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Working after maternity leave

Poll Results: After materity leave, I plan to:

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 32% (8)
    Return to workplace full-time
  • 4% (1)
    Return to workplace part-time
  • 0% (0)
    Work at home part-time for previous employer
  • 12% (3)
    Start/continue WAHM business
  • 8% (2)
    Become a SAHM
  • 44% (11)
    I'm already a SAHM
25 Total Votes  
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I'm curious to see what everyone else has planned for after the baby gets here. I was considering working part-time after maternity leave, but yesterday my boss really pissed me off and now I'm feeling no incentive to ever come back!

So, what about you?
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I plan on going back to work full-time as a public elementary school teacher, which means lots of time off for summers, holidays, etc. Plus, pretty short days if I'm well-organized, well-planned, and well-rehearsed in saying "no" to people! My mind could change as motherhood becomes a reality, but I'm pretty passionate about my public Montessori teacher career (I'm 9 years in, teaching 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders) so it would be a heart-wrenching decision to give it up.
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I didn't vote b/c I'm not sure what to put...I am planning on taking 1 year off for this baby. I do plan to return to work again, but not sure whether it will be FT, or PT. Alot depends on DH's job (which he's actively searching for right now!), and whether he will be able to be SAHD if I go back.

I went back to work after DD was about 15 months.

But my situation is different. I've been doing a serious of fellowships with limited timeframes, so when I'm done, I'm "done". I leave and go elsewhere...very flexible.
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i do plan to return to work full time. dh will be a sahd with the baby (he already works from home).

i'm not exactly sure how i'm going to do my maternity leave though... i think i'd like to take off roughly october until the end of the year, then come back part time for a few months and maybe return to full time around april.

i actually feel a little bit of stress about planning this, but i really think once it's in the works it will be just fine. i work pretty close to home (< 20 minutes) so dh will bring the baby to work every day for lunch and visiting. i think that will greatly ease the separation for all of us.
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I'm currently a SAHM, have been since my DS was born.

I have the framework for a very small WAHM biz in the works, but am trying to work out all the kinks to decide exactly how I want to proceed with the new baby (made the decision to do this before I learned about this new pregnancy). The business would be more of a creative outlet for me than an income booster for our family, so that helps alleviate some of the stress surrounding the decision.
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I was a SAHM when I had Ember until she was about 2 and then I worked p/t for about a year b/c I had too...now I have been a SAHM again since Dec. and I have no plans to go back to work. I do have a program that I run (a Parent-Child Mother Goose) two days a week so it is nice that I can make a little bit of spending money but it's not really working (and I can bring the kids with me).
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Thanks to my home daycare, I already work from home. I'll take a couple of weeks off, then jump back into it headfirst...caring for my newborn as well as 4 other kids, going through the whole post-partum things, working 50+ hours a week...the idea of which scares the hell out of me, but oh well. At least I'm HOME and don't have to leave the baby during the day...
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I became a SAHM when Alias was born and will be one for another two years at least. When our youngest is, in our opinion, old enough to be in some kind of child care full time (we are guesing about 2 years old) then I will go back to work full time. Until then I'll be solely focused on the 24/7 career of motherhood.
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I became a SAHM a month before the birth of our oldest. I will remain so until all children have been raised.
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I will be returning to work probably after about 12 months. My husband is currently a SAHD and is currently looking for work for the inbetween time.
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