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Hello Everyone! My name is Jessi and I just turned 23 and found out we're expecting our 3rd and 4th on April 10th. My husband and I have been married for 4 1/2 years. We have two sons, one who just turned 3 and one who is almost 22 months. We had tried for 15 months to get pregnant and I had gained 20 pounds being depressed about it...but it has all worked out perfectly and in our best interests. We're very excited!

More info...both of our sons were born at home in water with my husband receiving. We have a pair of fabulous MWs we adore who have agreed to do a homebirth with us this time also. I am a Prenatal Massage Therapist and HypnoBirthing instructor and plan on getting my Massage Doula certificate next year. We cloth diaper, don't vaccinate, don't circumcise, extended breastfeed, and will be homeschooling.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here! Congrats to everyone else expecting!

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Wow, that's great that your MWs agreed to attend for twins! Twin homebirth stories are some of the most beautiful, I think. Congrats and welcome!
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Just realize I have not done a "real" introduction yet! My name is Susan and I'm an old fart too, turning 41 in November. I'm due on 4/22 as best I can calculate! Married for 4.5 years to my wonderful husband, we got married on New Year's Day 2000 - what a great way to start the next 100 years!!!

We decided to start trying this year, so I went off the pill last November and we were going to try to wait until about now, but got pregnant quicker than we thought! But in April I had a m/c at about 8 weeks, so I am anxious to get beyond that point this time ...just one more week to go!

esqueue, just read your post, we have two mastiffs also! Our girls are 7 1/2 and 6 years old and are just wonderful. Their names are Zonker and Tuna and we adore them. I know they are going to be wonderful with the kiddo...I wish you the best with your mastiffs, it can be challenging taking care of a doggie that weighs more than a lot of people do!
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Congrats on the twins!
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Originally Posted by Stream
Wow, that's great that your MWs agreed to attend for twins! Twin homebirth stories are some of the most beautiful, I think. Congrats and welcome!
Originally Posted by seren
Congrats on the twins!
Thanks! Yes, we will be their first true twin homebirth. They had a twin birth where one was born at home and the other at the hospital. They refuse all other twin pregnancies so I am feeling very special. They know how easily I birth and have attended two of our homebirths already. That's the only reason they are taking us on. I am so excited to birth these two at home. It will be my biggest accomplishment I think.
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hi! new to this board but not to mdc..i wanted to wait and post after i had an ok u/s ( i had a m/c in june)! i am due with my second april 26. my dd is 14 mo old and will be 22 mo if this babe is full term (she wasn't- she was born at 32 wks- water broke early). i am 36.. let's see... oh i had a m/c in 2001, then 2 yrs of infertility and treatments and 2 rounds of ivf when i finally conceived my dd.. now i have gotten pg on my own twice in the last 5 months! weird! we moved to charleston when i was pg with abby so maybe something in the salt air?? who cares- i am thrilled not to have to do ivf again.
as i get further along i am going to decide whether to vbac or not will prob post a separate thread about it... abby was breech and i had a low vertical uterine incision... so i don't know. also whether this is our last or not... i don't know that either. so many things to think about!
not to mention how i am going to handle a 22 mo old and newborn? i know it can be done
nice to meet y'all!
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Hi Angela! As I read your post I realised I never posted an update. I am pregnant! We're due just a week apart!
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hi serenity! i saw that! in fact i thought i sent you a pm so you might want to check your inbox! i am so thrilled for you! how is everything going so far? when did you get a positive test? congratulations!!
btw i had a normal u/s and heartrate last week so apparently rate of m/c after that is about 3.2% so i felt i could finally join this board!
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Hi Angela, nope no pm, but maybe I read it awhile ago and forgot. Wouldn't surprise me. That's great about the heartbeat! I still haven't gone to the midwife, waiting for some medical coverage, but I have talked to her a few times and she said there was little risk of a repeat, even being so close. So, we're praying really hard!
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I'm 32, due with #4. I have DS 7, DD 5, and DS 2. I am planning my third homebirth.
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about me

i'm jenny and im 22, from columbus, ohio and i'm pregnant with my first baby. My husband and i have been married for two 1/2 years and we're excited to be parents. i'm also a christian and plan on using cloth diapers
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