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is this the return of PPAF???

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Okay, I've so forgotten what menstrual-like feelings are it took me all evening one night to realize I'm having cramps. I've had them every evening for about a week but no bleeding or other signs. did this happen to any of you before you got your PPAF?? i don't ereally get why the same time every day either. mhhh.
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I had a lot of weird cramps before AF returned. So it probably is your body trying to get going again. Personally I had cramps a couple of months (not constantly just at times) before AF returned.
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I have been having warm, generalized cramps for about a week and didn't know what they were either! Yesterday I had some pinkish-red mucus and today some red-brown spots. So maybe you will get some af soon!
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great, can't wait
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I don't remember getting them before AF, but I did have increasing CM in the weeks prior to bleeding. Before that I really didn't have any CM to speak of.
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Yeah, I had lots of CM last week and today it is almost a real af. Here's to ya-
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For several months on a monthly basis I would have pms type stymptoms, mostly crampiness and moodiness. Then the more recent months I noticed CM which I hadn't had forever. I just got my first ppaf today. My ds will be 18 months tomorrow and even before he turned a year I noticed hormonal things. I noticed cramps almost every month for the past 5-6 months and finally af today.
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hhhm, i haven't really thought about cm stuff
i still get the cramps, they suck. it's been about a month now and i've been cranky! sometimes must be brewing down there!
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I was a lot like April... started noticing occasional cramping and increased CM off and on starting at six months pp. AF finally showed on ds' 13mo birthday and I just finished my third cycle. They are still longer than my normal cycles, but gradually getting back to my normal short cycle length.

have fun!

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