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The Bible Unearthed ~ anyone read this?

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Wondering if anyone has read "The Bible Unearthed" ??


there is the amazon link to the book and reviews. If anyones read it yet I'd love to hear reviews.

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I may check it out at the liberary but I don't think I would buy it. I don't think I would really agree with their findings.

May I suggest another book that is written by an archeologist who happens to disagree with them

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This is just the same old argument stated a different way. The point is faith is just that.
The sin of Adam and Eve was that they wanted to be like God, to have God's knowledge. The same is still true for us today -- we have to "prove" everything. Trouble is -- we can't. We can't explain many things and in modern times we have been dupped into beleiving that science can solve all our problems and answer all our question. But it just aint so.

I read some of this book -- but like I said, it's just more of the same. Not worth the money and IMHO not worth the time spent to read it.
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I don't understand why the lack of archeological evidence of the existence of one specific man and his great-grandchildren disturbs/exhilirates scientists so, to the point that they assume he must not have existed.

And I only read the front flap, but why is it that if, at most, a few hundred people over several centuries were monotheists, that the "lack of evidence" for the existence of monotheism means it didn't exist? Give me a break.

It's in a very thorough book that is more than a book. And no other book written at the same time refutes it. That's what the rationalist in me says.

The person of faith in me, though, knows that once you believe in G-d/a Supreme Force, then anything is possible.

- Amy
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I haven't read the book, so I can't comment on anything you guys posted about it.

Thanks for your comments though.
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The thing is there is not a lack of evidence. I would like to mention again David M Rohl and his work as an egyptologist. He has been working in the tomb of Joseph (Biblical Joseph) and has done a lot of work on proving how the timeline used by archeologists to line up the Bible and History.

He states in his work how the current thought that it was Rameses who set Isreal free is incorrect and he unearths a lot of information on the life of Joseph as well as the dig at ancient Jericho
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