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Unsure where to post this... Because of a medicaiton I almost weaned dd last week, we didn't have to completely wean, but she is now down to nursing 1-2x/day instead of the prior 6-9. She's 2 and this is fine. The problem is I am now having another period after only 2 weeks since the last one. I have other issues going on, so I wondered if anyone else has experienced somthing like this related to weaning? I plan to call my MD later, but they are clueless about nursing.
I have had a bad vaginal infection that I've taken a couple of differnt meds for and I'm still on the latest one. I'm feeling scared about what is going on with me. I really want to get healthy so we can TTC!!
If you have any experience with something like this please share. I know this can be TMI so feel free to PM me.