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I thought I'd put my due date but I guess not. I've changed my sig. now anyway. I'm not feeling much ms yet, mostly just if I have to get up during the night, then I feel absolutely terrible. I am exhausted but don't have much time to think about it so I only notice it if I sit down for a few minutes. My clothes are definitely getting tighter.

We haven't told many people yet besides family so I'm still waiting for all the incredulous comments I know we'll get for having more than 2 kids. I'm jealous of all you who have already seen your midwives. I won't see mine for another month. I'm not worried but somehow it feels more "official" to me after that 1st appointment. We've been talking about names, my dh and I are disagreeing but my dd likes the names I do so he's outnumbered!
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Well, thanks for thinking of me you guys. The ultrasound was more uncomfortable this time. After about 2 minutes the CNM went to get an OB to come do it. We did see cardiac activity, but couldn't hear it. With the measurements it looks as thought I'm 5 wks along. (which would mean I was getting pg when I was taking positive hpts! lol) So I'm going in again on Monday for yet another ultrasound, to hopefully hear a heart beat, and my husband will be going with me.
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Well im doing ok this week, still very tired and starting to fell sick. I have my first vist with my midwife today at 2:30. Is anyone else from Arizona going to Bethany Womens Healh Care Birth Center?

AHHHH is only 9am and I NEED A NAP!!!!!
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I thought about going to the birthcenter, it's just so far away from me. I'd rather labor at home as much as I can and not have to deal with a long car ride. I really would like to do a homebirth but it totally freaks my hubby out.
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Spent the night in the ER. DS had a febrile seizure. This was his second one. He had the first about 2 years ago when I was pregnant with DD, weird coincidence. Anyway, he is resting and feeling better today.
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Yay Amanda!I'm glad there was at least a heartbeat.Have you had more blood drawn?

I'm birthing at home because our birth center is 30 minutes away and my last birth was 45 minutes.I'm in San Diego.

Morningtillmoon~my dd had a febrile seizure this past month and it was her first.So scary.She just said she didn't feel well,laid on the couch and stopped breathing.She spent the day in the hospital.She has cerbral palsy though so a seizure at her age(6 and her first one)could mean a disorder so we have to take her to a neurologist and a geneticist for further testing.I feel for you and i hope he feels better!

Feeling ok today,i had a scary dream last night though.I saw a woman searching through all of these blood clots looking for her baby.I woke up wondering if it was sign or just something crazy.I dreamt about blood a lot last night.Yikes!
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Hi all,

Week 7 here. No vomiting, and just a couple days of miserable tiredness, nausea and headache. Most of the time I feel okay--a bit tender, a bit easily tired out, but that's it. Emotionally it's been more of a roller coaster. Definitely having some moments of deep ambivalence about being pregnant again, about having another child, about everything that means... the same kind of moments of breathless fear that I remember from the first pregnancy. I forgot how intense this is. I simply can't believe I'm having another child.
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Oh! And I think my edd is March 12th.
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Originally Posted by Ravenmoon
Yay Amanda!I'm glad there was at least a heartbeat.Have you had more blood drawn?

Nope, no more blood! Thankfully. I think the CNM may have wanted too, but after the OB came in to do more of the u/s he looked at her and said "no more blood draws, just do another scan next monday" which is 100% fine with me. I think I can trade off the scan for the stress of having blood drawn.
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Understandable.I had several betas drawn due to my miscarriages and it was uncomfortable to say the least.

Very hot and tired here,again
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Ugggg.... so queasy.... I try to eat every 1-2 hours, drink fluids almost constantly and tonight I *still* threw up. Gah. Only the second time, but the only things that seem to work magic all have a high sugar content and that just cannot be good. We've got too much diabetes in my family--I really, really want to reduce my sugar intake (normally I don't have much) during pg to reduce stress on baby's developing pancreas... but ugh... I HATE throwing up. Hate it, hate it, hate it. I don't even feel better after. Gack.
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Maintaining here... sil and her dh and 4 of her 6 children have been here since last tuesday, so we've been VERY busy. Outings and such. Had to stay home all day yesterday while they went shopping because I was so tired from the day before that I could barely move. Spent whole day on couch, and when I tried to make dinner that night, nearly passed out in the kitchen. So, I got sent to bed. Took the 4 kids to bed with me after my dd went to bed and we watched a movie. I feel so bad, because I haven't seen these people in 4 years, and this is how I have to spend time with them. Flat on my back in bed. But they enjoyed the movie, and I did get to spend some time with them.

Not so much nausea this time, just tired all the time, and starving. I'm eating a huge amount of food. I'm at 7 weeks today, and have gained 4 pounds. And my belly is huge.

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I'm in week 7 now and so far having a better week than last. I have not been sick, but I have had general queasiness. Serina, I know exactly what you mean about no food sounding appealing: just the thought of opening the fridge to make lunch for myself makes me quesy enough to put it off. I get really hungry, then when I think of opening the fridge, I get quesy. find the only thing I want to do is eat out all the time.

As for fatigue, as long as I nap one hour in the afternoon, it's manageable, though some days I just can't get off the couch. I don't know how you expectant mommies handle it!

I have been taking this supplement called Quinton Hypertonic to alleviate the nausea and heartburn. It's a glass ampule full of salty water that is packed full of minerals. Totally natural and it really helps.

CityGirl, yes, that fear and ambivalence is disturbing, isn't it? I have it sometimes too. I think it's normal to be fearful of such a big change.

Jenrose: I hope you feel better!

DP and I are freaking out a little about the house not being ready for a baby, although we realize that problem is at least a year and a half away! Our place is small and very adult. We're going to have to get creative about how to convert our office to a baby's room. We'd love to sell and get a bigger place, but our current mortgage is so cheap, it's ideal for our finances once I am no longer working. This week I dreamed we had a huge basement I never knew about, and we were going to finish it into a play room!
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Oh so tired!!! And I'm the only one up. Dh over slept, his alarms didn't go off, and of course when he woke up at 6:30 to call in "ds and I are sick" I woke up, didn't wanna get out of bed, but had to pee SO BAD that I couldn't get back to sleep. IT took me nearly half an hour just to finally work up the energy to get up, and by then I was so awake there was no going back to sleep. So here I am. Maybe I'll go to the chiro today....alone!

Anyway, if ds doesn't nap today I may just shoot somthing. No nap since Saturday, and on Sunday I was at a meeting anyway, I JUST WANT MORE SLEEP!! Getting in bed at 9:30 but not falling asleep until 11 or later just isn't working for me! Not when dh's alarms go off at 4 am, he leave by 5 and I'm stuck waiting to get out of bed to pee and then not falling back to sleep until 6.

Ok, enough whining, I'll be better soon. 5 more days until my next u/s.
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((Amanda))i hope you get some sleep today.I've been keeping my kids up until 10 every night and they don't wake up until 9 which is just perfect for me.But i still nap with the baby during the afternoon.

I will look into the Quinten stuff,thanks!
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Ugh. Today's the worst day yet. Tired, sick, wanting to crawl back into bed. But I'm teaching a class tonight, so I need to prep sometime.

And, my daughter requires much attention!

Back to work...naptime is over soon!
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I have to say i think my nausea is easing up.I am 9+ weeks now.I am so hoping that this will be the end of that stage!I can't wait for second trimester.
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The sickness is what I dread most about pregnancy. Last time, it lasted over 5 months. Ugh. Maybe this time will be different???

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My morning sickness lasted 9 months with the first 7 months with the second and 5 months with the 3rd. I thought it was starting to lighten up yesterday and today it hit me the worst so far this pregnancy. I'm hoping I only have a few more weeks of this, I'm really tired of being nauseous.
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I just wanted to respond and say how very sorry I am for all of you mamas that have to fight with nausea during your pregnancies. As many things as I have to endure I am so glad that nausea is not one of them. I think I get hit with 3x the exaustion to make up for the lack of nausea. Ofcourse it could be the fact that Im working 7am-8:30pm 6 days a week (Home daycare) on top of having 2 very active little nurslings. Yeah that might be part of it! Oh, what I would do for some extra R&R. Im kinda glad Im so tired beacuse it is the only sign that I have that Im pregnant. Well, just a Hint of soreness to my nipples but thats barely noticable. I cant wait to feel my baby move. And even more so I cant wait to have the U/S done so I can see if its a Girl! Please please please let it be a girl PLEASE! lol. I already have 2 boys and Im not sure I can handle havign 3 boys. lol I cant even imagine the mischief they would be getting into together. And what about the grocery BILLS, OMy! I better start learning how to garden! LOL They all eat like horses or is it Cows? Which ever eat more. Kailyn (DD) and I are going to have to start hiding food I just know ti! lol
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