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in need of a sling...

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I need a sling ASAP...but i dont have alot of money. I want to be able to BF in it...and Landon is still really small (he was a preemie) hes about 7 lbs..
What do you think would be the best?
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If you're looking to not spend too much money, I would suggest posting this ISO in the TP or look at the babywearer.com site. This way, you can get a lightly used one without spending too much!
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Mayawrap.com has gently used slings. Kangaroo Koprner has cheaper slings too under misc.


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i checked that Kangaroo Korner...those 'seconds' and 'used' were still $40-$50!!!??
I am in shock.
I cant believe how much companies charge for those things (especially considering that they probably pay less for fabric and supplies that the rest of us)
I am afraid to check Maya Wrap.
can you sew? its not hard to make one....
pm me and I can help you or maybe send one out to you for cost...
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I would also be able to help you out with instructions for making one, or on what kind of fabric to buy .
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I love to sew...
I would love any help you guys can give on sewing one...
is it eaiser to make a pouch or a sling with rings?
I have never used a pouch, ive only used a sling with rings...
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The MamaBaby would be a great choice for you, with the small baby and also for breastfeeding, at $39, it won't break the bank either.

Just a word on pricing--places like Walmart, that sell things so cheap because they are able to buy and sell in massive quantities and also have things made for pennies in sweatshops, have distorted our view of what things cost when they are made and distributed by workers who are repected and earn a living wage. You have to remember that Maya Wrap and comparable companies are small by business standards, but they still employ hundreds of people who need to live and support their families on the wage they earn. Also, there are shipping costs, customs fees, warehousing expenses, and a lot of other costs that have to be covered. Also, Maya Wrap sets their pricing so that SAHM distributors can earn income from selling their slings as well. It's just not as simple as what the fabric (which in MW's case is hand-loomed by skilled weavers) and rings cost.
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I have to agree with the previous poster. But for even smaller WAHM businesses (like me and Kangaroo Korner as mentioned above), there is also the cost to go to and from the post office, packaging the slings, ironing them, labeling them, photo-copies of instructions, website up-keep, etc. Lots of stuff, lol.
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Where is my head! I forgot to tell you how to make a pouch or sling! I think making a quick pouch is easiest, but takes practice to have the seam come out completly smooth. Slings are not that hard, just have to also purchase the rings, though. So, I think the easiest and cheapest thing to make would be a typical wrap. All you do is get 2.5 yards of lightweight fabric that is 45 inches or so wide, cut it in half longways, sew the 2 edges together (so you will now have a long piece of 5 yards of fabric) and just sew the edges. Choose a fabric that has no stretch or one with only some stretch to it.
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What size would you need? I have a small Over the Shoulder Baby holder you could have. I dont know if you would even want that but you are welcome to it.
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