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Bummer about the little ones giving up nappytime. I don't know WHAT I would do without naptime. It usually lasts from noon to 2:30pm, and we both sleep the whole time! My dd still has nightwaking issues, so I guess it is a trade off, but I look forward to naptime all morning!!! (Does that make me a bad mama??? I just wanna sleep soooo bad!)

Ok, I am getting REALLY freakin uncomfortable here. Am I the only one?!?!? Today was really hot and muggy and dd and I spent all day running around: to the mall, the playground, the drugstore, Grandma's house, the fabric store, my brother's baseball game, and then out to dinner with family. I must have overdone it, cause I am REALLY sore and achey and hot and pregnant and uncomfortable now!!! I'm feeling pretty :. Baby is smushed against my navel in a very unpleasant way, too. GRRRRRRR. Is anyone else feeling the third trimester a lot now????
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I hear you guys on the nap thing.

Alias has been really tough to get down for a nap for some time now. The only way I can get him down is to either walk him in the stroller or drive him in the car. And those are no garuntees. He has been skipping naps about 2 or 3 times a week for the past couple of months. The amazing (and frustrating) thing is that he falls asleep at the same time whether he naps or not. So I really miss it when he skips his nap.

I know this is vain but I found 2 new stretch marks yesterday. My old ones are on the side of my waist and really far below my belly button and they haven't really been darkening or looking any worse. I thought myself pretty lucky that they were hardly noticable. But now I have two new ones right above my belly button, and they're turning that lovely shade of purple. Oh well. Dh tells me to wear them as a badge of honor. I wish there were some other "badge" that could be given to us moms other than big purple slash marks on our bellies.
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Mirthfulmum - I found one on my side when I was taking a shower the other day. It's about halfway between my breast and navel, on the side. Just ONE so far, but I know there are more to follow. Mine are pink, though. Bright electric pink!
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Man, I had no idea they could quit napping so young. Lucysmama, I still look forward to the hope of a nap every day even though they come few and far between! You are not a bad momma for wanting to take a nap!!!!

Piglet, that is my feeling exactly. When we have these lovely little newborns who will be keeping us up during some strange hours I thought I could at least count on Clara taking a nap during the day!!

If I were willing and able to take Clara out for a walk every afternoon at just the right time I probably could get her to pass out for awhile but then I would be stuck out walking and not getting any rest for myself - kinda counterproductive. Mirthful, I can't imagine doing it and not having a guaranteed sleeping toddler at the end of the process, it would drive me batty.

No, you are not the only uncomfortable one Lucysmama. I feel your pain. Everyday that I overdo it (and it doesn't take much) I am a wreck all evening and through the next day. I don't remember pregnancy taking such a toll the first time round. Of course I was not pg and caring for a toddler and it was not Summertime so I guess I should not be surprised by the difference. Whatta buy at the fabric store by the way??
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Originally Posted by Jillerina
. I don't remember pregnancy taking such a toll the first time round. Of course I was not pg and caring for a toddler and it was not Summertime so I guess I should not be surprised by the difference. Whatta buy at the fabric store by the way??
Yeah, I guess the fact that I went to like 7 places today while CARRYING a 35 lb toddler everywhere makes a pretty big difference! And, it is so freakin hot and humid. I ad dd in January. I was actually not working for the last 4 months of my pregnancy. Funny, I can't even remember what I did all day with nobody to take care of! I remember a haze of naps and matinee movies and meeting dh for lunch. Sounds nice!

We bought material to make wipes at the fabric store, BTW. Dd picked out the loudest prints in the store, but she had fun with it. We're gonna have some crazy wipes!!!! She proceeded to tell the fabric-cutting lady that we were "making wipes for the new baby's stink-butt."
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I'm definitely feeling uncomfortable, too. Mostly it's my ribs. I feel like they're being pried apart! It feels like the baby is growing right up into my ribcage below my breasts. I have a really small torso (bra size 32) and I feel like I'm running out of room up there! Especially if I sit for more than 20 minutes at a time.
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29 wks

I'm just sitting here, nodding my head as I read the posts, on the verge of tears. Yes, yes, yes, I totally know what you are talking about! In terms of napping (I need one desperately, Hannah isn't so sure) and feeling very squished inside and feeling very little physical endurance anymore.
Sleep (or lack thereof) has always been an issue w/ Hannah. Or at least an issue w/ me. She doesn't need much, apparently, and it's hard to come by when it's there. At 32 months, she's *just* started sleeping through the night. To celebrate this achievement, she is now fighting me on naps on an almost daily basis, making me a very grumpy mama. And she's not going to bed any earlier. Just being irritated and whiney and clumsy for most of the evening, and super clingy. I've had to just scout out the house for any major hazards, and then go lay down myself each afternoon. I tell her that I'm having quiet time, and if she wants to play to go in the other room. If she wants to nurse and be quiet, she can stay in the bed w/ me. Some days this works, on others it is just a temper-tantrum nightmare.
Baby Cookie has been exploring the limits of my uterus lately, and stretching out both feet and hands at the same time. Yikes, at the same time I'm gasping for breath I feel the sensation of sharp, little fingers poking into my 'bagina (as Hannah calls it). I was so relieved when Baby Cookie turned transverse early this morning. Now I have two lumps on either side of my belly, one is a hard little head, the other a little bum. But I can breathe again...hooray!
We went to our county fair the other day, and walked around and saw the animals and rode a few kiddie rides, ate some fair junk food, etc..for like 3 hrs. I felt fine and we had a wonderful time. Hannah rode the ponies like 6 times! Anyway, by the time we got home, DH had to pry me out of the car, I could barely stand up straight. And walk? Forget it! I took a hot bath and climbed into bed. Took well into the next day to get back to "normal" (whatever that is). I feel like such an weakling lately. I've been trying to up my iron intake, thinking that might help somewhat. How do women w/ like 5 kids go plow the fields, milk the cows, churn the butter, chop the firewood, haul water, make meals, gestate, labor, birth and then keep going and do it again? Amazing!
Okay, I feel like I've been moaning and whining long enough. It's foggy and overcast here, but deliciously cool. I think we'll go for a walk while I still have my days' allotment of energy. Have a good weekend, Mamas!
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Sorry to hear about your exhaustion, mamas. Sounds like y'all are overdoing it a bit. I try to keep my activities to a minimum, but I know that isn't always possible.

Well, today we did something we've never done before, we actively discouraged DD from sleeping, lol. She was down before 7 last night and didn't get up until almost 8 am. Heaven! She was wide awake today all through her usual naptime, but at around 4 pm she fell asleep in the car. Luckily we weren't far from home. Normally we would carry her in, put her to bed, and I'd nurse her back to sleep. Today we brought her in, sat her on the sofa, put on Dora the Explorer and fed her some Pringles, LOL. Good lord, what lows we have sunk to! But it worked. She stayed awake for bathtime, dinner, and finally went down just before 7 pm. I like early bedtimes!!

Lucysmama: do you have a serger? My mum has a sewing machine but not a serger. I need wipes, but it's a drag to pay for them when they are so easy to make. I'm just not sure how to finish the edges/seams so they don't fray...any tips?

And I hear you on the "what was I doing back then". I, too was finished with work for the last four months of my PG. I remember lots of MDC surfing, naps, short walks and trips to the grocery store...that's about it. What luxury!!
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Nope, no serger. I am just folding the squares and making seams....like making a pillow, only no stuffing! It works just fine!
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Ooooooooh, the luxury of early bedtimes!

Today Alias actually had a proper nap. We went over to friends' for breakfast and stuffed ourselves on yummy pancakes. Then we all went to the beach for a swim. Alias has such a great time playing with our friends' 8 month old son and splashing in the water that he just crashed around 2pm on the drive home. And the best part was that he slept for almost 2 hours! I love days like this. Tons of fun in the early day, a good solid nap (and some quiet time for mom and dad), and a peaceful family evening.
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Piglet: for wipes have you thought about using baby wash rags? I got a TON at the thrift store for super cheap.

Lost half of the nasty thumb nail today! (length wise)

I'm feeling the 3rd trimester sometimes. Like today my friend had a birthday party for her 1 and 3 yo's and there were a TON of people there, and it made me want to scream! I did not have a good time, but then, it was for MIles to enjoy, not me. I know we touched on this but I am hungry 24/7. And with the constant work on the house, and taxing between house and apt. we've been eating like CRAP!~

TMI ahead!! It has been so hard to have a decent bm, and I usually go at least twice, usually 3 times a day. Now I'm lucky if once is in the cards. It's all the crapy food. Like I just was eating some sunchips! Gosh there addicting. Anyone else freaking out about how close were getting? I haven't even had my 1st "offical" pre-natal with my LM!

Well I guess I should hit the hay, hope you mama's have nice nights!
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Aww, glad you guys enjoyed the Clammy story

I am definately feeling third trimesterish...and having to unpack from camping hasn't been fun, I am not quite caught up on laundry yet. Gosh, I feel for you moving mommas...my complaints are nothing compared to what you are facing!

About the remembering birth thing...I never really thought it was possible either until Ember started talking about it on her own like she did...but I have always wondered if the way she hates getting shirts stuck on her head (she has ALWAYS freaked about that and still does) is related to being stuck in the birth canal, and now I think it is
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well, i hear ya'll on the third trimester thing....when i have been sitting for any length of time, when i get up,my hips feel like i have walked for miles and all i've been doing is sitting! which isn't fair, 'cuz i don't *need* my hips to change and loosen and spread and all that....kwim? LOL

Piglet....on the wipes thing...if your machine has as overedge stitch you could use that, it looks like a serged edge...or you could just zig-zag the edges...and if they do fray the will stop once they get to the seams.they shouldn't with an overedge stitch tho.

Momadance....on the BM issues...try eating a big bowl of rasin bran before bed...i do this about everynight and things *go* quite well in the mornings... ...also just try and eat a lot of whole grains throughout the day...i have a great muffin recipe (contains flax, oatmeal, ww flour, and i made it with some wheat bran the other day) that is loaded with fiber if you are interested...then you could just eat 2-3 of those a day along with the rasin bran at night. HTH!!

well, i'm beat...gotta go sleepy...even tho it won't be any fun...this carpal tunnel is beating me up at night...mostly my right arm...it will start to ache in the night and i can't lay it any way but it doesn't throb and go numb... :

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OMG, my dd took a FOUR HOUR nap today!!! I bow to the nap gods who allowed that one to happen! She went to bed with no problem at 10:00pm (her normal time is 9:30) and has been sleeping soundly since. Now, where am I going to have to pay for this down the road......? :LOL
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Oh I paid all right.......!!

She woke up at 9 pm and would NOT go back to sleep. I finally had to go to bed myself, only to be interrupted by her crawling into bed asking for milkies. Me, thinking she was ready to go down, would comply, only to have her sit up 10 minutes later and go running out to DH. I think we must have nursed her 10 times...my breasts finally ached so much I said no more. I fell asleep and was vaguely aware of her and DH coming to bed (some time around midnight!!), and her snuggling up to me.

The only good part about that night of torture was that she DID actually fall asleep without nursing (at least, I'm pretty sure of that, lol)!

Oh, the sitting thing. When I get up after sitting for a long time, my crotch is killing me! I think Sasha's head is just so low down there, it puts too much pressure on it. And I'm so stiff...I walk like I've just run a marathon, lol.
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I am sooooooooooooooo behind!

Its Sunday am and I'm at the computer! I figured I'd save it for the first of the week weekend talk; but, I guess folks are talking about what they've done. I went to my paternal family reunion yesterday on Smith Mtn in VA. My father has been dead for 15 years; and my they didn't care for my mother so she didn't feel obliged after my grandmother and my dad's twin sister died to bring us back up there; but, since they started biyearly reunions we go and we are able to see our big sister and at least one of our big brothers. (there's seven of us) Yesterday our youngest brother was there too. There's a Smith Mtn. Lake too; but, its thru the woods from my cousin's house. My Uncle Joe said it was polluted and my other cousin talked about bacteria counts and I thought well, it'd be best not to explore that. I forgot about bacteria. : I kept asking my Uncle Joe, who *totally* is a farmer and knows the lay of the land there where the springs were. If only I had a bathing suit with me....no free shows for Uncle Joe. : It was hot, *even* on the mountain. Mama was surprised when I told her when I got home. And my cousins house didn't have a/c. My bil was lookin at me and he saw I was starting to morph into an evil woman and he kept throwin water on me. :LOL I saw my nephew, whom I haven't seen since he was a little boy (family estrangement after daddy died over $$$---long story ). I *didn't* cry! :LOL I saw my grandmothers first cousin. All of my aunts were going craaaaaaaaaazy that there's another Arrington (I guess dh was like hey!!!!), on the horizon. You wanna talk about some strong women? My familiy is a family of farmers. Now, my grandmother has died some time ago; but, and my Uncle is the storyteller. He sat at the head of the group telling stories. *He* could probably tell about Grandma Thailour workin the farm and having.....ohhhhhhhhh... 10 children, I think....mama always talks about the spokes on a wheel when she counts them..... Bil was trippin about if I had the baby, my cousin was a dr. (He's a vet!) BUT! I knew that my aunts would have my back! Talk about a hb! Not *my* home;but.....needless to say...no exit until at least 37 weeks! When I left...my cousin pointed my attention to a WILD TURKEY!!!! It was crossin the road! How neat! They don't need no stinkin gro. store for Thanksgivin! And there's a meat processing plant in town. If I had the room I woulda stopped at the creamery! Its another time and it didn't freak me out like in times past. I really appreciate all that stuff now. I guess since my interested in NP. I can't *wait* til I bring little Arrington (I'd have to bring smelling salts b/c they would just *flip*) , or Mikayla to the mountain. I don't think I'll wait for the family reunion b/c I'll be looking at a toddler like I was at my cousins child. And I want pictures of everyone holding the baby. I have an old family. My aunts and uncles are in their 70s and today my daddys older sister is 80. (can you say May-December...that was mama and daddy...15 yrs) I just want to have those pictures. I thought about my Uncle Robert, who's kinda taken the patriarch role since the original patriarchs have been long gone, and I think he soooooo needs to write down these stories.....like he tells them. I'm so afraid they'll be lost. Talk about adventure on the farm! He'll make you wet your pants! So...I ran past everybody to pee when I got there! :LOL Its just so amazing there....I just wish that Arrington wasn't synonymous with sweat! *No* a/c to be had yesterday! And that woulda been fine if there was a clean natural water source to dip in! We'll see what next time brings....they are wondering if I'll be pg again in 2yrs. I want this one to be 3 or close and weaned and out of dipes. So, I might still need to keep cool. Or, I'll be chasin after a 2yo. Let's hope not both!

dh from his office... (with a porcelain seat) imed me and said IHOP?

gotta check for dipes first!

I meant to commiserate about the vagina blows! :

aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I told dh Friday I felt like I was 80 (as I pased by an old woman : ) , the aches and all now....

I feel a lower belly ache. Riding or after hour cycle challenge, so maybe I need to cut back to 45....

K, doing a little hunt for dipes.
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Oh, forgot to say thanks for the tips on the wipes. I'm guessing Mum's machine has an "overedge" stitch (I know nothing about sewing but she got a new machine a while back). I did try the baby washcloths, momadance, used them for the first several months, but then I got my hands on some terry and sherpa, etc and I'm hooked. I want the good stuff! Lucysmama: don't you still have to stitch up the little bit left open after you've folded them inside out? That sounds like a lot of work!

Well, had a nice day at the pool with DD (except for all the mamas smoking in front of their babies, ugh!). I'm actually finding myself getting bored these days: guess it's as good a time as any for a new baby, lol. DD entertains herself well at home, I had all the housework done early on Saturday morning, and was actually BORED. Haven't felt that in a while. Went to the library and got a book, so now I have some reading. Can't wait to get back home to Vancouver where I have friends, family, and a few more choices in my activities! 'Course when Sasha arrives I doubt very much I'll feel boredom again for about another 2 years, lol.
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