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well at least i'm not alone. i'm having awful m/s, wya worse than with Ds which was bad enough. i've been totally bedridden some days. i throw up almost every day, sometimes more than once and feel perpetually nauseus and exhausted. All that helps me is constant (I mean CONSTANT) snacks, lots of protein, lots of water. i'm trying those motion sickness bands too. It's incredibly hard to enjoy being pregnant right now.

I must say though, Dh is being wonderful, he is doing all the cooking, shopping and cleaning which I can't face, and gets up at 3am to cook me scrambled eggs! this is a time to practice asking for help, mamas.
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Boy did you say it. I'm asking for help big time lately. My dh is also being wonderful, which is really sweet because I am a hormonal monster, snappy and weepy. He's been taking dd out for hours at a time, just so I can lay there, watch TV, cry and dry heave. :
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Glad you're getting help, citygirl. I've just had the worst day ever, threw up 4 times so far . My dad came to visit and has taken Ds to the park and I was in tears it was such a relief. now Dh and I are here alone thinking, how many times have we been alone the last 2.5 yrs? And here I am feeling like s*** while he cooks.
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Four times! Ugh, you poor thing. Although I will say that I have so WISHED I could vomit several times. I even tried to force myself to, fingers down the throat and the whole bit. I can't throw up, and the nausea is so overpowering sometimes....

Feel better soon, everyone!
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My MW told me about a sucker called preggo pops- I have yet to try but she swears by them and said you can only get them online. I heard of another mama that used them and it was the only thing that worked. MS sucks! I find that vomiting works wonders! But you feel kinda bad sticking your finger in your mouth- but you feel so much better- such a chatch 22! I have also found that cold fruit and grapes are great, and if you drink lots of water it makes vomiting a lot easier!
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Also have you tried ginger peach tea?? It is soooo good, I loved it when I was preggo with DD1- I am looking for it again now! But I dont think I could just do ginger tea- nasty, but with peach flavor, to die for!
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Careful with the vomiting, mamas. The thing is once your body gets into that habit it can be really hard to stop, at least for me. Yesterday I could hardly keep anything down, including fluids, and I never felt relief after throwing up, just awful stomach pain/cramps. Some women end up in hospital because they get so dehydrated. Hoping for a better day for all of us today.
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Whatever you do, if you're looking for the Preggie Pops online, make sure you type in PreggIE pops, not PreggO pops into Google. Even with 'moderate safesearch' or whatever, you get links to explicit sites.

Some stores sell them, if you're in a large metropolitan area. Check the website to make sure.
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:LOL Kash I was oging to post the same thing about PreggO pops. Boy was that a shocker whan I googled that.

I have been trying to use mine but they are just too sweet and I can't handle anything sweet

A good shop online to get them is www.cottonbabies.com
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Apples saved my life the first time around. I think that's about all I ate for three months. I used to go outside and the fresh air would make me gag. Great. I spent a lot of time heaving in the parking lot at work. This time, touch wood, it seems much better. Brushing my teeth makes me gag (and hurl if I'm not careful) but otherwise I just feel yucky for about half the day. Apples still help, but they have to be hard and crunchy.

Sweet stuff is not cutting it for me, although I have a chocolate bar sitting on my desk calling my name...
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hi all, i haven't posted here before, but i'm due march or april, depending on when the babe wants to come out...i get the feeling she/he'll want to stay longer than 40 weeks, so i'm thinking it could go into april. but who really knows, since there seems to be a 9 week window of when normal deliveries take place!

anyway, for nausea, i'm craving mostly raw foods, especially almonds, apples, carrots. but also toasted sprouted bagels, and last night i was able to eat a whole bowl of pintos with cheese and chips! oh, and wild oats has these pure juice popsicles in long, skinny, clear, plastic sleeves like those nasty ones with the sugar and dye in them! yum! i just try to eat really simple foods, and drink lots of water and tea (rrl, red clover, nettles and mint).

the thing i do to avoid the nausea that's the best may sound pretty odd to some of you. it's one of the aryuvedic (e. indian) methods of body cleansing that i did before pg. upon rising (important that stomach is totally empty), i drink 32 oz of pure water. then i use two fingers and rub the back of my tongue and allow the gag reflex to bring the water back up. it helps the diaphragm relax, cleanses the lining of the stomach, improves digestion, cleanses the nasal cavities, cleanses the eyes, improves concentration. in addition to making sure to eat and drink enough quantity/quality food, i've heard it said that ms is caused by diaphragm tightness, which this addresses. but i've also heard it said that ms is caused by too much of the hormones released into the stomach which this would also deal with. i don't know the cause, i just know i have yet to throw up food, so it works for me! i know, it sounds weird to try to throw up on purpose, but it's totally different than it coming up when you don't want it to, or to have it include food. be forewarned, all you intrepid women that will be trying this in the morning :LOL , the diaphragm tends to hold emotions and these can be accessed by this, so don't worry if all of a sudden you have a flashback to some emotion you'd forgotten about, or some programming that throwing up is bad, it's just releasing and going away--good riddance!

i've also taken carbo veg 30c a couple times with good success, as well as making sure to take prenatals when i think i should instead of saying, oh, i'll remember to get to that later--maybe it's the vit b some of you mentioned?

also, the distraction thing works, like the pleasant surprise of a phone call from a girlfriend.

ultimately, i'm finding that really tuning into my body and finding what i'm really needing to eat is what's helped the most. i was laughing at myself yesterday b/c as i was trying to get myself to eat sprouts, which i'd loved eating in the past couple of days, my body clearly no longer wanted them: i was holding them in front of my mouth and it made me think of holding a bunch of worms and trying to convince myself to eat worms! it was just as gross! who needs 'fear factor' when there's 'pregnancy factor'!
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