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Is there a group for March 2003 Mamas?

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Hi I started out in babyzone and now I am here but I haven't seen any march 2003 group threads around. '

My little one was born on the 5th. She loves to climb, swim, biuld with blocks, climb, yell, get tickled, nurse, climb, hug her bear, read with mommy, play with daddy, climb, etc. etc etc. Oh did I mention Climb?

I was really hoping she would be born on the 3rd 03-03-03 How neat is that? I even rearranged the furniture in my house. (something my MIL told me about) But she came in her own time. Natural birth, still breastfeeding, and having a ball in our little family.

I would love to hear stories about births, and just favorite stories.

I have on to start the ball rolling.

My DD, Jewely about 16 mnths at the time of this story, was nursing. She fell asleep and I handed her to DH, so I could change the sheet on her bed but before i could go to that she sleepily sits up and starts rooting around. She opened her eyes looked right at my husband, closed her eyes and went for his mouth. He thought she was going to kiss him, but by this time I realized what was really happening. He kissed her and her little mouth kept searching and planted on his nose. LMAO She sucked on the tip of his nose for a second, opened her eyes, sat back and said "uh-oh"
Oh it was just so funny. poor sleepy little girl.
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i've been on the lookout for a March 2003 thread for a while now -- haven't seen one. If one doesn't exist, i would love to get one started. My DS was born March 26, 16 months old today! He's a laughing, happy, active boy who loves to read, nurse, eat cheese and blueberries, and hates to sleep. He's a real chatterbox, both English and signs. He's not much of a climber yet, but he loves to run and twirl.

If the thread already exists, I hope someone can direct me to it!
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Hi! My son was born 3/7/03

So, I'd love to be part of a 3/03 group!

So, tell me... is your toddler talking? Baylor isn't saying a lot yet and I've been thinking too much about it!
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dd was born 03/12/03, she is very active toddler who doesnt walk, but all in her own time! She talks, can put two or three words together, climbs, laughs, loves to be tickled, loves to eat, watches too much tv with my mom! (when she is home) love to color on everything, paper, herself, carpet, books, you name it! loves water, sand, paint, reading, singing, music

i read a horoscope once when i was preggo about how a peices (sp)/ goat, and how they are very artistic, and very intense. which dd is both! but i love her to death.

i think i saw a thread for march babies but it was a long while ago. glad that someone started this!
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Irelend was born 3/3/03 at 4:03...LOL i was hoping it would be 3:33

She is very outgoing!! She loves to play, and draw. She isnt talking much....but im sure she will start soon. Her new thing is she loves to sit on the potty..she has went peepee 3 times, so im hoping this is the start of potty training LOL
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Yeah I am glad there's more momma"s

My dd is talking some. Mostly she knows animals and what they say. She has said her two first three word sentences, They were more like demnads.
"Let me down"
"I want to"
Which I am actually pretty glad, because it means she knows what she wants. (that will be really good later in life)
I have been a little worried that she doesn't know her colors yet and i know that is ridiculus because she knows so many other things. Like body parts.

Yipee fr the potty. my little one has sat on her's twice but without peeing or pooping. However she does like to carry it around sometimes.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you other momma's . Thanks for responding to my post.
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i wouldnt worry too much about colors, she will get them when she is ready. Sav only knows yellow and i didnt even know that she did until she said it when she was playing with soemthing yellow! and that is so great about he 3 word sentence, you know that she is thinking.

dawnalex: thats great about the potty, maybe it will be easy for you

i havent even introduced her to that, i am going to wait till her next bday. just dont have the energy right now.

also glad that this was started, looking forward to getting to know all of you.
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