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babywearing *and* carrying diaper bag?

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What diaper bags are yall carrying? Right now I have two hotslings.
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i've never really done the slinging and carrying a diaper bag thing. if i had to go somewhere that i need to carry my diaper bag while slinging, i always brought our stroller too. that way i had a place for my bag and my purchases. if we were just going to a friends house then it never really mattered what type of bag i carried.

i have had a couple over the sholder bags; 1 from peg perego ( this matched our stroller and actually latched onto it, which i really liked) 1 from eddie bauer, and my most current one from vera bradley. i also tried a backpack but i hated that, plus i started using a back carrier after dd2 was born and that just doesn't work with a back pack.
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I usually do what danaalex said, bring a stroller when I also need a diaper bag, but occasionally, I have carried DD in my Baby Trekker and used our back-pack like diaper bag. This way, I have the baby's wt and the diaper bag's wt distributed over both shoulders and it felt "balanced" for me. HTH.
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With my Moby, I can easily wear our bag, which is a backpack. With the OTSBH, I made dh carry it, or carried it from the top, instead of wearing it.
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I have a smallish bag. I put it over my shoulder either on the side opposite the sling, if I'm slinging, or just over the carrier strap if I'm using the Kozy. I only take the stroller grocery shopping.
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I have a fanny pack that fits 3 diapers, a baggy w/ wipes, my wallet, cell & a pen! It snaps around my waist & I attached a clip to hook my keys onto. So I'm completely hands free! It's especially great for trips to the fair, boatrides, etc.
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I use a backpack while carrying ds in a sling - side-saddle style (he's straddling my right hip). I tell him to raise his arm up so I can get the backpack strap on my shoulder, then he can rest his arm on my shoulder.

I like the fanny pack idea - we have something like that, but it's big. I would like a smaller one.
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hmmmmmm....so no shoulder diaper bags unless I'm willing to bring the stroller along huh?

Dana, Vera Bradley huh? I knew Kate Spade made diaper bags; but, not Vera. I saw a kid from my church with a Louis Vuitton backpack last night and I thought about that..

but then I can't wear babe on my back...:
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Originally Posted by wannabmommie
but then I can't wear babe on my back...:
That's why I bought my trim messenger bag. (Not a diaper bag, but I can put diapers in it. I wouldn't want that much stuff with me, anyway.) Back when I was carrying dd on both back and front, I could just swing the bag around to whichever side dd wasn't on.
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I think a messenger bag or backpack works best with a sling.
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I'm sort of a minimalist kinda gal, so I usually just tuck a diaper (folded and snapped inside a cover with a wet bag for the dirty one) into my sling. I keep my check card, cash, license, etc in a small wrist bag attached to my keys. There's a clip attached to the back so I can hook it onto a belt loop) That's it. I generally keep an extra diaper or two in the car, so if I need more supplies, I just go back to reload.

peace, Beth
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You know, it totally depends where I am going and what I am doing! I do not tend to take public transit anywhere so I always have my diaper bag with us..we use a Mothership from Fleurville, its such a great bag...I do not carry it around on my shoulder per say tho...unless I am out walking then I usually do not bring it...LOL I use our Kozy's alot and got them with pockets specifically to carry things like Keys..the phone...and a cloth dipe..it works great for that..I see some mothers use backpacks..but those have so never been my style! LOL I am just not a "sporto" chick...hee hee dont even own a pair of running shoes!

That said there is a ton of options I guess it all depends on what you are doing that day?

Hope that was a bit helpful.
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well, for the longest time, i would bring a diaper bag and then put one dipe and a little ziploc baggie with wipes in the pocket of my maya wrap sling. oh how i love that pocket. i would just leave the bag in the car. i didn't have a problem carrying it when i needed to when since it was a backpack one. until it got stolen when my car was broken into at christmas. i was soo lucky that all i had in there were some prefolds and an old prorap.

she has been out of dipes for several months now, so i don't have to worry about it. which is great since i am now using my hotsling pouch all the time and have no pocket! i still miss the pocket though because i put my keys in there and my cell. and even some cheerios in baggie for abby. but, i LOVE my pouch for ease of use and compactness. can't have everything!

i like the idea of a fanny pack!
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Originally Posted by wannabmommie
hmmmmmm....so no shoulder diaper bags unless I'm willing to bring the stroller along huh?
I carry Owen in the hipcarry hotsling. I have a diaper bag that if I need to carry I put it on so it crosses my body. I put it on like my pouch but on the opposite shoulder. So DS is on one hip and the diaper bag is on the other.
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ok, tonight i carried bella in my kozy on my back and my VB bag on my sholder, she had fun pushing it off every couple of minutes LOL.

vera bradley does make a diaper bag but mine is the same just without the matching chaging pad
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OOOh the fanny pack sounds like a great idea!

I use a smallish, yet surprisingly stuffable when I need to purse. It looks like a beach tote sorta, yet it is a purse. It's just big enough when I need it to be, holds about 4 prefolds and a cover and a sm ditty bag. max
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thanks for motivating me!!!

well ladies, you did it! you motivated me to go out without my diaper bag. i realised, here i am pushing a stroller just to carry the diaper bag and then since i have the stroller i end up lugging everything but the kitchen sink too!

i should mention that dd has been ec''ing since she was ~6 months old and does better out of the house than inside. still i haven't stopped carrying around the diaper bag, though she is now 13 months old!

so the other day when dd went and stood by the front door i thought, instead of going through this hourly ritual of walking just up to the main road and then having to pick her up and bring her home, why not go prepared? so with a sling on one shoulder and my little potty in a canvas bag on the other, i still had two hands free to catch her as she and i walked all the way to the bank (about 8 minutes walk for an adult). at some point i carried her but then we came out of the bank and i let her walk again. she was amazed at this sudden freedom to walk in any direction she chose. after some point she simply looked bewildered so i picked her up again and walked home. SO EASY when you have the sling handy - this is a home-made unpadded sling - very light. so is the little potty.
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A mini Jansport back pack
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When I was slinging ds full-time (he now prefers the stroller, and my back doesn't argue), I would use a bag with a long strap and cross it over my chest, like another poster mentioned. I'd just put it on the opposite side of a sling, or with my Ergo, I'd put on the bag first, before getting ds in. It worked just great . Of course, I love, love, love bags and am already drooling over a few others for the next (yet to be conceived, lol) baby.

And hi, Rumi! Nice to see another EC'er . We don't mess with diaper bags anymore either, though I still stick him in one when we're out.
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It's been a long time, but...

I'd carry DD in the sling and used a sturdy backpack that I've had for years(pre-DS, gift from DH) to carry whatever I might need for her. My personal stuff was either in a pocket in the backpack or in my little purse that I wear slung on/from my hip. Wallet in jeans of course....
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