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Hi, I'm Magie (30) and my dh is John (32). I am a SAHM to two little boys. I am fairly crunchy and becoming more and more each day. Dh is not crunchy at all!! He will, however, take my recycling in for me and brags about me cloth diapering to all his friends. I started clothdiapering my first with gerber flats and vinyl pants, then moved to prefolds and proraps. I met Aherne with my second who introduced me to MDC. I remember thinking who would pay $15 for a diaper. Look at me now. I actually bid $51 dollars for the luxe baby on ebay! Oh and here is a pic of me and the boys. This is about the only pic I have with them both. I had better start taking pictures.

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Nice to meet you all. First I must say there are some AMAZING stashes here!

I am Nadezhda, 24, DH is Brian, 25, and DS is Zachary 18months. We live in Massachusetts. I was introduced to CDing by my best friend (Ackray) and have been doing it for about 8 months. I love it and will definately CD the next one if we have another
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Originally Posted by Miny20
I'm not crunchy at all. I breastfeed because that's what feels natural to me. I cloth diapers because it's really freaking cute. If a diaper service could bring me such a pretty assortment of fitteds and covers--I would not be doing my own diaper laundry. I don't sun my diapers.. and sometimes (gasp) I use bleach. If my diapers go to hell for being treated so 'roughly with chemicals' I'll just buy some more.

WOOOOO HOOOOO I am not the only one! Unfortunately I cant afford to replace mine though...LOL!

I forgot to add some things. I am still BF, we co-sleep, and I would love to get a mai-tei at some point, they look fun! I knit and am learning to sew. I am a SAHM, DH is a landscape design foreman, and DS is a jumping bean! I am not really crunchy, but LOVE MDC, and CDing is a TOTAL addiction.
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Originally Posted by Milkie&Cookie
Hi! I'm Tina (8 years old - I've only had 8 birthdays so there! - can you figure out why?)
You're a leap-year baby ~ birthday on February 29th. That's my guess, anyhow.

Hi everyone!

I'm Kate (34), married to Charley (38) and mom to 6 kiddos: Megan is almost 13 (November 3rd), Adam is almost 12 (September 15th), Emily is 5 (June 5th), David & Sarah will be 3 (September 15th ~ yes, they were born on their brother's 9th b'day) and Isaac is my sweet little almost-8 month old (December 2nd).

I've cloth diapered all of my kids, though I also used 'sposies with Megan and Adam. The most difficult thing, for me, is having 3 kids in diapers at the same time. Some days, all I feel like I do is change poopy dipes and it can get tiring!

We started out using cd's for financial reasons ~ with a big family, saving $$ is important. I don't consider myself to be really crunchy, but since I breastfeed, cloth diaper and homeschool, most of my friends/family would put me on the crunchy end of the spectrum.

It's nice to "meet" you all!
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howdy! i'm lorrie, 25, married to andy (also 25) for over 3 years (!!!) now. our daughter, katharine wen (called katie or, online, usually k) was born 12.20.03 (making her about 7.5 months old at this point). we live in denvah, colorado
a is an operations/shipping manager for a lighting store. i have a degree in english writing and have returned to school for nursing, hoping to eventually become a lactation consultant and nurse-midwife. currently, i take most of my classes online so i can stay at home with our baby.
we've been cloth diapering since k was about 10 weeks old-- we moved from grand junction, colorado back home to denvah and i finally felt brave enough to get started. i started with some ubcpf, kushies ultras and bsww. since then, i've become addicted-- i'm no hyena, but i do love a cute dipe!
due in part to mdc, i become crunchier every day. i breastfeed and plan to allow her to chose to wean; we co-sleep and plan to let k chose when she's ready for her own bed; and our girl is a certified sling monkey! for the meager amount of solids she'll accept, she gets only organic foods-- once i hit my break between semesters, i'm going to make a mighty stash of foods to freeze. we're trying to adapt our diets so we don't eat so much junk-- we want k to have a healthy perception of food. we try to use natural remedies as much as possible-- it's a point of pride that we've yet to give k children's tylenol.
and i am eagerly awaiting very baby opening for custom orders so i can get some cute covers!
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[QUOTE=momto3g3b]You're a leap-year baby ~ birthday on February 29th. That's my guess, anyhow.

You're absolutely right Kate! And as I age I love it more and more. I always wanted a baby on my birthday, but since that just went by and I'm not getting any younger I doubt its going to happen.
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Originally Posted by ChamaMama
: I'm Paige and I'm the oldest one here!!! I'm 41 and have been with dh Mahlon (56!) for 6 years, married for 8 mos! I'm a family practice doctor and work part-time (big big loans to pay off), dh is a paramedic instructor. We live in a tiny mountain village in northern New Mexico, although both of us are blue eyed gringos.
...an organic oatmeal cookie with Ghirardelli chocolate chips!
You're not the oldest by much b/c I'm also 41 (as of June). Although dh is only 41 this year. Married 10 yrs, together what seems like an eternity before then

We have 4 munchkins: 8yo ds, 6yo dd, 4yo ds and our March 04 bumper boy Dh is the SAHP and an organizational nightmare but he's totally into the CD scene for C. He doesn't want to do the research (yeah, thats why I'm always on MDC: research ) but he changes diapers, washes, suns the stains, etc. (I do all the wool washing though)

I'm ABD for a PhD in anthropology (quit that years ago), hold an administrative job at a university... and I'm taking courses to get certified to become an elementary school teacher (4th or 5th grade I think). I have 2 methods courses and student teaching left for the upcoming year.
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My turn! :

I'm Michelle ( more often called Mich by those who know me!) and I am 30, married to Charlie who is 31. Before having Ella, I was a devoted techie and DH is in sales. We currently live in Austin, Tx..but I am a bit of a gypsie and there is no telling how long we will be here
I have a 7 year old son ( Gavin) from a previous marriage, and my dd Ella is almost 15 mos. We are expecting #3 ( a :girlpin) mid-Dec. I have cd'd since Ella was about 2 mos old and haven't looked back! We have used the occassional sposie as we have had to refine our nite time system, but I think we are done with em!
I am pretty crunchy...and working on DH. He is super supportive of almost all of my "nutty" ways, and my cd addictions ( at least... what he knows about!)
I also wanted to share that DH SNAPPI'd today!!! He was a Snappi virgin and all it took was me leaving him along with dd and nothing but pretty dyed prefolds and our one lone Snappi! Im so proud
I MDC and am SOOOO glad I found such a wonderfully supportive, diverse group of mama's to share mommyhood with!
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I'm Katie. I am married to Nate. We are in our mid-20s. Our daughter is Lucy, and almost exactly 2 1/2. We are due with our new baby in 10 weeks, planning a home VBAC. We live in Ohio. We've been married 3 years. Dh works in an independently-owned bookshop, and I am a SAHM. He's also a sometimes-student, slowly finishing his degree.

We cloth diaper cause it's best - for our dd, for the earth, and for us. My dd is pottytrained as of a few weeks ago, and we are having fun building our new baby's stash. Here it is so far: New baby's stash!

We are very crunchy, very liberal, and most people think we are crazy hippies.
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Hi, All. I'm Kelly (28) married to Asa (30) and we have a cloth diapered little bebe (9 mos) Lilah. Like many of you here at MDC, having a child has really brought out my inner crunch! These forums have been a lot of fun, always something new to learn at MDC.

Oh Mich--we are right north of Austin, and I used to work for a big techie company here

Nice to meet everyone!
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Hi I'm Kaylee, I'm 27 with a birthday coming up very soon *sigh*. That will put me in the late 20's range! :LOL I became a SAHM in October 2003, and that's when I started to use cloth diapers. My oldest, Genevieve, just turned 2, and my little Audrey is 4 months old tomorrow.

We have lived in TN just over a year now, before that we lived in AR.

I graduated from the U of A, with a BSBA in computer information systems. And, went to work for a database/data warehousing company. When my husband's (his name is Matt) work brought us to TN, my work let me work from home, but I still had to put my oldest in daycare. We decided that wasn't in our best interest so I quit working.

My interests are of course cloth diapering, breast feeding, slinging when I can, cooking, scrapbooking, and trying to remain a devout Catholic.

Oh and an interesting fact about me, is this upcoming election will be my first to vote in!
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I'm Whitney, Stef (my dh) is from France, and we've been married for 10 yrs. We live northeast of Sacramento, CA. Our kids are Maia (6), Chloe (4) and Noah (16 months). Our girls go to Montessori. We're AP and fairly crunchy. We have a stone importing business and a tile business, and I'm able to work from home. We're also just starting to build our almost-dream house. As far as cd's go, I'm half-hyena, half-hyena-roadkill. I think we have a little bit of every thing, well almost everything. Here are some pictures, I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of most of the wool or anything too recent:Cloth Pictures
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Originally Posted by kellybelly

Oh Mich--we are right north of Austin, and I used to work for a big techie company here
I worked for a firm here in Austin a few years ago... and DH and I were both victims of the Tech Fallout Its good to be back....at least the market is looking a lil better and I might be able to find a decent job if I ever decide to go back to work!

LOL, PM me sometime and we can get together!
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Hello....My name is Lindsay, Married to my super sweet and understanding hubby, Jimmy since Nov 01, almost 3 yrs and momma to the love of my life, Braedon who is 11 months today, such a big boy! I am a SAHM and couldnt do it any other way! DH works in retention at AOL and we are both currently starting school again at the end of August! We are BIG on breastfeeding, self weaning, Cloth Diapering, co-sleeping, slingin, etc. I am fairly crunchy and DH is gettin there.

Im really loving MDC as it brings out my good sides and you are all such a lovely group of mommas!
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I'm Laura, 30 (31 next month) SAHM to Hutton (turning 3 on Aug. 23) & Harrison (born June 6 of this year!)

I used a diaper service for Hutton's first year, rediscovered cloth earlier this year when I was looking for a nighttime solution for the heavy wetting toddler dipes - WOOL! My savior! - and since I was pregnant at the time, I bought a nice stash of cloth for my baby and started sewing dipes, too. Well, I've got a nice collection of diaper fabrics at least! I have my work cut out for me if I can ever get the time to sew! I'd also love to learn to knit, so I can make my own soakers, which I'm addicted to buying! So cute. I also love wool wraps, too - KIWI PIE!

I have a BA in English worked as a copy editor for a few years, then we moved from south Florida to the Seattle area and I quit work to start "breeding!" I'd love to have 3, or possibly 4 kids. Who knows! We aslo have 2 dogs, Sally and Fergus. I've been married to my sweet computer geek DH, Jay, 34, for 7 years.

I'm the crunchy one in the family, DH is not, but "puts up" with me, and I have made him a little more crunchy over the years. For the MDC crowd, though, I'd probably only be in the 60-75% crunchy range!

Oh, Tina, I was going to say you're a leap year baby, but someone beat me to it!

Holli - I feel I am a yuppy-crunch, too! I drive an SUV, but if I could get a hybrid car that would fit two carseats, two dogs, a double stroller and all our other crap, I'd buy it!

Kathleen - I'm right with you on the English thing - I'm the queen of bad grammar and run-on sentences in my posts!

Paige - your reference to being an oatmeal cookie with Ghiradelli choc. chips made me want chocolate, and I'm currently out! .

That's all for now!

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I'm Tracy (35), PT-WAHM to Kayte (16), Collin (12), Kelsey (5) and Chloe (15 months). My DH, Gordon (39), is a financial analyst. Chloe is our last and I started CD'ing her as a way of spoiling her! I've been getting crunchier ever since and bringing DH with me!
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Hi! My name is Samantha (33). I'm a cloth diapering addict. I'm happily married to David (31). Our 10th anniversary is tomorrow (in like 10 minutes :LOL). I'm a SAHM of two and am expecting our third little wee one sometime in Mid-Sept.

I have need to finish like 1 semester of my double major degree (History and Literature), maybe someday I'll get around to it.

I've been around the cloth diapering online world for more than 3 years. We started when my DD was several months old. My DS has been CDed from birth (except those 2 days at the hospital). And Radish will be too. Looking back I wish we had started DD from the beginning, wouldn't have had to scrub so many infant outfits from BF poop explosions in disposibles. : I have pictures of our current and past stash in my sig line. I have difficulty selling off stuff, I'm a natural packrat and CDing doesn't seem to have escaped this trait. :LOL :LOL But I keep trying to thin the stash down.

I'm also addicted to using emoticons. I can't help it, they just help me 'express' my moods better.

We currently live in Houston, Texas where is it too d@mn HOT! We've discussed moving to the Austin area which is sooo gorgeous. DH is a dyed in the wool Texan through and through.

Becoming a parent has brought out my inner crunchiness. We practice a lot of AP lifestyle CD, BF (I tandemed until DD decided to wean), selective VAX and following our DCs cues. But I'm still 'mainstream' in many ways. Can't give up my SUV, we use it way too much in an off-road capacity to use a car or minivan. :LOL DH and I balance each other well. The more I read online, the crunchier I get. :LOL :LOL
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Originally Posted by momto3g3b
You're a leap-year baby ~ birthday on February 29th. That's my guess, anyhow.

You're absolutely right Kate! And as I age I love it more and more. I always wanted a baby on my birthday, but since that just went by and I'm not getting any younger I doubt its going to happen.
My DD was almost a leap year baby. She was born on the 28th though.
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Hi...I am Chelsea, 32 year old mama to 2 pretty terrific kids and one really annoying lab. I have been married to DH (Allen) for almost 8 years. DH is a computer guru....to me anyway. To the rest of the world he is a manager in a software company that designs optimization software for sawmills. Before being a mama I worked at the SPCA and a wildlife rescue place. I have a BSc. in Natural Resources Conservation.

I am about as crunchy as instant oatmeal. Ok...maybe more like brand name, mass produced granola. But I try. I breastfeed, DS weaned on his own (he prefered his milk to be mobile :LOL), we co slept with DS until he was ready to be in his own room, and now I cosleep with DD.

I am diapering DD, because 15 changes a day got expensive in sposies (she poops in TINY amounts all day long) and cloth is so cute. It is better for the environment, better for DD's bum and better for the wallet (supposedly...DH disagrees with this one).

We live on Vancouver Island, BC, mid-island. We picked the island as we both went to university here and love the environment, the lifestyle and the weather. My inlaws live 45 mins away, hence why I want to move to Victoria (south end of the island) soon....very very soon. Australia also sounds nice.
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