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I kind of like Arwen, too. But then I also like Morgan. I don't think it's too trendy. It's a very strong name.

Well, I had a great night last night. When DD woke to nurse, instead of me moaning and groaning, I just rolled over and gave it to her immediately. She fell asleep very quickly. She woke once more than night, same thing. I was amazed at how NOT unpleasant it was. Something about a change in attitude, huh? She woke one more time in the early am, and fell fast asleep afterwards such that I got a really nice deep sleep in and woke feeling very refreshed! My battles with her nursing in the early am were resulting in me basically getting up with her to distract her from nursing. I've decided I'd rather "give in" and sleep more! lol....And I know that in a few days she'll go back to sleeping through the night (these things seem to be going in cycles as we progress through nightweaning) without nursing at all...each time she gets in that phase it lasts longer...I think I'll start keeping a nightnursing record just to boost myself up. So anyways, thanks for being my sounding board, mamas!

All you nesters: I'm so envious! How I would love to paint a changing table, wash my diapers, sort the newborn clothes, etc....it will just have to wait a few weeks more!

DH got a couple of phone calls from places he applied to...fingers crossed!!!!!
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Ooops, I got behind and now I'm playing catch-up! Sorry to not respond to everyone.

We're being secretive about name ideas, trying to avoid reactions from moms and sisters! Helena is one of our faves, though...

Speaking of nesting, I feel kinda like a crazy lady! I just go hang out in the baby's room and organize and touch the diapers (my slightly pathetic stash has become slightly less pathetic.) Is this normal?? Ha! It's such a cute little room, I love being in it...even though the baby won't even sleep there for who knows how long! We live in a log home, so three of the baby's walls are old log and chinking from the late 1800's. I look around and wonder if other babies have slept in there over the last century...Wish we could find a time capsule, how cool! All this kind of daydreaming is easy when I have no other kids and I'm on "teacher summer time." Hang in there all you with little ones, moves, jobs, etc. Just a few more weeks of bliss for me, and I'll be back in reality.

Wish I could contribute a photo, maybe I'd seem like less of a newcomer, but we're not digital yet. Would it be OK if I checked out the Yahoo group anyway? I don't know how to access it...I understand if it's not cool if I'm not posting on it.

Glad everyone's doing well! Went to childbirth class last night and one of the women (due early October) was in the hospital last weekend with early contractions (not B-H, but real contractions.) She was having them during class and it was scary! Take care of yourselves ladies!!

Has anyone read (Mis)conceptions by Naomi Wolf? It's a good one...a little harsh, but makes you think A LOT. I'm going to have dh read it this week.
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30w 4d

Well it's been a pretty rough couple of days here. Alias is getting his second year molars so he hasn't been the easiest person to live with. He's so grumpy and tanturms at the drop of a hat. Hardly eats, all he wants to eat is cereal and noodles, and has been tossing and turning in bed for the past few nights. I will be so glad when it's all over.

I have totally been feeling the nesting urge too but with so much on my plate I'm frustrated that I don't have the time or energy to really do anything about it. I realy want to organize Alias' room and get it ready to be the play room for two kids. I ant to get our bedroom better organized too. It is such a mess and I hate the idea of having our new little baby have to sleep in such a disorganzed and cluttered space.

But soon my class will be over, Alias will start a new toddler program that is half days three times a week, and I'll have more time to get things ready.

Piglet - I'm working away at my BA in history. This degree started as a BA in English when I forst went to University in '93, I then decided that my sociology 101 prof was an absolute genius and switched my major to Sociology. I ended up dropping out and about four ears later decided to go back and finnish the darn degree. I loved my history classes so... Here I am only 6 credits away from graduating with a history degree. Don't ask me what the heck I'm going to do with the darned thing though . I figure with this little guy on the way I have just bought myself another couple of years before I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. :LOL
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That's great, mirthfulmum! Good for you on deciding to finish it! And I hear you on the "what you want to be when you grow up". I now have a year to decide what step I want to take next...kind of nice to have the time to think, and also let Life dictate things a bit, too.

I forget to say to momadance, that I want to hear more about the time capsule!! How exciting!! Was it yours? What was in it?? Do tell!

mtnjenny: just PM Courtney&Logan and she will invite you to the group. DH downloaded the camera today so I PROMISE i'll be adding new pics very soon (including a belly shot).

Have to send out a big Thanks to mirthfulmum for helping me with one of the hassles of moving: she recommended her family doctor, and I just received word that she has accepted me as a patient! I have an appointment for when I get back home, and I'm just so happy to have that out of the way!

Had my OB appt. Pretty boring stuff (other than hearing baby's heartbeat, which I love). Everything looks good, had a bit higher weight gain this past month, but not sweating it - I feel great!

You know, the nice thing about being so hormonal is that when I'm happy, I'm really happy!!
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hi mamas!

courtney, thank you so much for putting together the yahoo group! i LOVE the gallery! you all are look so wonderful and i just adore the pictures of the other family members! i'll upload some photos soon too... the only belly shots i have right now are me in a bikini and i don't know if i'm brave enough to share those yet!

lucysmama, i hope the house works out for you guys, it sounds wonderful!

piglet, i'm glad the change in attitude has really improved the night nursing for you and emily.

krnflwr and ameliabedelia, i hope the nursing gets easier for you too. sorry it's so uncomfortable. i can't imagine nursing right now. my nipples are so much happier when left alone.

gottaknit, sorry about the pelvic pain... the loosening of the pelvis has been kind of weird for me too. sometimes achey, but nothing bad really. unfortunately i slightly pulled my left groin while climbing last friday but i think it's getting better (although it hurt when i tried to pull my shoe off after yesterday's workout).

mtnjenny, i've always wanted to live in a log home! i did read misconceptions about a year ago. it was pretty harsh, but a worthwhile read (and i was much happier to have read it before actually being pregnant). another book i really liked was "having faith" - still critical in certain ways but a much warmer read.

mirthfulmom, sorry about the molars... they'll be in soon. and congratulations on getting so close to your degree!!! how exciting!

momadance, please share more about the time capsule!!! that's so neat!

hormones are interesting... i'm generally super-happy all the time. today though we had a little group meeting at work and my section of it didn't go great and it really got me down, way more than it should have. ah well, i'm feeling mostly better about it now. it helps that the baby is all active since lunch - that feels wonderful. my hunger is really sporadic, but i had a bananananana and a nectarine this morning too!

oh, gosh, and names... dh and i are having the hardest time with them!!! we're planning to see the baby first but we are even having a hard time coming up with a list of favorites, especially girl names. we got a big kick out of the name generator at http://www.behindthename.com/random.html with the categories on the right like witch, hillbilly and wrestler. try it - it's funny!

ok, i hope i didn't miss anyone. i should really get back to work. it's not been a very fruitful week at the office, which stresses me slightly but i know it will pass. having a baby on the way makes me feel the weight of responsibility more since i'll be the primary wage earner from now on and dh will be the primary care giver at home with the baby.

it's all ok though.

can you tell i'm procrastinating?

ok, i'm really getting back to work now.
this time for sure...

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Nesting!? Totally, unfortunately, my "nesting" is un-assing this apt. and moving. I feel in the way! Everyone else is painting and MIL's putting up some super cool funky tropical wall-paper in my laundry room, while dh and bro. do crown and base mouldings in the house. (uh I had NO idea that was so costly) So miles and I chill, but what I'd really like to do is get settled. all in time! Found my first chest and dresser today at a antique shop. I've always had piles of clothes on utility shelves in the closet. Now I really feel grown up!

the time capsule: my bro found it while taking off the old base moulding. It's from the 60s. there was a pic of a goofy little girl, a receipt for the local newspaper, some sort of patch, a name plate, and I can't think of what else. The house was built in 56, and the little girl looks to be about 12 in the pic.

Flitters you must be one fit mama to still be able to climb! You need to change your user name to superwoman!

I love the name Arwen, I have a super cool, strong woman friend named Arwen.

My dh looked at my belly and told me it's not Gabriel in there! So Reed will either be the first name, or middle. Dh likes Reed Icculus, but say it fast and you'll see he's being a silly man. I like Reed Zappa. I actually wanted Zappa as a first name but Dh stepped in! I love Frank though, and he'd get such a kick out of it (wherever he sweet soul roams) I love Zappa Reed Diamond I still think our babe is Gabriel Reed Diamond. Is that super weird? to have typed out my last name?

just got up cause the oven beeped to let me know dinners ready BUTTTTTTTT I never put it in the oven I'm really on top of things today!

peace out mama's!!
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my baby is really active late morning--10ish or so, around dinner time and when i get into bed at night. He/she has been pretty regular with it's movements. I can even watch on my belly as a little leg (arm?) moves across! I love it.

No other babies to compare it to for me!
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Dh took Alias out for a hike today and they haven't gotten back yet. So I returned from class to an empty home and have chosen to spend my few moments of peace and tranquility with you all .

I forgot to put in my $0.02 on the name debate.

Karin - I really like the name Arwen. It has a lovely sound. But I do understand about the yelling the name out in public thing. I get looks from people all the time when I'm calling out to Alias. The weird and confused looks used to bother me but now I just ignore them. But I really don't think that would be a problem with the name Arwen.

momadance - Reed Icculus :LOL. I have to say the idea of naming your son Zappa made me smile. I'm not a huge Zappa fan but I went to a lot of his concerts as a child (my parents were real Zappa fans) so his music has always had sweet memories for me. I think that Zappa Reed is a really cool name, and it kind of goes with Miles in that both your boys would be named after great musicians. (That's what we're doing. Alias is named after Bob Dylan, Dylan played a man named Alias in the pretty bad 70's movie "Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid" and there's a pretty famous biography about Dylan entitiled "A Man Called Alias" and Harrison is for George Harrison, who is my favourite Beatle... but I digress). Perhaps your name conundrum won't be solved until you actually see your little guy. Who knows, he might just be a Zappa rather than a Gabriel after all.
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:LOL Busted! No shells tho.... I'm thankful for that flam last week! This is crazy! I've been skimmin posts tho. I'm stalking right now. Not a very good stalker, : I've fallen asleep several times and dh came to take the laptop off my lap so I wouldn't drop it! A workout will *make* you sleep at night! I'm tryin to hang for the cause. :nana:
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28 weeks

Whew, I just finished catching up on all the posts I missed being gone for the week...my eyes are drooping so bear with me if I make any typos :LOL

First, smooth sailing vibes to all our movers this week and in those moving in weeks to come.

About the name, I do like Arwen but honestly I just can't picture Hannah and Arwen together (but of course that is something that'd sound right over time)....I can really picture Hannah and Morgan together, it just has a real nice flow to it. Good luck, maybe once you see her you'll just know...they are both nice names whatever you choose.

So just a quick update on our camping trip...it was so nice to just spend 5 days not having to look at a watch (though I did of course :LOL) or be anywhere or do anything. We did lots of swimming and Ember really had a blast...of course the first few days she was homesick and then today she didn't want to leave. She found a clam and really wanted to keep it...she named it Clammy and last night she came up from the water with the biggest tears I have ever seen from her and said " I just said goodbye to Clammy because we are leaving tomorrow and I won't be able to see him again"....wasn't I just willing to promise her anything from the pet store at that moment! Luckily, just taking a picture of her holding Clammy was enough to make her feel OK about it, and we also found Clammy's brother Clammer and so she doesn't feel so bad knowing that he's in the lake with his family....I will have to post the pic. It's nice to be home again, but we had escaped the heat the last few days and now it seems unbearable at the moment. We were too hot to unpack so that's what I have to look forward to for tomorrow.

Oh man, I haven't even gotten to QOTW! Well Oakley definately moves much more than Ember did...he seems to move first thing in the morning, a bit in the afternoon and again in the evening after dinner. Definately doesn't keep me up with movement at night or anything...I've never experienced that before! Ember was pretty sleepy as a newborn and would sleep 4 or 5 hour streches in the day and at night she'd go to sleep about 10, nurse at about 2, then 6 and sleep in until at least 9ish, I don't know if I could say that her movement in utero was connected (to tired to think of the word that really fits there, :LOL) but like I said she definately never kept me up at night in utero...knock on wood that since Oakley hasn't either it means something, hehe.

Now I gotta hit the sack, it'll feel so good to sleep in my own bed tonight and not worry about having to go pee if I need too...I limited fluids in the evening while camping because there was NO WAY I was trekking up to the outhouse in the middle of the night!
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score! got a fmbg! Noah's Ark with last weeks flam that brings me to 8. Back to the tp and ebay and I need some more WAHMs to stock! :
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28 weeks, 4 days

Letia, you go girl!!

OakEmber: your trip sounds lovely, but that clam story...wow, you brought tears to my eyes!! how adorable!!

yoga mama: nice to see you here! I'll add you to the list (got an EDD for me?)

momadance: keep us posted on the name developments!

Feeling good today! My coworker and his wife had their baby on Wednesday. It was kind of scary as she had an ovarian tumour that had grown to 10 cm in diameter! She had a cesarean and they removed the tumour. Thankfully it was benign (just enjoying the lovely hormone cocktails of pregnancy) and apparently baby is nursing well. But I had to have my "I told you so" moment....he had been telling me that the docs were all saying baby was measuring HUGE (they are Japanese) and I kept telling him that these weight predictions are notoriously inaccurate. Sure enough, the baby was 6 lbs 12 oz. That wasn't the reason for the c-section of course (the tumour was causing her alot of pain - imagine squeezing a softball in there with your expanding uterus!), but still I had to roll my eyes at yet another "huge baby" prediction gone south. Anyways, they are in love and it made me so happy to feel newborn vibes. So many new babies around me, I swear I would be so jealous if I weren't getting ready to have my own!!
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WTG Letia!

Wow Piglet, glad that everything is alright with your friend and her baby...she must be very happy to be done with being pregnant now!

Ember just boggled my mind...we were sitting at the table eating breakfast and I was reading the paper so I was only half listening to what she was saying but I hear something about being afraid of the pushing part, that she thought she was gonna die...so, huh...I ask "the pushing part scared you?" to get her to repeat herself, and so she talked about being afraid during the pushing part and how it wasn't fun for her in mommy's tummy (no wonder, I pushed for 4 hrs) but it totally surprised me that she said she thought she was going to die...I am reading Birth Without Violence (Frederick Leboyer) right now and it talks about that exactly being what the baby thinks is happening to it. This is not the first time she has talked about remembering being born...but she did say that she doens't want to watch the pushing part when Oakley is born, she wants to play with the toys and then come in afterward. This reminds me of another funny story I was gonna tell you guys, a little while back we were in the tub together and she started pushing down on my belly (kinda like she was giving my belly CPR) and saying "Come on Oakley, come out" and then would look between my legs to see if he was coming :LOL
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I think I forgot to answer the question of the week. This baby is very active every evening after supper! I get lots of good strong kicks for a couple of hours afterwards. I also get those nudges when baby doesn't like the position I'm sleeping in.

Generally I'm sleeping quite well but I do have to wake up a bit to turn over to the other side. Anyone else experiencing this? I told dh that I have to wake up to do it because it has to be done in stages. I call it the three point turn, lol!

That time capsule sounds so cool. I want to make one some day. Bet the kids would love that.

I LOVE both of the names, Arwen and Morgan! They are both beautiful. My best friends daughter is named Raewyn. I've always loved such fairy tale names like those.

I also love all the musician inspired names. Zappa Reed sounds great!

Awww poor Ember and her little friend Clammy! What a sweet story though. It's a good thing you got a picture to remember her little friend. She'll probably really enjoy that story when she gets older. I had to laugh at your planning your fluid intake at night to avoid trips to the out house, lol! We'll be camping at the end of August and I'll be doing exactly the same thing. I also hate getting up in the middle of the night when camping because I always end up almost stepping on wild life, hee-hee. Last year it was racoons, the year before it was a skunk.

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30w 5d


WOW! You know I never really believed that people were capable of remembering their birth expereince. But reading about the things Ember has told you has really made me give it more thought.
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26 weeks 6 days (starting 3rd trimester tomorrow!)

just wanted to say how much i loved the story of ember and clammy (and clammer).

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That's really interesting about Ember remembering her birth. I was just thinking about it the other day. I was wondering if the birth is going to be scary for the baby, or if they "know" what is going on.... I mentioned it to DH and he looked at me like I have two heads. Which I guess technically speaking, right now I do. :LOL
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Just wanted to post quick and say that of the two names, i like Morgan better....very pretty...we are using Grace for a middle name, too!
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Thank you mamas for adding your belly shots to the Yahoo group. They have fed my curiosity plenty! I love seeing all the different shapes we take on during pregnancy, it really is such an individul thing.

Great to hear about your camping trip OakEmber. Ember sure is a special little girl, she knows so much already!

I never comment on names because I've changed my mind so many times about what I like. As a result I don't feel like I have any place giving my opinion to other people! Suffice to say I think both options are really pretty krnflwr.

Wannabe - I don't even know what these diapers are you are buying but they must be great so congrats on scoring!

My whine for the week is that Clara is trying to drop her afternoon nap (her only nap). It is making me CRAZY!!! She can't make it all day without a nap but I can't get her to fall asleep without screaming at reasonable time in the afternoon. The day before yesterday she went without a nap and passed out while eating at 6:30! DH doesn't get home until 7pm most nights so we really want to stick with her 8 or 9pm bedtime. AHHHHHH...who knows whats gonna happen - all I know is I want an afternoon nap so she should be taking one!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'm so looking forward to having DH home. I need to sleep and relax my body... it is time to recharge this mama!
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Jillerina, I was just coming here to post the same thing! For the last couple of weeks, Emily has been going to bed around 9 pm (usually it's around 7:30). At first I thought it was due to late naps, but even when she napped early it was happening. Well, today she just didn't nap at all, and she wasn't acting tired/crabby until around 6 pm. She fell asleep before 7 (oh joy!). DH decided he's not going to push for naps, and try hard to avoid any late afternoon naps...it sucks for him right now, as he gets no break. It's nice for me since I am over my evening duties early.

But needless to say I'm pretty bummed that this is happening right before baby comes! It would have been nice to have that time during the day (I'll be SAHM in four weeks!). My mum said I stopped napping pretty early, too. So I guess this is it!
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