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Get-to-know-you thread!

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Hi April mamas! I thought that I'd start a get-to-know-you thread so we can learn aobut each other. Feel free to free-form and tell anything you'd like to share...
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Hi all,

My hame is Stacy, and I am pregnant with baby #2. I live in Wisconsin, am a SAHM to my wonderful daughter Nora, have two hairless dogs (yes, they are cold in the witner in Wisconsin), and am a wife to a fabulous guy. My personal interests include: exercising (lifting light weights and running), reading, going out to eat with my DH (that hasn't happened much since becoming a SAHM for multiple reasons...) trying to keep up with my long-distance family and friends, and playing with my daughter. I dislike cleaning, but do it when necessary.

I am really hoping this little one sticks around; we had an early m/c in January. I am actually not too worried about it this time around, I have chosen to believe that the "right" thing for all involved did and will happen.

I look forward to getting to know all of you as our journeys merge and unold together!
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thanks for getting this started sleet76.

we're expecting #2 first week of april (2nd or 4th or something -- different due date calcs give me different dates). married (7 years) have a 2 yr old dd and a cat.

let's see, i like to surf the web, read, play with dd, i do a lot of volunteer work for my church, and i took up running as exercise a few months ago. we'll see how the running thing pans out as the pregnancy continues.
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Hi, I'm Gina. I'm a 26yo WAHM (selling cloth diapers and doing hair) to Grace (8/1/03). I'm expecting #2 April 6.

Gina, mama to nursing toddler angel Grace :
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I just got my today! I am so excited!

I am Jess, mama to Grace (2/21/03). I'm a SAHM and some of my hobbies are knitting, sewing, and surfing the web (big shocker there).

We weren't TTC, and weren't planning to start until September, but I think I ovulated twice this month. Once around the 10th, and I figured we were safe to ditch the condoms. Well, the morning after we did that, I found more EWCM (5-6 days after the first EWCM). Whoops! But a baby is welcome whenever it comes, here.

According to my LMP, my EDD is 4/1/05, but I'll just be giving April as my due time. No need to get anyone's expectations up or put unneeded stress on myself. Grace was only a few days past her EDD, but every baby is different!

We're planning a homebirth this time around. Grace was born in the hospital and there were several things that went differently than I'd wanted. This time will be much different. DH is excited for the homebirth, too, because he has his homebrew here.

Grace is still mostly breastfed, and I fully expect that I'll be tandem nursing when the new little one comes along. I need to research some galactogogues that are safe for pregnancy since I am already seeming to have a bit of a supply dip.

That's all for now... I need to get started on dinner prep. We're having a little celebratory party for ourselves when DH gets home from work.
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Deep breath.... (I'm scared if I admit it I'll jinx myself... I know, silly )

Hi! I'm Amy, WAHM of Angel Wraps, Mama to my 2 year old, still nursing sweetie Olivia. I found out on Sunday that we're expecting #2 on April 6. This is a VERY wanted & worked for baby (2 rounds of clomid which were unsucessful in making me O, probably due to the fact that I'm still breastfeeding, and 1 round of Follistim & IUIs which worked). I have PCOS so I don't ovulate more than 1-3 times a YEAR, making it hard to get preg... thus the help is needed (this is only the 3rd time I've O'd since conceiving dd nearly 3 years ago). I got a faint on Sunday (only 11 DPO), another faint on Monday, and another darker one on Wendesday (can you tell I bought the 3 pack, LOL). It was confirmed with a blood test (HCG level was 103 on 14DPO which is great). They're repeating the HCG level on Sat to make sure things are going up as they should. I'll have an U/S at 7 weeks to confirm everything looks healthy & then I'll be turned over to my regular midwife (as opposed to seeing the Reproductive Endocrinologist/Infertility Specialist).

So, that's the scoop on me right now. Other than being a WAHM and a mommy, I also teach childbirth & breastfeeding classes at a local hospital.

Lets all hope we all have a very happy & healthy 9 months!!
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Hi ladies! I found out a week ago. We are lucky in that we seem to get pregnant pretty fast - 1st month trying last time, 2nd month this time. However, it remains to be seen if we can keep one since I m/c'ed in April. Needless to say I'm a quite tentative this time around. DH is 31 and a pastoral intern at our church, I am 29 and a legal secretary for a luxury hotel management company.

My first doctor's appointment is today with a brand new doctor - she lists natural birth as one of her specialities and she serves as a doctor on call for a birthing center, so I'm hopeful she'll be good. I am a little nervous that they mentioned that I'll meet her but see the PA today since with the m/c last time I just want to be monitored fairly closely for the first few months, so we'll see. I'll report back after I go!
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Howdy, all!

I am pregnant with #2 as well and due 4/11/05. We're very excited-- put off having this baby longer than we might have otherwise because of a benefit situation at work, but we were very lucky to get pg the first month we were "allowed" to. My daughter is very excited too-- she just can't wait to have a sibling. She insists she'll have a "brudder," but I suspect that's partly because her best friend just got one. If I do have a boy, it'll be a first in our family-- my grandmother has 7 great-granddaughters and no great-grandsons.

We live in Austin, TX and are planning a homebirth. Our last birth was at a free-standing birthing center.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!
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Hi, everyone. I just took a second pregnancy test and got a definte . I took the first one on Friday (I waited a whole day after the test said I could take it) and we had a very faint , but we wanted to make sure. We're going away for two weeks, but when we return I'll go to the midwives for the official one. According to one preg calculator my due date is April 9. The timing is definitely planned -- my husband teaches and we wanted to have time to take two weeks leave (he couldn't do that with a June date), plus he wanted to have it near summertime so he could enjoy.

I have a son who was born in May 2002. Originally I wanted to have children 2 years apart, but my son just stopped waking 10 times a night in March when we nightweaned, and we couldn't even think of another with how tired we were after almost 2 years without sleeping more than 2 hours in a row.

I'm a bit nervous, because of cramping and bleeding at 6 weeks last time (still had a baby). We will not tell anyone until for a while. I doubt I'll make it until Thanksgiving without showing too much, but we'll try.

It's good to see people here!
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stream -- i'm in austin, too. i'm sending you a pm about your homebirth plans.
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Hey Mama's!!!

I just tested positive this morning and am totally excited ...keep staring at the test to make sure the second line wasn't imagined LOL. I expect that this little one will probably choose to come into the world in early May (I'm a 10 month mama from a long line of 10 month mamas) ...but according to all the EDD calculators 40 weeks will hit around the 20th of April. As you can see and guess from my sig this will be baby #2 ... planning for another homebirth (maybe UC ... we'll see how DH feels when the time gets closer).

I'm experiencing a few symptoms and have been for a few weeks (probably from implantation on) ...for starters I woke up one morning and seemed to have misplaced my brain ... and I thought to myself "when was the last time I felt this way?" and I realized that that was in my last semester of school when pg with dd. I also had a REALLY nasty flu last weekend (so did Sahara so it really was a flu) but for some reason I just havn't been recovering from it very well ....LOL nauseous periodically throughout the day ...now I know why!!! ... and thirdly a couple of weeks ago I noticed my cervix had changed (sucked itself up all tight and hard ... sealing itself off is my guess)... anyone else check their own cervix at this point? I tested last week (too soon!) and got a negative ...but this morning (day 29 of my normally 28 day cycle) THERE WERE TWO LINES!!!!!

Looking forward to getting to know you all over the next while!
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Hi ladies!
My name is Mary, I am a SAHM to my dd Sabina who is 6 months now. I am married to my loving husband Andy. We have a dog, cat, hamster and a few fish tanks. I love gardening and crocheting and buying cloth diapers!
I am so happy about this pregnancy. It wasn't really planned, although the pregnancies I have planned didn't end well, so I'm taking the unplanning aproach. I just tested today, I was in denial for the last few weeks, hey I'm doing better this time, last time I was in denial til week 11! I was planning on waiting to tell, but I can't keep it in. It took us three years to get pregnant with dd, so this is a huge surprise. My dh had low count problems, so it looks like that has been fixed : . I am so glad to be here with you ladies!
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Hi there...

Just wanted to pop in to say hello. I found out that I was pregnant last Tuesday. It took me a few days for it to sink in, but now I am really excited!

I had a miscarriage last April and have been getting help from my ND and my acupuncturist. I am so happy to be pregnant and am trying not to be scared of anything happening this time.

My due date is about April 11th. It is good to be here with all of you. Has anyone thought about starting a rollcall thread?

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Hi everyone

Good to be here!!

We have TTC 1 for almost a year, and have had two m/c in the process, so we are still very nervous and uncertain... but also happy & hopeful!!
My name is Jesse and I work for the Cdn. government on International Development issues. My partner/wife is Beth who is starting Teacher's College in Sept, after having worked for a while as the coordinator of a housing co-operative. My due date according to Fertility Friend & other on-line sources is April 12th, which is close to lots of other significant birthdays in our family.

Symptoms have definitely set in now, which is mostly just very encouraging & reassuring to me as it's a sign that everything is going well. So far: nausea, tiredness, pregnancy brain!, dizziness & a drippy nose

As lesbian wannabemamas we had a very managed conception also with IUI and I am taking progesterone supplements now to try and avoid another m/c. I am so grateful that so far my HCG & progesterone levels have been right in the normal range & all seems to be going well.

As for birth, we have a wonderful midwife who is also a good friend of ours who will be looking after us once I leave the fertility docs' care at 8 weeks. We are very much hoping to have a homebirth, for this our first baby!

I am 30, and my partner is 29, soon to be 30. We just bought our first house last December and are ready for a baby!!!

Great to meet everyone here & looking forward to sharing a happy, healthy & supportive 9 months with you! (a special hi to Stream & ScooterMama1 from the TTC board!)

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Hello Everyone,
Nice to "meet" cha. My name is Justine. I am a WAHM + Writing and Lit student. My wonderful! daughter who will be a year and 8 months at the end of August.

This is a baby number #2 for my husband and I. We are very excited, but unlike when my daughter was first conceived we are keeping this one "on the down low" for a little while. For whatever reasons I am feeling a little nervous and apprehensive. Could be reading all the posts on the pregnancy and loss board . Could just be the natural - I am a mother! I am supposed to worry instincts!

Our baby is due around April 11th. Which hilariously is 4 days before taxes are due (the field I work in). My daughter was two weeks late, but I surely don't hope that happens again.

I am seeing a mid-wife this time vs. my prior ob/gyn. I really trying for an all natural medication free birth at our birthing center. God willing it will work. I am still feeling a bit unresolved and sad about my daughter's birth which may be causing some of the anxiety of feeling nervous and aprehensive that I mentioned above.

I look forward to chatting with you all and getting to know you over the next 9 months!

Happy Prenancy Vibes,
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Hello everyone! We have a 15mo ds who was born naturally in a hospital 10 days before his due date. I had 2 ppaf and then became pg with our much loved new little bean who is expected to arrive early in April (maybe March?!)

My dh is a firefighter and I work full time for the local county government. Between my telecommuting a couple days a week and dh's schedule, we take care of our ds on our own, but have frequent visits from Grandma!

I'm much more at peace and not as worried as I was with my first pg when I had low progesterone. I was told by a nurse that, with my prog level numbers, infertility drugs likely wouldn't work and that it would be a long time before I became pg. Well, whadddaya know...I was PG when she told me this!!! And along came ds#1!!

Pg #2 was not exactly planned, nor was it a surprise. DS has been an absolute joy and we are a little scared to have dc2 arrive when things are going so well with ds...but we really want them to be closer in age so they can be great buds. We're looking forward to the challenge and the joy of having another babe in the family. I would like to do a water birth, but they are not allowed in the hospital I gave birth in last time, so I might be looking into the birthing center that is about an hour's drive from here.

It's nice to meet you all and I look forward to getting to know you all too!
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Hey! I have a 19mo DS and this is #2 for us. I am a graduate student (planning to finish my Ph.D this year...will defend my dissertation, give birth, then graduate, in that order, hopefully) and teacher, and just started a WAHM biz. Um, do I have too much going on?? I don't teach right now but I have done some consulting at home in the last year. My DS was born with a severe heart defect and we had a pretty tough first year. He's super high needs/spirited as well and I'm *hoping* that this one is not only healthy, but a little calmer, please please??? I need to hang out with some easygoing babies so they can send their mellow vibes into my tummy.

My Dh works in the IT industry and we live in inland southern california, almost in the desert. I am thinking that getting PG in the hottest part of the summer was not such a good idea! I thought it might take longer, but we have conceived on the first try both times

My DS still nurses although I haven't had milk for a long time (supply issues from his medical condition, never EBFed) and I am part hoping he'll wean and part hoping he'll finally be able to have some milk when the baby is born.
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Hi Mamas

I got another faint line this morning, so unless proven otherwise I am declaring myself pregnant! :LOL

I am Laurie, SAHM to 2 boys (aged 3 and 11 months). I had an Unassisted Pregnancy and Birth with ds2 and am planning the same this time. I am due either April 12 or 23, I am somewhat unsure about my O date. I would prefer the latter as my ds1 was born April 7 and I want some space between their birthdays. I always go late, so I am sure it won't be a concern either way.

I am still nursing both my 3 yo and my 11 mo old, so in all likelyhood I will be TRIandem nursing come spring! This should be an adventure.

I really hope this baby sticks, I am so excited already! I think I am going to test again on Monday just to be sure the line is getting darker!
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Hello all!

I am so happy to be here! Dh and I were planning on waiting until September to TTC #1 (since I'm a teacher, I'd be due in June). But we got a little careless since I hadn't ovulated in the past 8 months off the pill and BOOM here we are! I was also diagnosed with PCOS at 19 so I figured I would be on the TTC boards for a while so I am thrilled that I'm here, even if I will have to leave work a little earlier than I expected. I guess this baby really wanted to be here!

I'm figuring my due date is around mid-April. It's kind of hard without at last menstural period to go by but I've been charting and I'm pretty sure we conceived on July 19 or very soon thereafter. So according to TCOYF, I'd be due April 12, I think. I'm just going to stick with mid-April.

It seems like most of the mamas who posted here are on their 2nd or 3rd so I look forward to learning from your experiences! Hopefully there will be some other 1st time mamas in here soon too.

Good luck to everyone!

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Hey, mamas!
I just tested this morning---faint lines on both I used, but definately there! My EDD is 4/24, though I went three weeks over with my ds so I'll probably be here longer than any of you, lol.
I have a wonderfully spirited EBF toddler who I think will make a fantastic big brother. I'm a SAHM/full-time student, taking classes at times when my dh is available to watch ds. This fall will be my last semester and I'm scheduled to graduate with my BLA in December. I just home my m/s this time around isn't too bad!
Looking forward to getting to know you all better in the coming months
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