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Bottomless Pit?!?!

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Anyone else feel like a bottomless pit?! For the last month I've hardly had an appitite at all and all of a sudden I'm STARVING constantly! Especially at night, which is the worst! I'm almost 36 weeks.
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I'm right there with you! My only problem is that I have no room to eat... so I'm starving but can't really eat LOL

I think I'm eating 10 tiny meals a day at this point.
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yes, i am right there! want to nibble on all the bad high carb foods all day long, ice cream, potatoe chips, cookies. bad me!! so i try not to have those things in the house. then i just sit here and wish i had them.
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Me too! I'm totally into high carb stuff. And I'm usually so very good about avoiding it. Recently that's what I've been wanting though.
The problem is I fill up so quickly. So I still feel hungry but I'm out of belly room.

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I have totally been the same way. For me I have been craving dairy- cheese and ice cream. My favorite is smoked gouda. Yummy!

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I am so there. I have a really small appetite when pg, so 2 wks ago when The Hunger hit, I was surprised. Been eating like crazy ever since...but I'm a grazer. Still can't eat a lot at one sitting.
And yes, it's carbs and dairy too.
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