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Need new nursing to sleep ideas/positions

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Hi ladies, I have 10 month old g/g twins. One of my favorite times of day until recently has been nursing them to sleep on the EZ2Nurse pillow, then decanting them into whatever place they were going to sleep for the night (currently our bed, otherwise known as the mattress on the floor).

Anyhoo, recently the pillow is just getting too small. I can see the day when they will no longer be able to scoot around and get comfortable enough to nurse to sleep there.

This makes me feel very sad, since I hope to continue nursing them to sleep as long as possible, and I'd rather it be their choice, rather than organizational logistics, that ends that nursing session. Besides which, how else would they go to sleep?

I do nurse them individually but have never done so to put them to sleep, and I do a modified football position without the pillow sometimes to satisfy both. I have tried nursing both lying down, one lying beside me and the other on top sort of, and it's just not comfortable for any of us, though I've seen pictures on Karen Gromada's website of a mom with twins nursing and all three sleeping this way. I do use that position in the middle of the night sometimes as it will sometimes satisfy one until she sleeps then I can attend to the other singly.

Anyway, I haven't spoken about this aloud to anyone in the familly yet, this is the first place I've talked about it. I don't want our nursing to sleep sessions to end, and I feel really sad thinking about it. But the EZ2 just isn't going to work much longer I fear. So I'm looking for what others might have done (perhaps with photos? or detailed descriptions) if you nurse both to sleep without a nursing pillow.

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Well mine prefer to be nursed separately. So I usually do that. They've taken to unlatching each other when I do try to nurse them together. Mine are also getting too big for the Ez 2 nurse pillow.

One thing that works for us is to sit in our glider rocker (a recliner would work too and nurse Megan (bigger twin) in cradle hold with Maribeth nursing sort of footbal with her head sort of in Megan's lap.
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i almost always nursed my boys seperately from the beginning, but about a month or so ago, i saw that picture you are referring to on karen's webpage and i was like, "i can do that!" so i tried it and it works, as long as i have pillows on either side of me so that the boys have some support. so now, we tandem nurse almost every session and it usually works like this: i put three pillows down on our bed (or the floor), one for my head and two lengthwise, one pillow on each side of my body. i pick up the boys, put them on the bed and lay down and they just snuggle in, get comfortable and nurse to sleep, and i'm comfortable enough to sleep too. i will say that it took me about three or four days of crazy, frustrating nursing sessions to work this out... couldn't get comfortable, boys would distract each other, etc. but i've discovered that the more we do this, the easier it is for the boys to make themselves comfortable, as long as they have a way to get to my boobie, KWIM? anyway, HTH!
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Thanks for the suggestions ladies! I think I'll try the three-pillows technique, maybe at first for a less important nursing session or as a game.

The girls are going through a "little puppies" phase and they love to crawl all over everything. I would LOVE to be able to lie down with them and they nurse and we all sleep!

I do see separate nurse to sleep sessions as a possibility but I really love the all-together time at the end of the day so I think I'll try that first.

Thanks again, and if anyone else has thoughts I'm open!
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Hi Amy,

I don't have any good advice, but mine have to nurse to sleep too. I had to stop using the double nursing pillow a few months ago because one of my girls fell off of it on to the floor. Now they're too wiggly most of the time to nurse at the same time, but I've just started nursing them together at night, when they're tired. They're going through a stage where if one sees the other nursing, she wants in on the action too. I do it in a recliner in the "Cradle Clutch" position (from Karen's site). How is the three-pillows technique working for you? I think I'll try it....

PS. My girls are one day older than your's.
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I always tandem nurse my boys to sleep. . . or at least almost always. . . and so I thought I'd try to help. They are now almost 18 months old, and outgrew the EZ pillow at 2.5 months (or rather they refused to nurse on it any longer), so I was thrilled when they were finally able to tandem nurse while I was lying down (I think around seven months. . . maybe a little earlier). It changed my life.

Here is a photo of me tandem nursing my boys lying down. I call it "nursing bear-style" because it is the position that Grizzly bears use to nurse their cubs.

Tandem nursing lying down PHOTO

When they are nursing to sleep (in the photo they were just having a snack), they curl in closer to me, and rest their heads on my chest/armpit corner. When they fall asleep, I just unlatch them and they roll off and assume whatever position they want to sleep in.

I hope this helps!

Happy Nursing! (And SLEEPING!)

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Thanks ladies for the suggestions, questions, and photos!

I have tried the nursing lying down and have determined that it won't work, alas! My almost-40-year-old breast tissue is so soft that it just sinks into my chest wall and slides down the sides when I lie down, and there's nothing there for the girls to get a mouthful of (not for their lack of very enthusiastic trying I have to say!).

So far the EZ2 is still working but once it stops officially being possible we're going to try having me nurse them to sleep one at a time while DH rocks the other and see how that works.

So the jury is still out on the nursing to sleep issue, but I'm over my tears that the way we've always done it is ending at least. Sob well mostly over...
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my twins are 15 mos. old now
when i ditched the pillow i first usually nursed by laying on my side for one and draping the other one over my body
when they got a little older i would sit them on either side of me, but FACING me, andthey would just lean over me and nurse w/ their heads together on my chest
when they were finished/asleep they would let go and fall backwards to wind up sleeping next to me but w/ their heads away from me or w/ their heads on my belly

i have large breasts that slide into my armpit when i lay on my back (is that what you were trying to describe?) and it works very well for me, at the size they are now, to have them lie on either side of me w/ their head on my shoulder
my breasts sag far enough over and down that they just turn their heads toward me to latch on and then turn away and let go when they are done
then i can slide my arms out from under their heads if i need to get up or move

i am at the stage where i'm really looking forward to weaning them at night
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Unfortunately my breasts don't so much slide over as slide into, my armpits if you can picture it. This leaves the girls with very little to grab onto and getting into position to grab the little tissue that's available is an episode of world championship wrestling in and of itself. Drat!

Anyhoo, the latest is that I am still using the EZ2, but sitting forward on the love seat until they go to sleep then backing up and arranging their legs (I can't arrange their legs for them while they're awake because they'll just move them and Alicia will thrash and turn and try to throw herself off the pillow - can't WAIT until she's walking! Ha!).

And at night they seem to understand that one has to eat at a time, so I haven't had to get up in the middle of the night to feed both together for a long time, although they both woke to be fed at 5:00 a.m. this a.m. which is why I'm on here posting instead of in bed sleeping!

I'm sure something will evolve and all your ideas are going into my ideas "file" for future as they get bigger and so forth. I know things change a lot as they get more and more sturdy.

On a related issue, I can now sit on the mattress on the floor and hold my breasts up and the girls can stand and each one lean on one of my legs for support and nurse. Too cute!
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