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My name is Beth. I'm 35 yo, wife to Ray for 11 years. I was homeschooling my two older boys (7 and 8 yo) until this year because of burn-out, and I am a SAHM to my little bubba-Ethan.

I have only cd'd my youngest because I had such bad rashes with my second. I gave up on breast feeding my youngest too(had a really tough time with all three of them--I'm hoping if we are ever blessed again to be more successful in that area---can you say LLL?).

My dh just got out of the Army, in which he served 9 months in Iraq last year. Now he is a supervisor at Staples, and we are thrilled that he is with us. WE are glad that we had time in the military though because it gave us a lot of traveling experiences that we would not have been able to do otherwise.WE are not very chrunchy, but I am taking little steps to have a happier and healthier home.
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Thanks for the Anniversary wishes!

Gillian, we conceived on our 1 year anniversary too
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Originally Posted by Holli
Basically, we don't fit in anywhere!

Except for right here!
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Hi, Regina! Your stash is gorgeous

My name is Jill and I have 3 kids. Been married to my dh(Rey) for almost 4 yrs. My oldest son, Anthony, is 6. David is 28 mths and Isabel is 13.5 mths. I was totally mainstream with my first son and got crunchier with my next. Isabel is the only one I nursed, but I did/do cosleep and cd my middle son. I started cding to save money when I found out I was prego with my daughter. That went out the window pretty fast
We live in IL. My dh works for DHL/Airborne express. My family thinks I'm crazy for the big change I've made in my parenting and my life in general.
I'm glad to see this thread! I would love to get to know everyone better
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Jenn here. I'm a 24yo SAHM to 3 1/2mo Zachary. My DH is Michael and we'll be married 2 yrs on Aug. 17th. I've been CDing for 2 weeks now and it!!! We started doing it for financial reasons, but after doing research, I'm doing it for more reasons now. I'm a pretty crunchy mama, living in Piscataway, NJ, and getting crunchier by the day .
My stash is really simple right now, ubcpfs and proraps mostly, but I'm becoming a wool addict (have my 1st KP in the making!!!). I look forward to posting more on this board!!
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This should be a sticky

I'm Susan, 33 and the bread winner of the family. I work but at a position where I can pretty much be on the internet all day I have a 6 year daughter that is becoming an amazing woman, watching your children grow is just amazing Jonah is a 10 month (well on Aug2) "chunck o love" he's a big boy. He's cruising and crawling everwhere. Boy if I ever had him in a crawling contest he would smoke all others he is SOOOOOO fast. Oh and Dh is Dan, who just got a raise and now only gets paid a dollar less than me/ an hour (his goal is for me to at least be able to work part time by the time Jonah is in Kindergarten).
I MDC smilies :LOL :
ETA I love Mutts, FBs, and Sugarpeas
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My name is Kim and DH is Scott. We have been married for 4 years. Katie is 3 months old, born on April 21. We have been CDing since mid-June. I chose to CD because they are cheaper, healthier, better for the environment, and CUTER! I have been AP since the beginning, and MDC is making me more crunchy! :LOL

I have a PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy) degree but prefer to stay home with Katie. Scott is a chemist. Our hearts belong in Christian missions, though. We were in missionary training school when we got pregnant, spent 2 months of my pregnancy in Mongolia, and returned to Texas to have Katie. We will resume missions in January.

ETA I am 25 and Scott is 26.
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I'm Heather, 32 y.o. wahm to two kids - Garrett, who is 12 and just hitting puberty, and Simone, who will be 2 in September and is just hitting the 'terrible twos'.

I am originally from British Columbia, but moved to southern California many years ago, and have yet to leave with the exception of brief 'hiatuses' to other areas for temporary reasons (work, etc.).

After many years in the corporate world, I started working from home a few months before Simone was born.

My husband Jason (30) and I have been together for 8 years, and married for two and a half of those.

My husband and I are both working full time (he is a construction supervisor) while working gradually toward our degrees - his in mathematics, and mine in fine arts / design with a strong early emphasis in mathematics and computer science (yes, I changed majors!).

I have bf both of my children, and cloth diapered Garrett part-time (not a lot available back then), and cd Simone full-time. I'm as crunchy as my time allows, and we are a fairly relaxed family as far as schedules, etc.
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Hi! I'm Tina (8 years old - I've only had 8 birthdays so there! - can you figure out why?) I have been married to my DH, Bert (34) for 8 years, but we've been a couple for 14 years! We've cloth diapered Alexander since he was 15 months old and wish we had done it sooner. Even tho I prefer my boring stash of FuzziBunz and Honeyboys, I love hearing about everyone's hyena scores.

I've been a WAHM working on a database of transcripts from the tobacco trials since Alex was about 4 months old. Before that I was in charge of overseas training on North American products for one of the Big 3 automotive companies. Unfortunately I will be laid off on August 31 and I provide our family's bene's so I'm not sure what's going to happen. I'll probably have to go back to the real world. Sigh. I hope to make another baby with DH for delivery in 2006 or 2007 and you can bet we'll CD from the start!
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I am Vanessa (29) and married to my dh, Bryan (32). We have been married for 3.5 years. We have two beautiful Dds, Sai (28 months) and Zoey (3.5 months). I did not CD my first dd because, well, it did not cross my mind. Slowly with my first dd I started getting turned on to more natural ways like making organic baby food, EN, etc. The best of all of this was my natural water birth with Zoey. I am still ecstatic about it and wish to do it all over again although we are done making babies! We didn't start CDing Zoey until she was a around 2.5 months old. I got tired of her tush being red, the stinky "fragrant" diapers, and all of the waste. I felt so guilty piling our garbage with so many diapers!

I am kind of crunchy in certain ways (more the health aspects and APing my babies) but I also like nice things although we can't afford them so I love to look! I am a sahm and plan to go back to school to work on my PhD in clinical psych once my bambinos are in school.
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While since I am really new...check out the post count I should go ahead and introduce myself in a little mreo detail.

I am Terri(26 yrs) and live with my better half Eric(33 yrs), in Montreal Quebec, Eric is French-Canadian so our son will learn to speak in French and English. I was born and raised in Nova Scotia and moved to Montreal for college. I am on maternity leave and hope not have to go back to my former job as a Travel Agent come Febuary.

We aimed for the natural midwife birth at a Birth House but alas ended up way overdue with my water being broken for almost 24 hours and no contractions in sight, so we ended up being induced in the hospital with a epidural vaccum birth...the whole ordeal sucked big time and the next baby we will go for the natural midwife birth again.

Hunter Clark was born March 24th 2004 weighing 8 lbs 10 ozs and 21.5 inches long.

After the rocky start we were able to sucessfully BF, we co-sleep, non-vax, non-circ, cd, baby wear and try to buy as much organic foods as our budget allows.

My new hobbies include buying diapers, looking at diapers, talking about diapers, lurking on diaper boards, anything to do with cloth diapers and hoping Eric does not notice the money missing out of the account... so far I haven`t recieved any fluufy mail from my purchases so we will see how he reacts when they arrive. Hunter and I are leaving for vacation in two weeks so am sure that they will all arrive then...gonna have some explaining to do!! I think I have a addiction...I felt the rush(I had to have them!!!!) yesterday and bought two eezi-gear limited edition fitteds. I have no fitteds so I need them to go under the soakers my grandma is knitting.

I also have bit of a sling thing but am trying not to buy anymore...for now.

We also live with a Pacific Lucinda Parrotlet named Pistache, small parrot with a big attitude and a blue budgie named Sky.
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I'm Christina (23) and a single mommy to Hunter (2 on Sept 11th). I am a WAHM. We live in San Diego and might be moving to MO sometime in the next year. I have a design degree and a background in child development along with my teaching credentials for Montessori (Primary level) but will not "use" it until Hunter reaches school age (meaning whenever he is ready 3? 4? 5?)
We are crunchy but not in all things.. I use mama pads, we recycle, buy organic when we can afford it, use as little or no medications as possible (which has been extremely hard lately ) and we started CD'ing after I couldn't handle another rash. Hunter was 7 months old when I bought my first stash and we haven't looked back! (I'm a hyena too )
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Hi girls
I am Danielle, age 27, wife to Peter, age 32. We have two CDed kiddos: Pietey who just turned 3, and Aubrey who just turned 1. We started CDing in January this year for financial reasons and kept at it for the cutness factor and for enviromental and trash reasons.
I guess you could call me a WAHM as I started my own tiny business just to fund out cloth purchases. We're moderately crunchy and I sometimes fit in here at MDC and sometimes don't. But I do fit here on the cloth board and I have found it a great place for lots of info.
Oh, and dh works for Xerox as a computer engineer (as of MOnday) yay!
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My turn.
I am KyleAnn, 25 sahm and married to my best friend/love Michael, 28. We have a wonderful, adorable little prince named Colin, 16 months. I strongly believe in ap and nfl. Colin and I are the crunchy ones, dh is the most opposite of crunchy that I can think of. Colin has a cd bum-is there any other way? I wouldn't want anything icky touching my baby's bum, anymore than I would want him to eat a burger from 'Donalds.
I love it here-it is nice to finally be amongst people with similar ideas for a change!!!
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Iam Christina (30) married to my Dh James who will be 30 in October. I have three girls Rachel 5 Kimberly 2 and Chloe 3 months Ive been cloth diapering since October of 2002. and loveit I do it for my childerns health and the earth and to save money. I also stay home with my kids.
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Hi, i'm mandy (28) married to dh for nearly 6 years, part-time WOHM mom to Keiran (9 months). i negotiate advertising placements and have the ability to surf the web ALOT in between projects. we've only been cding for a month, and though it's still not 100%, i love it and wish that we'd done it the whole time.

we live in vermont where wal-mart isn't welcome and slightly crunchy is pretty normal. for the most part you're expected to bf and i have met other cding moms at the playground and storytime.

i really enjoy this board and reading about all the dipes and wool and hope to slowly accumulate a stash to make everyone jealous
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I'm Beth and am a SAHMama to 3 girls. Serra Isabella, who just turned four, is my oldest baby. Hero Anabelle, who is 2.5, was my first homebirthed water baby, and she is a live one. :LOL Eden Elizabeth, who is 6 months, is my newest babe, born at home into daddy's hands UC, and she is already on the move, crawling and pulling up trying to walk. My dh is Ryan and he is a business student with one more year of school to go and also a hotel manager.
All three girls have been cloth diapered for economical, environmental and comfort purposes. We have been pretty AP from the start but only found the phrase, and most of our crunchy ways, when I became pregnant with my second baby. On the crunch scale I'd say we are about 80% crunchy. You should also know that we are homeschooling/unschooling family and we'd love to live off the grid someday.
Before kids I finished one year of college and worked in a little bit of daycare. As soon as my girls are a bit bigger and my dh is finished with school I would love to take some classes in writing and art and do some volunteer work. Right now, between mothering and caring for a home, I don't have much free time, but in the time I do have I like to read, write and knit.
(We're voting for Kerry, how 'bout you?) :LOL
I forgot to say we live in Colorado!
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Hi. I'm Andrea(26) married to Dean (27), mama to Christian (8), Arianna (2) and baby Ella (9 weeks). All of my kids have been bf'd and Ella is the first one that I've used cloth on. I've been hanging out here at MDC ever since I made the decision to homebirth with Ella and have gotten tons of great info. MDC is what led me to cd'ing. I had no idea about the options that were out there.

I live in St.Louis currently, but grew up in and hope to soon return to Michigan. I've lived here for the past four years. I am a hairstylist and my husband works for SBC. I work from my home most of the time and from a salon 4 hours a week.

I am pretty crunchy - homebirth, bf, extended bf'ing, co-sleeping, slinging.

I love MDC, whenever I'm having a bad day I can always find something around here to make me smile. Even if it's only buying a new dipe off the TP!
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I'm Carrie, 30 year old SAHM to Johnathan (2) and Brodie (5 1/2 months). I have been married to my high school sweetheart Brian for 9 years. Brian is a quality engineer. I did not start cd until Brodie was 6 weeks and I discovered how wonderful it is. Wish I had of started a long time ago. I cd for health and environmental reasons.
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I am Morgan, DH and I are both 28 and live in Mesa, AZ (transplanted from N. Cal and N.J. respectively). We have been married for almost 3 years (3 yrs in Nov.) and have a 20 month old son named Maximus who was CDed, BFed, Co-slept and worn from birth.

DHs career requires that we travel A LOT so we have gotten good at CDing on the go! I have become a total hyena in the past year or so

We CD for health and environmental reasons, and for the fun factor, I LOVE it! We originally starte for the $$ saving factor but that was out the window a LONG time ago, LOL!

Some of my stash is in the *CDing* in my sig though its pretty out of date.
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