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Hi! I'm Leah (27), mum to Gabriel (20 months). I work from home so I can be nearby to take care of my kiddo and my dh who has a degenerative neurological condition.

I studied Philosophy at UGA and did some graduate work in Swansea, Wales. Before his illness, dh (who also studies Philosophy) and I traveled a great deal - we even worked on an organic olive farm in Italy.... oh I miss it sometimes

If you want labels, I guess I would have to go with crunchy catholic .

I feel so very lucky to be able to spend sooo much time with the 2 great guys in my life

oh and we have cd from birth and love it, obviously!
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Wow, this thread is long! I will have to read it all later when the kids are sleeping! :LOL
Umm, I am Lisa, I'm 23 and I've been married for 2.5 years to Jonathan who is 22 (cradle robber, I know!). We have a DS, Tyler, who will be 4 in Sept. Tyler was CDed from 15 months. And Julia who will be 19 mos in 2 days, has been CDed since we brought her home from the hospital.
I am semi-crunchy (Regina is my crunchy hero ). Maybe kind of chewy?
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I've read most of this thread - but it will probably be even longer by the time I finish typing this out.

I am Lea (pronounced simply Lee), 27. Married for just over 3 wonderful years to Brad, 24. Mom to Boo, who is almost 2, and soon-to-be mom to Bug, due in a few short weeks.

I am a SAHM, partly out of desire to be with my child as he grows up, and partly out of medical necessity which negates us using child-care for him.

We use cloth, mainly for financial reasons - hubby's meager wage wouldn't pay for disposables, but also because I feel they are healthier for Boo and better for the environment.
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What a great thread

I'm Kami wife to Dh Dustin, and SAHM to Alexandria (8-11-03) Omg my baby is almost 1yr old time has gone by so fast . we started cd'ing for $$ reasons but now i just love it, i am still trying to build a good stash of diapers I live in Long Beach,CA
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I'm Mary (30) married to dh for 12 years. We live in Louisiana but are both from and were born in Texas. We have 4 girls and 3 boys and another boy on the way I've been ap since the beginning. I read Dr. Sears during my first preg. and have been co-sleeping, breastfeeding and slinging since my first but only started cd'ing since Jack was born.

I've been going to school part time, since Andrew was a baby, to get a nursing degree. I took off this summer and am not looking forward to going back this time. I'm 23 weeks and feeling really tired. I'm planning a homebirth this time so I'm excited about that
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Hi! I'm Judy (just turned 25), wife to Mike (a few days till he's 26). We live in Wyoming, just over two hours from Yellowstone National Park.

Currently we have two girls, Madeline (3-14-02) and Katherine Clare (3-3-04). I cannot WAIT to have more children! I'm open to as many as we're blessed with. I didn't start out crunchy at all. But, as time goes by I get crunchier by the moment. I'm probably the crunchiest conservative around, but love it! Most of the crunchiness simply comes from wanting to save $$, then of course it just makes sense!

So, I guess for a label, I'd probably be semi-crunchy (and getting more so every day) Catholic!
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Oh yeah.. currently I do work fulltime (dds go to MILs in-home daycare three days a week) as the sports editor for the local newspaper. The job is actually pretty great because it's quite flexible, so if I need to be home at different times of the day I can do it!

But my dream is to stay at home AT LEAST by the time the next little one comes around!
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My name is Tami (28). I've been married to DH Wayne (40 in Sept! : ) for almost four years. We live in neverland (which happens to be in SoCal, who knew?! ) I'm a part-time WAHM and CD'ing mama to Savannah (10/01/03). I knew before Sav was born that we'd cd, but it took a few weeks to get started, now I'm an addict. I know there is a 12 step program out there somewhere, but I hope I never find it!

I'm waiting until Savannah turns two before I get pg again. DH doesn't know this though. He's under the impression that we're done... : Although, he does hint that he wants another. I'm sure when the time comes he'll be on board (don't worry, I won't get pg without his consent. )

We've got two monsters that we call dogs. Sav loves them, even when she's covered in dog hair from head to toe.

I'm pretty crunchy, and DH is crunchy because of me. If he had it his way, he'd be eating Hot Pockets and drinking Dr. Pepper everyday... My only non-crunchy vice is Diet Coke. I know, I KNOW. Someday I'll give it up...

Okay, enough from me.
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Hi! I'm Azadeh. I've been married to my husband, Glen, for almost 10 years and we have two cute boys. I'm a homeschooling, work at home mom. We are in the D.C. area right now but moving to the Chicago area in a few weeks!

I started cloth diapering because it looked so much cuter and more comfortable for my baby. I'm not sure if it's cheaper since I bought so many! LOL No, I think it still is...

OH yeah, and I'm 32. My husband is 39 and my boys are almost 2 & 5 1/2.

I love it here at MDC!

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I'm Julia (Jules), 21, married to my DH (26) a year on Monday. Avery (5 mo) is our suprise miracle baby in more ways than one. Am I one of the youngest here? Oh yeah... we live in the DC area too. DH is not as crunchy as I am but I'm working on him.
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Hi! My name is Christy (29) and I am married to Tom (30) and we have been married for 6 years. We have 3 children: Maddie (5), Sara (21 months) and Jack (7 months)
We have been cloth diapering since Sara was 2 months old and haven't looked back. Jack has been cloth diapered since birth (even in the hospital) and that is when I really got addicted.
I used to not be crunchy and then I started crunching up and then I found MDC and now I am actually thinking about homeschooling and a home birth next time!
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Hey Mama's!!

I'm Jes ... WAHMama to Sahara Rayne who's almost 2 1/2. I live on Beautiful Vancouver Island off the west coast of Canada with my amazing DD and partner Dan. We are currently TTC #2 (so I'm on a diaper buying hiatus so I won't jinx myslef). But I'm ogling the NB diapers so WATCH OUT hyena's cause the minute I conceive I'm going on a rampage (as if I could afford it LOL).

I started cd'ing the day Sahara was born but the diapers I had just didn't work so she really wasn't a cloth diapered baby until she was 3 months old when I bought my first stash of premium sized prefolds and Bumpy covers (loved the covers ...but the prefolds were HUGE) ... so I bought myself a sewing machine at the local thrift store and havn't looked back.

I have a degree in Fine arts , 3 years towards a psychology degree, the first year of a Masters in Art Therapy and one year towards Computer science (which ended only because I became a mama ...but I can still build a killer website LOL). I guess you could say that I was hiding in school because I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. All along I wanted to be self employed and make things ...but I just didn't know what ... fortunately the universe had better plans for me than I did and here I am working from home in the company of the most important person in the world ... my baby.

I'm loving getting to know you all better!

ETA: In some places I would be considered VERY crunchy ...but around here I'm only 'sorta crunchy' ... too many hippys LOL (though dh calls me a hippy too)

OH! and I'm turning 30 this November ...which is sort of a big deal for me ... I expected to be at quite the different place in my life by now.
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I am Marina, 23 y.o. mama to Chris and another on the way, and wife to Paul for 2 years on Aug. 3 . We live in Upland (Southern) California.

Ds #1 is out of diapers now, but ds #2 will be cd'd from birth. I have a pretty big stash for him being that he isn't due til October, but I don't have the $ to do it all at once so I have been collecting.

I cd for environmental, health, financial, and family (mom cd'd 4 kids) reasons...and cause I love it!
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: I'm Paige and I'm the oldest one here!!!
I'm 41 and have been with dh Mahlon (56!) for 6 years, married for 8 mos! I'm a family practice doctor and work part-time (big big loans to pay off), dh is a paramedic instructor. We live in a tiny mountain village in northern New Mexico, although both of us are blue eyed gringos.

We started cd'ing for environmental reasons and now it's my hobby and stress-reliever! We've cd'd ds on and off and dd now since she was 5 weeks old. I had such a horrible complicated pregnancy with her and she was in the NICU for a month that even thinking about cd's earlier was impossible. With ds, all I knew about was prefolds, but with dd I have tons of cute girly print dipes and AIOs. Our faves are FMBGs and SOS, and I'm just recently getting into wool soakers!

Not sure how I'd label us - kind of crunchy, kind of chewy - like an organic oatmeal cookie with Ghirardelli chocolate chips!
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hiya all. I'm Michelle, very happily married to Craig for 3.5years. We started CDing Samuel when he was just over 3 months' old, so we've been CDing for 3 months. Main reason is to save money, that we can re-use them for our future babies, and the notion that I can cope with cloth (!). It's so easy though to get caught up in the fun of it that sometimes I think CDs are my latest fashion items (replacing all the new clothes I used to get for myself when I had earning power).
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I am Traci (34) married FOREVER to Don (40) and we have 4 soon to be 5 children!
We live In Northern Illinois where I am a SAHM (former County Deputy) and dh is a Police Road Sergeant.
I have been having a blast buying my stash and sewing my own diapers for this new up~coming little one!!
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I'm Jaime (28) married to Chris (27) mom to Naomi (3) and Maya (10 months). We live out here on the Best Coast. I'm a wahm, and dh is an electrician who wants to be a wahd. Our goal is for both of us to be home...working on it

Started cd'ing to save money with our first dd, used disposables for a short time after Maya was born. She immediately developed a rash so we are back in cloth where we belong. That's it really...
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Hi Ladies!!

I am new here, so it's about time for an introduction anyway

Julia (averymybaby) introduced me to the world of cloth diapering, and now I am hooked.

We're not too crunchy, but we try
We're defintiely all about AP, though.
(my dh is actually more into the crowded bed philosophy than I am...maybe that's 'cuz I'm the one that is constantly getting kicked and bumped by our 3 year old wild-sleeper )
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This is a good idea!

I am Amy (22), SAHM to Alex and Keller, and wife to Gary (22) who works and goes to school full-time.
I wanted to cd Alex but everyone told me that it was gross and too much work. I was scared and alone so I listened. I decided that I would cd Keller but had to sweet talk dh into it. Now he loves it!
We are a crunchy family. (Alex's fav band is the Grateful Dead and Keller was named after a musician.)
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My turn! LOL!
I am Linda (31 in November), a SAHM, and I am married 3 years this past May to Jeff (30 In September), a network Admin. We have one child so far (#2 is in the planning mode), Sarah (3 in December). We have 2 cats, Mariah and Nala, and live in Easton, PA which is right on the NJ border. I have been CDing for a year now but full time started about 6 months ago. Late starter! I plan to BF, CD, and sling baby #2. I started Sarah in the sling a bit late at 6 months (sometimes I still use it!) so I got to enjoy that. Cloth diapering is alot of fun for me and I hope to start getting smalls and mediums for baby #2 since when I started Sarah she was in larges already. So anyways... that is my story!
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