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March Mamas' Week of 26 July...

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Hope no one minds that I started this week's thread.

Our March Mamas Arrival Dates for 2005
Rebecca (Ravenmoon) 3/1
Christine (Cholderby) 3/2
Kylie (Luvmy3boyz) 3/2
Ekblad 3/3
LeShea 3/3
Amanda (Doulamommy) 3/4
Alicyn (mommy2b) 3/5
OaklandMama 3/5
Eva (Finnsma) 3/8
Fiercelove 3/9
Cyndi (CyndiN) 3/11
Kimberly (kimisaur) 3/12
Ang (Crayon) 3/13
Jocmtl 3/13
Serina (Somewhere to grow) 3/13
Melissa (Ladyelmo1) 3/16
Maya (muse) 3/16
Rachel (rad) 3/16
Karen (Karennnnn) 3/17
Shannon (RaisinGirl) 3/17
Jamie (NaturalBeauty) 3/18
Joan 3/20
Kash (Patchfire) 3/21
Molly (Mimim) 3/21
puddinnpeanut 3/21
Shannon (Isfahan) 3/22
Jennie (Jenniebug) 3/23
Kim (EllieB) 3/23
Simplehome 3/23
Dee (Morningtillmoonmama) 3/24
Lise (TOmomma) 3/25
Ryann (anazmommy) 3/26
Jenn (JennInSeattle) 3/29

Sometime in March:
Lila (CityGirl)
Pam (EMZ)
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Well, morning sickness has hit with a vengeance... I had thought perhaps it'd be better this time, but no such luck. No actual puking, thank goodness, but I suspect it's merely a matter of time.

Also had my first weird pregnancy related dream last night. I dreamed that the baby was born, fullterm, fine, everything, just really really small. Like small enough to fit on a dinner plate. So when he (yeah, he) was sleeping, we left him on... you guessed it... a dinner plate. Then I had to go somewhere with Gillian and managed to forget him. Eek!

Dh and I have already been discussing names. We've agreed on middle names, but maybe not the first names. That is, I know which first names I want but I have to convince him.

How's everyone else doing?
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Things are going here. Got back my numbers, not sure what to think, Wed. they were 8,232 Friday's were 8,769!! I was 8 weeks on the dot on Friday. I don't know when they stop doubling. Anyway, I'm having another ultrasound today, either my husband or my doula will be there with me. (thank goodness I am hiring a good friend as my doula!)

That's it for now. If I can I'll update again after my appt (it's at 2:15)
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Doing pretty good. Saw my midwives last week and I will be seeing my medwives this week. I think I'm getting round ligament pain already.
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So far this week is good. I spent most of yesterday tired and in bed but my m/s seems to be under control now.

I met with the midwife last week and while she is very nice I don't like the over managed care. I have another appt in Aug and I am going to talk about all these "tests" and appts. I don't think anymore than 6 are necessary. I have had 3 normal uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries I am not at high risk and should not have to be seen 15+ times. Its just crazy!
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Amanda- Just wanted to pop on really quick and say I'll be thinkin about you this afternoon!! Hope all goes well and you get wonderful news! Take care!
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Add me please!
Im Due March 19th.
Ive been tired tired tired! OH my! I passed OUT sat evening at about 5pm or so. I just couldnt function anymore. Hubby took over all the kdis and let me go lay down. I was asleep instantly and slept pretty much for the rest of the day. I was a bit irritated the next moring that I felt that my Sat was wasted but I understand that my body needed the rest. I can only do so much by myself before my body says enough is enough!
I havnt started gaining weight yet and I really dont feel preg yet so that worries me a bit. Altho I know its normal for me. I jsut hate the first trimester beacuse until I feel the baby move or see it on a U/S screen I jsut dont feel that the preg is real. Maybe Im jsut weird,. lol We are *so* hopeing that this is a girl. If its anotehr boy we have the hard descision of desciding if we are truely done. I really want another girl, but we dont know if we can afford private school tuition for more than 4 kids. ~sigh~ Anyway, I guess we will get what we are meant to get! And Im sure we will be happy either way. I just cant help but to want another lil girl. My daughter has already said that if its a boy shes going to scream. lmao.

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Ladies, I just went through and added a few 'real' names to our list, as well as pulling some names/dates from the Who's Who thread. If I don't have some piece of information for you and you want me to put it on there, just let me know.
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Welcome Jamie!

Kash- I'm Eva, not Eve. THanks for putting our real names on there!
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Thanks Eva!

Oh and Kash, when you have time would you change my due date to the 18th. I had it wrong. Not that a day matters much but.... lol Im sure when I get there it will! lol
Thanks a ton

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Hello all. Still here, still sick. Oh, don't feel bad for me - I don't puke or anything. I just feel generally uneasy all day, with no food sounding good. However, I've managed to gain a few pounds due to eating out too much (since cooking makes me sick). Sigh.

Can't wait to show! I don't enjoy this stage, where I simply look fatter than usual. I want to look pregnant, not swelling. It took me a long time last time (26 weeks) to show, but I hope this time will be faster.

When do you guys think we'll all look obviously pregnant to any stranger walking by, not just to the husband or friends who already know we're pregnant?
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Hey Jamie Congrats!

This is Jennie from mommyshelpers. I was just at your site the other day looking for nb & small diapers. Looks like you will be a preoccupied tho
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Hey, can you add me too please.

My name is Shannon and I'm due March 22nd with my second. I've only lived in the US three years after living 12 years in Australia and growing up in South Africa.

Morning sickness just hit yesterday and worse today. This time it seems far better if I eat (regardless of feeling like it). As soon as I start to chew the nausea subsides. I am hoping its not as bad as last time because I'm seeing a naturopath / midwife (not my midwife but..) and taking B6 and other helpful herbs.

In a way I am relieved to feel ill - I wasn't really feeling pregnant till now.

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Welcome SHannon!

Had a midwife appt today.We tried to hear the heartbeat but too early still.I am only 8 weeks 3 days.So i go back in a few weeks.Becasue of my previous miscarriages we are doing this for reassurance.

I love my midwife she is a lay midwife and she is very warm and friendly.Her 'office' is her home as well so a very comfortable setting.

Doulamom i hope everything is ok.I know numbers slow way down on the doubling process once they get that high so it could be just fine.
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Hey everyone,
checking in for now. I'm extremely nauseated.....haven't kept much down today but it's normal for me. I had 9 months of morning sickness with my first, 7 with my second, and 5 with my third....so maybe if all things workout I'll only have the normal 3 months this time!

I'm thinking about you Doulamom....waiting for your results with crossed fingers and prayers.

Serina....I'm not sure I'll ever really be 'obviously' pregnant....well maybe around 7/8 months people start asking when I'm due, but I'm large to begin with so unless someone already knows, they don't typically ask. The plus side....I lose enough weight with morning sickness, and my clothes tend to be loose and stretchy to begin with so I can wear most of my own clothes through the whole pregnancy.....down side, people think I'm just REALLy fat and I get some quite disgusted looks from people.
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Im around when I can stop by. I'm actually feeling pretty good. If it wasn't for the extreme fatigue I'd feel great. Not too much nausea so far. *knock on wood*

Other than that I'm just trying to watch what I'm eating and I'm still trying to continue staying active by walking everyday atleast a few miles. But somedays i just want to sit on the couch and sleep.

Hope everyone is doing well. Congrats to all the newly pregnant!
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Originally Posted by somewhere to grow
When do you guys think we'll all look obviously pregnant to any stranger walking by, not just to the husband or friends who already know we're pregnant?

I hope it's soon. I can't wait for that part--it still doesn't seem real to me. I think I was showing at around 4 months or so with my others.

Still no pregnancy symptoms here, though I do have a horrible cold which is triggering my asthma--no fun there. (Poor me, whine, whine, moan, complain.)
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I am due March 3rd.....can you put me on the list??
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Welcome Leshea!

Amanda~how are you?thinking of you.

I am already showing.It is very obvious.With my second kid i took a long time to show with my third it was about 4 months along but with this one it was almost instantaneous.
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My tummy is already pooching out. I've got a small frame, so there is just no hiding, especially with the 4th baby. Last pg, people started guessing really early (10 weeks), probably because I had to go from fairly defined clothes to looser items. I usually have really, really bad nausea, so I can't bear having a snug waistband cutting into me. This part of the whole baby making thing, I could do without.....

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