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CD Mamas - Introduce yourself!!!

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I am Regina.
We live in Sacramento CA. I am 26 years old, married to Todd (35y/o). Today is our 3 year anniversary. Zoe is 15 mo old. We have CDd since birth (partially at first while I found a system).

We're a pretty crunchy family and I love learning about more crunchy ways from MDC mamas

I CD for health, environmental, ethical, spiritual (??) reasons. Oh! I'm also a Hyena

Here is my stash:
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My name is Angelica, I'm 24, and I CD DS for all the many benefits, and I'm pretty crunchy.
I love MDC, it has influenced me in so many great ways.
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Hi Regina!

Nice to meet you! Gorgeous stash And Happy Anniversary!

I'm Lindasy 27 married to Ian also 27. We are both college students at Oregon State University. We have two kids Jackson and Kylie (see siggy). Ian is majoring in Radiation Health Physics, and I am going to be a Lactation Consultant and hope to one day sit for the IBCLC exam.

We have CD'd Kylie since she was about 6 weeks. We do it for enviornment and health reasons. Economically its nice not to throw money in the trash of course.

When all my new dipes arrive I will take a stash picture to share!
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I am Alison. We live in madison wisconsin and I have a dh and 2 kids - 2yo Brian and 2month old Ruby. I didn't start cd'ing Brian until I quit my job when he was 9 months old and haven't looked back. I think I'm more crunchy than I ever realized, and am migrating in that direction more and more. I love to cloth diaper and love to sew. Have been making clothes and diapers for my 2 children which is very rewarding.

btw I'm in my last year of my twenties wah
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Im Lisa and I live in Ca with my dh Ryan and our three daughters Kendall, Taryn and Irelynn. I love it here and find it very informative. I have been dc'ing Irelynn since she was 4 mos old.
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Ooh, this will be a fun thread.

I'm Juliet, 32 and married to DH for almost 4 years. I grew up in Seatle area, went to UW and then moved to D.C after graduation where I met DH. I am currently in grad school in Sta. Barbara, CA. My dissertation is on the topic of American children and environmental knowledge.

DS is 9 months old and a monkey! We've CD'd since DS was about 3 weeks but do use sposie's along the way. We CD for the environmental reasons, health reasons, and also for the pure fun of it

I'm hoping to know some of you better too.
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I'm Shannon (30 yo..ack!), SAHM to L (14 yo) and R (13 mo). My dh C (also 30...but 1 month older than me!) is a reactor operator at a nuclear power plant. We cd for health, environmental, and financial reasons. I can't wait to meet everyone!
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I'm Meri. I'm 26, married for 2 years to my computer geeky hubby. We have one child (probably our only). I'm college educated, and choose to be a stay at home mom to help/watch my child grow into a good person. Our daughter is 10 months old and moving all over the place.

I'm not crunchy at all. I breastfeed because that's what feels natural to me. I cloth diapers because it's really freaking cute. If a diaper service could bring me such a pretty assortment of fitteds and covers--I would not be doing my own diaper laundry. I only buy new. I don't sun my diapers.. and sometimes (gasp) I use bleach. If my diapers go to hell for being treated so 'roughly with chemicals' I'll just buy some more.

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I'm Kati, 27. I've been married for 6 1/2 years and we live in Florida.

I have 2 girls who were both cd'd and we're looking forward to the birth of our son to cloth diaper again!

I'm very crunchy LOL and I really enjoy coming to MDC.

I'm new to the diapering forum, but hope to hang out more.
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Hi! I'm Pam, 27. I'm married to James, and we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary. I'm a WAHM doing medical transciption FT. I also do PT retail work and teach Bradley childbirth classes. Dh is a a law student at UNC, getting ready to start his LAST year! Yippee!

I guess I'm not an official CD-er yet since our newest addition isn't here yet. I'm 32+ weeks pregnant with our second ds, due in September. I've been having too much fun though trying to build a newborn stash and learning all I can from these ladies!

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Oh, may goodness...Regina...those are all dipes in you rotation right now? AMazing!!

Hi everyone, I am Debi(26) sahm(aspiring wahm) to 3 kids all cloth diapered(my first two were on and off, cloth service, and gerber pfs and plastic pants with pins), married to Travis(26)who is a heating and air conditioning tech(just out of school)I am due in Dec with our 4th and last baby...and I plan on getting him or her the best stash!!! :LOL

We live in Spokane, WA and I have loved these boards for the last 2 years.
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Great idea Regina and Happy Anniversary!

I'm Joanne mom to a six month old,happy, chucky monkey (since he outgrew his colic and his reflux is getting better) . I'm 34yo and before Josh was born I was a registered nurse in the adult ICU. I will be going back to work part time in the next month or two (or when Josh decides he'll take the bottle ) DH and I have been together for 16 years, but only married for 9 years. He's a compter engineer ( my computer geek) and a wonderful father.

I have been CDing Josh since he was a week old and to my surprise I am growing crunchier daily.
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My name is Lanna (pronounced like banana : - I learned that when I was 7), I'm 25, married to Tom, 29. We just had our 2nd anniversay in May. We moved into our first house when ds was 4 weeks old. The house is finally starting to take shape, regardless of the scary shag carpeting.

Started cd'ing when ds (Alex) was about 5 months. We can't afford any more diapers, but I certainly drool. There's a link to my stash in my sig. Although it's only looked that pretty a handful of times since the photo was taken.

We've started getting crunchier (seems a kid'll do that to you). Now I'm amusing my mom and MIL by turning into my grandmothers (making all food from scratch, using the clothesline, bf'ing, cd'ing, mama cloth, planning next year's garden, learning about canning, etc).

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I'm Amber"jane" and I am mama to Cass (5)and Ivy(2) Ivy is sooo closet to Potty training and we are all sad Ha!

We live in FL and are always in the sand and surf and woods
I also love to sew and bike Oh, and I am almost 29, married for almost 10 years to my sweet Dh who is 34!
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I'm Heather (24) married to Cameron (28). Together we have Kalyn (almost 5) and Saige (almost 2.5). We are expecting #3 anyday now (due 8/1). We live in the Mpls/St. Paul area. We've been cding since Saige was 4 months old. We started cding for financial purposes, but now it's for health and environmental reasons. We've become a pretty crunchy family in the last 2 years.

It's great to "meet" everyone!!
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Happy Anniversary, Regina!!!!!
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Hi everyone! It's nice to "meet" you all. I'm Gillian (29 yo), married to Josh (34) for 2 years (just had our anniversary). Last year we got pregnant for our anniversary! :LOL This year we are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen .I am a nurse and graduate student, dh is a research ecologist at UC Davis, we live near Sacramento.

We've been cd'ing Carson since birth (ok,since we came home from the hospital), and do so for environmental reasons. Little did I know how much fun it would be. We are crunchier than most, but definitely not as crunchy as some. This weekend we're taking the cloth diapers camping for the first time!

I would show off my stash, but I don't have pics right now. Here are some pics of ds
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I'm Natasha 24, married to James 28. We will celebrate our 7th anniversary this August. Our kids are Caleb nearly 4 and Taylor (princess) nearly 1. We started CDing from birth w/ Taylor and put Caleb in cloth for nites.

We CD for financial reasons (insert evil laughter here!) :LOL and environmental and health reason. I have asthma, and the kiddos have escema (sp?).

Our stash is simple and plain, but I have a wool addiction........
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My name is Meredith, and I am mama to McCayla (5), Evan (3), and Jenna, my one and only (and last ) Cd'ed baby, who is one. I have known Patrick for 14 years, and have been married 10 of those years. We met on the band practice field at the University of Kentucky!!

I have a BA in Arts Adminstration, and a Juris Doctorate (law degree). I don't practice, don't want to, too many attorneys out there, so I work from home for a company that offers online legal research services. I am also mama to the biz in the sig line.

I started CD'ing because I knew she was my last, and it was something I just decided to do... no real reason, but now I know ALL the reasons!!! She has been known to be in the occasional "Nana stash" like this morning, but she is promptly changed. She doesn't like that icky feeling!!! And I am being serious! My sister agrees!

I am a little crunchy, but not too much. My sis is crunchier than I, actually.



ETA... oh yeah... I'm 34.... UGH! 35 in November.... Double UGH!
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LOL @ Meri, I am sure everyone will still like you.

I am Pam WAHM/WOHM as a respiratory therapist part time weekend nights, (36) married to Oz (37) we just celebrated 5 years in June. We have 4 kids. (Mike 14) was CD from birth before I even knew how cool it was. LOL just seemed the thing to do. We used a service and dappi wraps from target.
(Ally & Abby 3) CD from about 5 months took me a bit to find the web, our local service really went down hill and only had premiums and they were soooo big. (Mason 8 months) Suprise baby CD'd from birth.
We are a semi crunchy family getting more so by the day thanx to MDC and the mama's here.
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