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I am soooooo.........

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and are done..I have cleaned all I can clean in this house, baby's things are ready...I do not need to go shopping at all

Ds and I have been playing since 7am this morning..I am getting burnt out on barns, trains, tractors, and trucks...the weather cannot make up it's mind : sun for 5 minutes rain for the next few....

yes, yes, I play my little boo-hoo, boring, poor me, party

I have 6 days left....of nothing to do.....remind me of this post when my baby comes and I am really sleep deprived wishing for days like this...:LOL....
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Now you are making me feel REALLY behind. I still have a month to go, but this laziness streak of mine just won't let up. I want to nest and then be bored! Atleast then, things will be done around the house...
Ahh well, back to surfing around I go.

Peace and love,
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I've been right there with you on the boredom the last couple of days. But I have shopping to do still, just no money. Today we went to the beach and then some neighbors showed up a bit after we returned. Much better than sitting in the house.
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Yeah I know what you mean. I have 3 weeks left, and in between laundry and trying to get my house together the way I want it, I am sometimes so tired I just sit around doing nothing. And then I feel so bored. My old standby is to head to the library and check out a few books!! Ah well, all my friends with kiddoes are telling me to enjoy the boredom cuz soon I won't have time to be bored!
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Hey if you are really bored you can come over and do my : I have 9 people showing up at my house on Tuesday (staying for a week but at a campsite, thank goodness), a family reunion on the weekend and I am still working my regular hours at work (until next week)! Unfortunately I don't think I will have much time to be bored for awhile.

But don't feel sorry for me...tomorrow I have someone coming in to clean my house!! This will be a first for me and I am soooo excited.

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Hey I will be right over..and you know I used to have my own house cleaning business-so I can do that too:LOL ..j/k......good for you Cheryl...If I had the full plate you do I would do the same!!! I wish : I had some things going on...:LOL
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I think I am bored because I don't want to do anything. Yet I have plenty to do. Tomorrow I am going to SCRUB the kitchen floor (PITA hardwood with icky grooves that are all gunky) and see if I can swing buying the new car seats. That is all I have left really, the car seats. I need Ds3s for the baby, DS2 needs a new seat for size and his won't work for the baby so 2 seats for one new baby it is.

The big kids want to get all the back to school stuff, and I may do that. If I put off the car payment... DH would have a cow, but I can mail the payment 10 days late and it will still get there 'in time' but I can't really go back to school shopping in labor or with a newborn and we definately don't want DH to take DD BTS shopping. 2 weeks and I will have a HS freshman and maybe a newborn. Eiyiyi.
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