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What ya eatin? Are ya gainin'?

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I was just wondering, now that most of us are feeling better....
What's everybody eating? Any strange cravings?
Has anyone started gaining wt. yet? Are you showing?

I ate a HUGE vat of broccoli for dinner last night, and I have craved cottage cheese and pickles, together...mmm...
I've gained about 3-5 lbs, and I'm just shy of 4 mo. I started to show over the last week, just a little pooch, although most of my clothes are pretty snug, or don't fit.
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Ha funny you ask. the other day for some reason I really wanted a vienna sausage sandwich, hahahaha, DH said "yuck".
I think I've gained 8lbs or so. not for sure though.
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I'm hungry most of the time, but when it comes to dinner, I have no appetite..... can't figure out what that's all about. I do make myself eat because otherwise I wake up ravenous.

What am I craving? embarassed to say it's meat! It's embarassing for me because I was vegan and vegetarian for a long time- started eating fish about 5 years ago and then now the fish just isn't doing it for me. It's just weird and different, but I feel it's important to follow my body.... also means I have to eat out because we don't do meat in the house.

After having lost 5 lbs in the beginning, I'm gaining now- i'm up 2lbs or so from the loss and am at my pre-pregnancy weight. My belly is definitely sticking out IMO, but I'm thin, so only people close to me notice.
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Lots of yogurt. I'm trying to avoid high blood pressure problems by eating protein and calcium in quantity, but I find that it is nearly impossible to eat the suggested 100gm of protein/day.

All food tastes pretty awful right now which is not making it any easier to eat. I have developed severe aversions to coffee and anything sugary so even desert is no fun any more. Wish I could find anything at all that actually tasted good. Dh wanted to take me out to a fancy dinner the other night and I turned him down because I couldn't see spending money on fancy food that tastes like sawdust.

--AmyB (14 weeks)
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Lots of soy yogurt and cereal still. I'm pretty much over m/s, but I forget to eat every 2 hours and start to feel queasy again. So far i have craved spinach pie and corn on the cob. I didn't even finish the spinach pie and I had 2 ears of corn for dinner Sat night. Thats is, just corn!
Last night dh made burgers (garden of course `cuz we're vegan) but I seem to have a strong aversion to anything even vaguely meat-like right now. I think a 100 grams of protein sound like a recipie for kidney problems. Dd turned out great on a far more half-assed vegan diet than i have now, so I'm not real worried about Cleatus the Fetus here.
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Originally Posted by sadkitty
I think a 100 grams of protein sound like a recipie for kidney problems.
I don't disagree with you, but I got treated for pre-eclampsia last time (I did have high BP, but I'm still not convinced I had pre-eclapmsia) and I think they came pretty close to killing both my baby and me with the treatment. I won't go through that again for no good reason.

Brewer says 80-100gms of protein a day will prevent the problem. I say, a small risk of kidney problems is more than worth the placebo effect of believing it will help.

So I guess I'll go choke down some eggs for lunch. Nothing else tastes good anyhow.

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I haven't really craved anything for very long this time. It seems like every day I want something different Poor DH is going crazy trying to make dinners I want to eat. Though mexican seems to pop up quite a bit.

I haven't gained any weight, I've actually lost 12 pounds. I don't know how since I got very rarely threw up from m/s. I think I'm eating enough. Sometimes I'm eating twice as much as I was before. I haven't changed my eating habits too much, except to add more dairy, which you would think would add pounds I don't get it

My clothes had gotten too tight a few weeks ago, but today I wore my regular pants, and they weren't very tight at all
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Kidney problems come into play when you are eating a high protien/low carb diet, IF you do it over an extended period of time. If you are eating a well ballanced diet that happens to be higher in protien, that is not a bad thing. I have always been told to aim for betw. 75-100g. of protien/day while pg. especially b/c I am active. I use a protien powder (whey protien) to make smoothies or 'milkshakes' to get enough protien in a day. I don't know anything about the Brewer diet, this is just what I have learned through the years
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I don't think I've gained yet, but I've been very hungry! My absolute favorite is a grilled cheese sandwich -- whole wheat bread, mozzarella cheese and slices of grape tomato -- yum! I love Stonyfield Farm's Moo-la-la organic yogurt .... soooo creamy! Cereal, crackers with cheese and vegetarian/chemical-free pepperoni and chips with dip are all big hits around here too. Odwalla bars make for a good snack-on-the-go, too!
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Eating everything I always ate before. More fresh fruit. Oh, and WAY more popsicles. I am a popsicle hound when I'm pregnant. But I justify it as another way to stay hydrated!!! I have gained about 6-8 pounds so far, but it is all in my belly. None of my clothes fit!!!!
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Still have nausea, and major food aversions. I still have a hard time eating eggs and pork, but most other protein I can handle. I've never heard of kidney problems, and we've been doing low-carb for a while (I have had to stop because sometimes all I can eat is bread and pasta). I'm able to drink milk again, so that's good.I crave a lot of junk food and fast food, and sometimes give in. And whenever we go to a BBQ I have to have my larsens hot dogs :-( I had stopped eating them, but I started again when pg, poor baby!
I am definitely showing, I wear some maternity, but I lost 30 lbs before getting pg, so I have clothes that I couldn't wear for a long time that I can wear now! It kinda sucks that I'm wearing these shorts that were too tight before I got pg last time, and now I'm wearing them as mat. clothes!
As far as this pg, I haven't gained any weight.
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Ugh ... still nauseous all day long and been sick a few times this week. So, I eat what I can when I can, and just am glad I'm able to keep stuff down. I've lost 5 pounds so far (but I'm heavy enough that it makes no difference ) even though I've turned into an almost complete couch potato (I can't WAIT for MS to be done).
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Uh oh Malama....headin down to the local drive inn??? What's it gonna be? BBQ chicken, beef stew, katsu curry? And don't forget the mac salad (yikes!) :LOL

This week I have been majorly craving Indian food. Yummmmm....chana masala...nan bread....And falafels, hummous, babaganoush. Ok, I know that's not Indian. It still sounds good, though. I just have to find somewhere on this darn island to get some. I actually ate a whole jar of kalamata olives today.

I've been on kind of a strict diet lately as I've been having problems with candida. So, no ice cream, bagels, juices, although I still eat lots of fresh fruits. Although I did secretely cheat and go get a shave ice (it's like a snow cone, only better) with my kids yesterday.

So, I guess I am mostly craving Eastern foods? The whole hamburger/ greasy comfort foods really makes my stomach turn right about now. But who knows, it could all change tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Uh oh Malama....headin down to the local drive inn??? What's it gonna be? BBQ chicken, beef stew, katsu curry? And don't forget the mac salad (yikes!) :LOL
Ha ha.... actually I'm a super paranoid eater (pesticides, hormones, etc...) so I've been sneaking in meat at the health food store generally. I actually ate a hamburger (but don't tell my family) at the restaurant run by the health food store people here....

You're lucky that eastern foods are available in Oahu. No indian, no falafel, no nada here..... I'm dying to go visit my parents in LA so I can EAT.... 2nd trimester is WAY better than the 1st!
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Gosh!! I feel like I gained weight soooooo fast!! I gained 9 punds already. And, I've been sick!!! But, eating is about the only thing that was making me feel better. Yogurt, cereal, orange juice and cheese in the first 12 for sure were my cravings!!! Now, I am not feeling sick morning, noon, and night which is sooooooo great! I was almost getting depressed feeling so lethargic!! But, I feel better now. More energy. I haven't posted in ages! I am glad to hear everyone is doing well!!!!!
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Mmm, food.
Yesterday I ate Lightly Smoked Sardines in Tomato Sauce. Goooood. 22g of protein, yay.
Last night DH made Eggs Benedict for me. Yum! 2 eggs per day gets a little monotonous if we aren't creative about how to fix them.

Wow, lots of you are not showing yet. I'm 15 weeks and wearing transitional or maternity all the time. I've only gained a few pounds, but the belly is very round. It is in a race with my chest to see which will stick out more.

I'm new to the Mothering boards. This is my first baby. We are planning a homebirth and thinking about AP. And food, of course - I'm always thinking about food.
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I sent DH out at 10pm Suday night. BUT no gain at all. I am still down 5 lbs and there isn't a belly in sight!
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I was maintaining nicely during the month of July with a three pound gain. Then, within a week, I put on five pounds. I guess I was really eating too much. I was also eating way more junk than I should have...high sugar, high refined flour - and not enough protein. I'm pescatarian, though I really don't eat fish very often. I've increased my milk/egg consumption a bit, and I'm looking into other protein sources. I still have cravings for sugar though!!

Suzanne (edd 1/7)
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I seem to be in a cookie mood right now!!!!
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zannster, pardon my ignorance, but what is a pescatarian?
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