in concert, AND go to my favorite town, Athens Georgia to see my best friend get married. All my favorite things in one week!!

Feel good vibes to Shannon, Weesej and everyone else feeling crappy.
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I can feel the m/s lifting but this darn UTI is making me feel like crap. Anyway, this week will be spent trying to get back on track with everything I've lost control of the last 6 wks.

1st things 1st, though, I need to call the doc as soon as they open and get an antibiotic.

to everyone!
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Good morning everyone! Jen, thanks for starting the new thread
I get to go home today!!! Yippeee!!! I miss my dogs so much. My doc has basically ordered the home care so I can have as much fluids or gravol as I think I need, she said if I'm doing well that day I can decide not to hang as much but if I'm feeling lousy there will be enough stuff there for me to be constant fluids and gravol every 4 hrs. She also changed it to a dextrose and potassium solution instead of just normal saline as that seems to have helped alot with my energy.
So this week, as of thursday I will be 12 weeks, I'm so excited, I feel like once I'm over that hump things will get better.
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Shannon, I'm so glad you get to go home! Yay for being almost 12 weeks, I know that is comforting to you. I really do think it will start to get better in your second trimester (which is not all that far away now!) I know what you mean about missing your pets. I get homesick and catsick (that sounds gross, but you know what I mean) when I have to be away too long.

ekblad and weesej, Glad to hear the m/s is easing up. Ekblad, UTI's sound so awful! I have been fortunate enough to have never gotten one, but my sister does and man do they sound like the worst! I hope yours goes away really soon so you can feel better.

Weesej, thanks for the new thread. I hope you get to hear that heartbeat soon! I'm sorry that you're having supply issues with nursing. My main nursing problem is PAIN! It didn't hurt at first, but now when she latches on it's like eeeeooowww! Do you happen to know if fenugreek is safe while pregnant? I know it can be used to boost supply.

As for me, I'm sitting here with butterflies in my tummy. First day of school! Yes, even the teachers get nervous. It is a little nerve-wracking to see what kind of class I'll get, will they be calm or a little wild, high or low academically, and will I be able to pronounce everyone's name?! So, I have to go get ready pretty soon, but wanted to check in and subscribe.

Take care everyone! happy almost second trimester! When does that start, btw, after 13 weeks?
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I love you guys answering each person by name! I'm SO bad at that! Maybe I'll get better as I feel better. Anyway, still haven't heard from the doc. I'm dieing here. I feel like my bladder is going to fall through to the ground. I'm not m/s yet, though, so I've been cleaning and doing laundry and I think all the kids are dressed! Anyway, take care everyone.
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Weesj -- thanks for starting this thread! I do hope you get to hear that beautiful tomorrow.

Lesley -- I'm nervous for you just reading your post. First day of school jitters -- I feel for you! I hope your class is as wonderful as predicted.

Shannon -- so happy you get to go home. And Yay! for being almost 12 weeks! I hope things start to go a lot more smoothly for you then. Warm and loving thoughts your way.

Ekblad -- so sorry you're struggling with this uti. I do hope you start to feel better soon.

Amy -- your dream sounds wonderful! (I think, though, perhaps it was a 'visit.') How beautiful and magical. I love baby dreams -- I only wish I had them more often.

I got to hold a 5 month old baby this morning -- he was the cutest little smiliest boy with dimples. I almost started crying because he was so precious. I, too, can't wait to get my hands on my baby!

I'm going on 11 weeks this week --- can't wait to hit that 12 week mark!
Have a wonderful Monday, ladies.
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Hi! I normally don't post in the week of threads, but I hope you guys don't mind if I start to join in.

I've been feeling pretty good lately. Still mild nausea in the evenings and I just can't bring myself to eat much right now. I'd lost two pounds when I went to the doctor last week, but my midwife wasn't too concerned. I'm at a pretty normal weight now, but I'm still worried because I was so thin before I got pg. I just don't want to lose anymore weight, but I have absolutely no appetite. I have to force myself to eat and usually feel nauseated afterwards...ugh. I can't wait for this to pass.

ekblad, I hope your UTI starts to feel better soon. I've btdt several times and I'm so scared I'll get one while I'm pregnant since I seem to get them pretty regularly. I hope you can get in touch w/ your doctor and get the antibiotics soon. I wonder if you can take that pill I always get prescribed...the one that turns your pee orange...I know it helps with the discomfort.
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OK, they called back, finally! They're calling in an antibiotic for me. I'll go get it soon. I was feeling pretty good this morning. Even took my prenatal vitamin. I'm pretty tired now and the day's only half gone. Ugh. The kids are ganging up on me. I'll be 11 wks tomorrow. Like many of you, I can't wait to hit 12 wks.
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Well, just got back from getting bloodwork done. With my thyroid history (i;m severely hypothyroid), my family doc wants me to get levels checked monthly for the duration of my pregnancy. So does my midwife. so I've been vampired. I am getting to the point where i really don't like needles. I've never had an issue with them before, maybe its a hormone thing. But i did not like it.

ekblad - hooray - drugs are you friend.
shannon - so glad you're home today.
shyly - i've heard its normal to lose weight first trimester. i've actually gained like 7 lbs (because up til i got my BFP i was hardcore dieting, and had to stop that... and start eating carbs again... 7lbs later.... well... its all for a good thing)
Lesley - what grade do you teach
Kate - ME TOO - I want that magic 12 week mark to get here (okay, for me its here Friday, but still... come on already)
Amy - awesome dream
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Yay Ekblad and Shannon! Good news for both of you!

Hey I've been meaning to ask if any of y'all have experienced any discomfort related to increased blood volume. For the past week or so, I have had these weird achy pains in my forearms, almost between my bones. It doesn't feel like nerve pain or carpal tunnel; it actually feels like pressure from within my veins. I know this sounds really weird if you haven't experienced it.

I'm 10w1d today, and for the past few days I have been feeling a whole lot better. I'm still much more tired than usual, but my appetite is returning to normal and I haven't had any nausea in days (but I think that's partially because I started taking my vitamins at night rather than in the morning). I had forgotten how good it feels to feel good!!
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Alright, Amy, how are you 10w1day and due 5 days before me? Don't set me back sister! When I had my ultrasound they had it timed exact. Did they give me the wrong due date?
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LOL! I don't think so - my EDD is 2/20. My LMP was 5/16, and I know with 100% certainty that we conceived on 5/30. Am I farther than 10w1d?

Edited to include link to pregnancy wheel:

MedCalc pregnancy wheel

I set it to my coordinates, but I'm not sure if you will get them when you pull it up.
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OK, my lmp was 5/6 but I ovulated late on day 18 instead of the usual 14. Argh, whatever, LOL. I just can't go back a week!
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OMG, I'm a moron and can't even run that wheel. :LOL
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LOL, Ekblad, try this one ; it takes into account your cycle length and gives you lots of other groovy info.

It says I'm 10w4d and that my EDD is 2/17/05, so... I'll go with that though! This is the only one I've seen that takes cycle length into account, and since mine was 25 days rather than 28, it may make a slight difference.

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I am 13 weeks today!!!

Still feeling awful most days though, but I have added more protein to my diet (very hard considering everything I am avoiding) and that has helped some.
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Finally, I caught a weekly thread more toward the beginning!
We moved back home from camping, and my m/s is back, unfortunately. Oh well - at least I have more room in my refrigerator when I'm home!
I've been feeling either too full or too empty stomach-wise lately - very uncomfortable. It's like I can't find a happy medium!

I ordered a Cuddlebuns pattern yesterday so I could make some newborn diapers that are a tried-and-true size - I've got a Wool-in-one design on my mind, and can't wait to try it out! I don't do very much baby preparation anymore, so diaper-sewing is something I splurge on. Well, i don't really splurge - I'm still working with recycled clothes....but it's a time-splurge, yk?

DS is cooking lunch for us all right now - yay! My favorite foods at this point are anything I don't have to cook myself. Subway is my friend.
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ekblad I would have you due Feb 15 and 11 weeks

Amy your by my calc would be the 17th and 10 weeks 5 days

Took into account cycle differences on both.

I swear I am feeling movement today. Now I think I will get an U/S and see if my dates are right. I was unsure of when LMP was because I was mid move, so I totally guessed. And M/S started earlier than it usually does. Guess well see??
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