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do you pick print based on baby's sex or your personality?

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i have a girl. i plan on having more kids in the future and often think about the print i am buying and if i would use it with a boy. i tend towards girly prints. love flowers, especially.

so, do you match your sling with the sex of your babe or your personal tastes?

does that make sense? would you put your boy in a big old flowery sling?
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That's a good question. I made a reversible ABC sling where one side is GN stripes--sort of muted jewel tones--and the other side is a dragonfly/ladybug print that I would call girly if not for the fact that DH picked it and plans to wear it himself I was hoping to strike a balance between "boyish" and "coordinating with my own wardrobe."
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I buy what I like and what matches our personalities. My son wears girly diapers (pink, flowers, whatever), and I let him play with dolls. He has slings and doll diapers. Plus my son has long hair and is fairly "pretty" so even dressed in all blue, people think he is a girl (maybe because I paint his toe nails if he wants and put his hair in a barrette if he wants--because I do). He is still all boy! Has not emasculated him. :LOL I do not genderize much, so I think it is great to let a boy ride in a flowery sling. My pouches are solid--one red, one black. But I would buy pink, purple, etc. too.

I say buy what makes you happy. If you like flowers, go for it. You have to wear it too. Not just your baby
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Totally by my personality. I'm not a big gender-specific person - my son wears pink dipes and flowered dipes, as well as baseball dipes and jeans. It never actually occured to me to pick a sling based on gender, lol! Of course, I have 2 mayas, a Taylor Made batik sling, and an Ellaroo, so they don't really lean one way or the other. When I get a Hotsling, though, I will pick based solely on what I like.
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I buy based on my personal taste. I just got my custom Kozy, and I'd say it's more of a girly print, even though I'll be wearing my son. Purple-ish and paisleys and flowery.

meco~ That's such a great attitude... I would love to buy more cutesy dipes for my ds, but dh on my one purple kissaluv I bought. Looks so cute on ds, though!
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interesting comments guys! not sure why, but that always crosses my mind when i am buying a new sling. it shouldn't, but it does. hopefully one day i will evolve into a more gender neutral thinking. i do love to see boys with their babies and slings. and abby has toy cars and trucks and tools, too. so maybe i am getting closer.
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Hmm... I guess when it comes to slings I choose what I personally like, what I would wear clothing wise!
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I would choose my sling based on my personal preferences, not my child's gender.
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Since I sort of see the sling as a fashion accessory to my outfit, I would match the sling to me, and whatever gender of child I had, I would put em in it!
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I do both -- pick patterns I like but that I consider okay for either gender. My Kozy is in a custom pattern that is green with waves and goldfish. My shopping cart cover is green sushi print. My MnM is a deep burgandy (gift). And I have a tattered Rev Jan that is an olive/khaki color.

If you like florals, lyou could ook for ones that strike you as less "girly." There are some fun Hawaiian print florals that have surfboards and stuff mixed in.
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So far I have picked patterns based on what I want to wear, not that dd is a girl. They've all been pretty gender neutral though - cream KKAFP, blue/purple-ish Maya wrap, blue batik hotsling, and blue/green stripe Kozy. I might think about it more if I had a boy, cause dh would freak if I put a boy in something really girly. I'm a little more funky than flowery though, so it probably won't ever be an issue.
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I have a hot pink sling with black star patches, and a lot of people assume Milo is a girl. Not a big deal!
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I got with colors that are more "me" than anything else. I am not really a print person at all though I love stripes (getting a stripped Kozy) so if I pick a print it is that and usually gn colors. My hotsling is aqua-ish and while I have a boy now if our next is a girl I will still totally use it. I wear a LOT of blue (aqua and baby blue) so it goes with my wardrobe.

When I can I go with natrual though. We have a natural Moby and have a natural PIP on the way.
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I have to agree that I see my pouch as more a fashion accessory for me that DC, as I am the one wearing it. So I usually purchase a baby carrier according to my tastes, to match my wardrobe.
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I choose based on the colors I love. #22 from MayaWrap.
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I guess I'm in the minority.... I saw one hotsling I liked but it was pink and (to me) too girly. I ended up with a blue one BUT it does have flower patterns (on both sides, reversable hotsling). So I striked a balance between blue (for my DS) and flowers for me I don't plan on more kids for a while but if I have a girl then my hotsling would work too
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I usually end up choosing for style purposes. Will it be universal? Will it look good with my clothes? Will hubby be ashamed to wear it? lol. THEN I might concider gender.
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I would not want to get too concerned about matching baby accessories, or clothes for that matter, to the 'rules' for baby's gender. I figure they will have the rest of their life to get indoctrinated into gender role stereotyping, I would rather it not start with me now.

Most people think my little girl is a boy, though...
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I picked based on my personal taste & which print I liked that would match my clothing.

I have a Kangaroo Korner padded sling that I sent in my own fabric for. I really like that it's something that I hand picked so it's really suited to my taste. It's a navy background with a white Hawaiian floral print. I also have a KK fleece pouch. It's a charcoal grey but I didn't get to pick since I bought it used.
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I pick for myself as well. Especially now during the summer when I wear basically tank tops, the sling is almost all others see on me.
I've got a light light blue kk pouch, a blue oxford sling (a discontinued kissasling so I'm not overly fond of print), and a multi-colored ellaroo wrap. Dd rides in all of them and is often mistaken for a boy when in blue.
Although an older man also mistook her for a boy when she was wearing a blue dress with bows and flowers on it because "back in his day, boys wore blue and girls wore pink." :LOL
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