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Originally Posted by Knittin' in the Shade
Well, I guess my question would be if the WAHM in question also posts at the forum all the new posters came from, yk? I mean, doesn't MDC have a pretty strong anti-spam policy? I know that some other WAHMs have gotten into hot water here because they sent friends in to answer/deflect questions for them. I know I always feel like I have to disclose whether or not I know a WAHM at all when I post about their product, LOL!
That said, I don't AIOs, or I'd surely try one of these cause I think the coordinating print idea is cute and my older guys would love them on greg, LOL.
this is just from what i can tell, but i'm the only new one from that other forum that the WAHM (Mere) posts at. And Jacquie is from there but she's been here a while. The dr. isn't someone from our board and I didn't notice any other posters, so this might clear things up a little =)

Also, even if I know the person who makes the diapers, I'm not going to embellish things or make things up just to make the WAHM look better. I will only post what I have come across as that is what I would want others to do if I were asking the questions.
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never mind

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ut oh, whats an ellipse???
I only mentioned that there was a thread here,I didnt link to it. AND I HAVE mentioned to Mere in the past when I have mentioned her dipes here, which I have only done during appropriate posts. Its a pretty HOMEY PG they (we) dont venture out much.

I put a title in one of these post so people who KNOW that I own and use REDIS, other than that I dont think I have, but as a newbie I did that in all of the first posts I posted to until I realized...nobody else did it. I think its probably something all or most newbies go through.
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OK! Well, I think this whole discussion has gotten a little out of hand. After reading all of these posts I feel like I need to defend myself. I am a member of a yahoo group where some of us cloth diaper (it is not a natural parenting group) and I heard about this discussion. I thought I would just check it out and see what everyone was posting about REDI diapers.
No, I have never posted here before because I am just too busy to be on more than one board. But I thought that I was doing everyone who was curious about REDI diapers a favor by sharing my experience with them. I know how hard it can be to find the perfect cloth diaper. Also, I am a firm believer that when you get great service or find an exceptional product you should pass it on to others.....it's a karma thing.
I did not know the owner of REDI until I started buying her diapers and she is not a personal friend of mine. I do not know teribeary or piratemamma but they sound really nice! I'm sorry I put in a title and used ellipses (???)....I wasen't looking to be part of a "club," I just wanted to give some feedback. I hope my post did not upset anyone or get the owner of REDI in trouble. I was just expressing MY opinion.
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I'm still trying to figure out what T&T is and what are elipses?
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t&t is turned and topstitched...not sure bout elipses either?
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An ellipsis is the omission of a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction but not necessary for understanding.
In other words.... these things.... (....)
and I found it fishy that all 3 of them the Dr., Teribeari and Piratemomma were using them
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Wow- this whole thing has gotten ugly. : So sorry to any mama who might feel outted- we really are a nice group! As for the ellipses... The dot,dot, dot like I just did! I use them alot, hope it's not annoying! It's not, is it?!
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Geez ladies -- this thread has gotten out of control! Is it neccessary to tear people down so much?! Do we have to be SO suspicious of anyone new? I feel horrible that this is the impression the new members have gotten here and that they feel they have to explain their relationships (or lack thereof) to eachother.

Why cant we just say -- new WAHM, makes X, Y, Z some people like them, some dont and leave it at that!?

They look nothing like El Bees, she probably has no idea some other wahm has rainbow in her bus name and she is just trying to run a business! Geez louise!

And why is it that people continue to bump this thread up without saying anything one way or the other -- seems like just trying to fuel the fire and keep the controversy going.
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Originally Posted by Izzybee
An ellipsis is the omission of a word or phrase necessary for a complete syntactical construction but not necessary for understanding.
In other words.... these things.... (....)
and I found it fishy that all 3 of them the Dr., Teribeari and Piratemomma were using them
Wow- do you do handwriting analysis? I would never have noticed that! So observant...I did notice, however, that they weren't all logged in at the same time....
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Originally Posted by penny31
Jeez, you guys!!! This always happens when any new (to us) WAHM is discussed. Why can't we just have faith that someone notified some non-MDC fans of these dipes and they decided to come on here and tell us all about why they loved them? What in the world is wrong with that? :

Sometimes it just seems like we are out for blood here, why is that? Be gentle with each other, mamas!


I know if I was torn apart like this, I would be VERY upset! Just because I'm a MDC mama I probably won't be, get my drift?
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OK I bought one. I got the Christmas border print in size medium. For a baby born in late October, will a medium (14-20 pounds) be the right size at Christmas? Oh sheesh, maybe I should have got a small?
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Moderator's note: Please redirect the focus of this thread back to a discussion of the diapers or it will be closed. From the Forum Guidelines:

With the opening of our Diaper Review Forum, we no longer host reviews of a WAHM's person, character or business practices in the Discussion Forum.

If any member has issues with any posts made to the thread please feel free to address them to a moderator either through private messaging or the report post button.
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gotta knit, Im in the same predicament as you. I have an october baby Ive been buying for and Im really anxious as to when they are going to fit into what. Ive had to quit buying diapers, for now, because it nearly gives me a panic attack...LOL!!!
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