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Hi everyone we live in Kirkland, WA

I'm Kimberly (28) married to Trever (35) we have a blended family his (8), Mine (5 & 3 17.5 mo apart) and ours just turned (1)....ALL BOYS

I am a SAHM now for a little over a year and LOVE IT! I didn't cloth diaper when I was a working Mommy b/c I was not educated much beyond gerber prefolds & gerber plastic pants! BUT I decided to try it with my third around 4 months........and fell in LOVE!

As for crunchiness? I think there are probably varying degrees! BUT in our household we buy some organics, recycle & buy second hand too!

I love all the conversation and advice on these boards
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I'm Nikki. 25. Married for 7 years. Together we have two daughters (almost 5yo and 21mos). We are in the homestudy phase of adopting baby #3. It will be an international adoption.

My oldest was CD'ed at birth through 6 months. I quit because my stash was horrible (and a rip-off) but I did not know any better. My youngest has been CD'ed since her birth at home.

We are pretty crunchy but i know there are others out there way more crunchy than us. I consider the really crunchy peeps as ones who live off the grid and dont own a computer.
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I'm Diane (33) married to John (37) for 8 years. We have two great kids Jackson (5) and Nic (22months). A dog , a bird, 2 fish and a newly adopted special needs hamster and his brother. My parents live with us part time in a separate suite.

I cloth diapered Jackson for about a month when he was 2 months old but all I had was flats and kooshies covers so that didn't last. I switched Nic to cloth at 8 months and I havn't looked back. I have recently been inspired to sew some of my own.

I'm a SAHM. I used to be a dental assistant. I would love to be a doula one day Ihave taken the course and have gone to two births. I just can't bear to leave my kids with a sitter. I will pursue it agian when my mom retires in a year or two.

As for crunchiness, i cloth diaper of course! Co-sleep. I BF Nic until he recently self weaned (Been three days now). Recycle and try to buy organic foods.

We live in Burnaby B.C. and it!!!
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Hi everyone!

I'm Mollie (27), married to Shane (34) for 2 years, and we have 2 beautiful daughters together; Hannah is 2 yrs old, and Kayla who is 4 months old. I have 3 boys from my first marriage: Logan 11, Quentin 9, and Ethan 4 1/2. I'm a little crunchy around the edges, but that's about it. I BF, CD, and AP, but that's about it. I mainly lurk a lot, and don't post much. I love reading everyone else's posts, though, and seeing pics of everyone's stashes.

I got into CDing for environmental, financial, and to ease my concious. I felt so guilty throwing sposies in the garbage, so I had to switch. DH is OK with it, and I'm starting to get him hooked on it too, even though he has yet to change a diaper.

Nice to meet everyone!!

ETA: I'm a SAHM, and DH is a shift supervisor for a small manufacturing plant that 's close by. We live in Effie, Minnesota.
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I"m Lish. 30 year old momma of 3 from Ohio. Paige is 11, Kenny is almost 9 and Aidan is almost 6 months. Been married to DH (Ken) for almost 12 years. I'm a SAHM now, but have been both a housekeeper/laundry "person" at a nursing home and a dietician at same place.
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Hey there.....

I am Michelle, a WAHM to 4 kiddos.......thinking about #5.......we have always practiced AP styled parenting before we knew it had a name and started cding my dd when she had a persistant rash due to eczema....we are a pretty crunchy family trying to save Mother Earth and keep peace as best as we can.
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I'm Chris I live in Ohio and am a SAHM to 3 girls. Ashleigh is 5, Madisyn's 3 and Emmie's 17mos. I started CDing Emmie when she was 3mos old.

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I'm Letia. I'm 30 another non native Tarheel living in Raleigh, NC. I am married to Jason,33, an upstate NY transplant for 6 yrs. Jordan went to be with the Lord in Feb '03, and we are joyfully pregnant with a child we believe we will raise and see grow and thrive. We did not have an opportunity to CD Jordan; but, we will CD our newbie b/c of health reasons, since conventional sposies are poison, convenience of not running out for them at 3 am, environmental, and now that I found yall, probably *not* economical, and that is replaced with cuteness.

eta: I am a former public school music teacher; but, now I'm all about SAH with my baby and future babies and helping my dh with our growing technology business.
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I'm Cheryl (28), married to Chris (30) for 7 yrs, mama to Mina(6) and Duren (10 mos). I have been in the Navy for 8 yrs (crossing fingers that I'll be out in a few months). DH is a SAHD and we hope to switch places here soon, lol. We didn't use cloth on dd, but ds has been comfy since he was about 3 or 4 months. I'm pretty crunchy (all the guys in my office call me commie pinko :LOL). DH, however, is a Pro-Bush NRA member....go figure.
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This is nice. It helps us get a better picture of each other.

Ihave one dd 26 months almost. We have been ttc #2 for nearly 10 months.

I've been married to dhfor 4 years next month and we live in Oregon where he is from. I am from Missouri and no matter how hot or cold or hick it can be I still love it and miss it. Maybe someday we will go back.
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I'm a 26 yr old mama in NW Ohio with two kids and a supportive DP. DD we didn't CD until she was 2. Now she's almost potty trained except those wicked nightime ammonia pee diapers. DS is 1 month today and we have been CDing him since he came home. I definitely sad I missed this the first time around. I have a variety of things but am really a purest and love prefolds and bummis sww or pant.

I am also quite the crunchy which is why I felt horrible using disposibles the first time. Just didn't know how to break out of the cycle. MDC helped this time around for sure!
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I am Heather and I live in Southern California. I have 2 wonderfully spirited little boys, Kyle (6 next week) and Sean (2). I am partially crunchy, getting more and more so daily I started cding Kyle at 4 mo. old and Sean has been since birth. I so wish I had a reason to start on a nb stash again. We have a lot of Southern Ca mommies on this thread, we should try to set up a diaper party!!!!
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Originally Posted by kyle98sean02
I am Heather and I live in Southern California.

We have a lot of Southern Ca mommies on this thread, we should try to set up a diaper party!!!!
Yes! Wonder what's happening with our thread? We should set up a yahoo email group or something...

I JUST finished reading all the posts here (so if you were feeling like nobody read your post, I at least read them all :LOL), and I already feel like I know people a lot better! Oddly, there were some usernames here I did not recognize, but I know the people from other boards.

I am always interested in the threads here, but now I feel a bit more like I know who people are when they talk about something.
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I'm Kellie (27), wife to a chef, Jasen (25) and SAHM to Jessalyn and Ella. We live in Minnesota (near the twin cities). We are both originally from the east coast. We are a semi-crunchy family, but most of that comes from the AP part of crunchiness.

We cd because it is more natural and better for my girls who deserve the best!
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Monique here! I am a 36 year old (will be 37 in Sept.) SAHM to my two lovely kiddos. DH Joseph is 37 and we have been married for 5 1/2 years. I never even thought of CD'ing Jacob (9/30/00) because I had never even diapered a baby or really spent much time with one. When I was pregnant with Sarah (6/10/04) a cousin of mine was CD'ing using a service and proraps and I figured if she could do it so could I. I did some research and found that I didn't want to use a service because I wanted to be able to use all the cute fitted dipes out there. With DS I loved diaper changing time because it was a time for us to play and for me to marvel at how he was growing and changing. So, I knew that with Sarah I was going to add the extra dimension of wonderful fluff to the routine.

I am not crunchy at all in my mind. The only crunchy things I do are CD'ing and breastfeeding (I nursed DS until he was almost 3). And perhaps baby wearing if you count a Baby Bjorn. I love my children and definitely want what is best for them.

I live in San Jose, California. Before I had DS I was a corporate art consultant. I have a BA from UC Santa Cruz in art history and completed all of the coursework towards an MA in museum studies (never got inspired to do my thesis.) DH is a realtor.

Oh, and I'm smiley impaired . I just can't get the hang of them...
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I'm Jen and I'm married to my wonderful DH Dave (who can't understand why everyone doesn't want to use cloth on their babies) and I have two sons: 21 months and 8 months. I've been cloth diapering since Nathan was 5 months old.

I guess we are a semi-crunchy family - we CD, I breastfeed, co sleep sometimes, recycle, gentle discipline, etc. I have definitely become more crunchy since coming to MDC and am learning all the time.

I am now a SAHM and love it. I used to be a elementary and middle school band director before kids and now teach lessons out of the house.

I'm so glad to be apart of this board.
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I'm Brandi (24) married to Matt (25) who is in the Air Force. We currently live in Hawaii, but are both from Missouri and want to go back. We have two dd's Ainsley (9.17-almost three) and Bethany (10 months). I just started cd'ing Bethany about a month ago, and I am starting to make my own cd's. We are truly doing it for economic reasons, and because it is better for the environment. I am aspiring to be more crunchy, making small changes all the time. We plan on being a homeschooling family as well.
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Im Carie, mum to AJ (8 yrs old, not cloth diapered), Nate (4.5 yrs old, cloth diapered 80% of the time as a baby, using cloth at night now) and Jhonen (2 months, cd'd 100% of the time, never worn a sposie!!). DH & I live in Indiana, Im a OB nurse (starting midwifery school to be a homebirth MW very soon) and will be going back to work on a supplemental basis in a couple more weeks. We're pretty active in the goth scene, and we lean towards some pretty crunchy tendencies (exclusive BF, cloth diaper, co-sleep, no-circ, delayed and selective vaxing, organic foods, herbal medications and homeopathy, alternative medicine, yoga, and now hs'ing) Our oldest DS attends Catholic school at our parish school and my 2nd DS will be starting homeschool this fall (or whenever our stuff comes in).
My stash is just waaaaaaaaaaaay too extensive to list here, because I have gotten alot of things I tried but didn't like and just never got rid of. What I am using primarily consists of:

KP wool, homemade wool, ME airflows, Bumpy Night
Fuzzi Bunz, kissaluvs, poochies, elkebellas, and Benjamuffins.
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I am Jenica (28) married to David (28) and mom to three great kids! We live in NC and homeschool. We are in the process of trying to find our dream "mini-farm." Hopefully, our dream will be a reality in a few years

I am certified as a doula and CBE, but don't practice right now (too busy on the homefront!) We have cloth diapered on and off for 6 years.
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Well thank goodness for ChamaMama and mama.Virg, or I would be the oldest one here! :LOL

I am Karen, I am head mama to four kids: 10, almost 6, 3 and 13 weeks. I have been playing around with cds for a while, and went fulltime with Jack who has never worn a disposable. With my first two, I was employed by a major diaper manufacturer : and got them free. I might still be using sposies with Jack but I decided I needed a new challenge with baby #4 and found cloth diapers way more interesting and so incredibly cute! I have a varied stash right now, adore wool, and sew as much of my own as I can.

We have been AP forever, but I like to think that I am just parenting the way you are suppose to, not according to a label. I found Mothering when I needed support for my third vbac attempt (failed ) and love the Diapering forum . My kids are starting to miss me, I lurk so much.

I have really enjoyed reading all your introductions, thanks!
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