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Grow Me A Rainbow

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I have four pre-fitted premium prefolds from Grow Me a Rainbow. Two are unbleached and two have fabric panels. Janette was super responsive and a pleasure to work with through the entire process of inquiring about an order to picking fabrics. Her work is beautiful and she even included an extra diaper (a "second" which she says has serging issues, but I can't tell!) and two flannel/terry wipes which match one of the prints I chose.

These have totally brought me back to feeling the prefold love!

I would encourage anyone to get in touch with Janette and watch for her work on eBay and MiddayFaire!

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I got some unbleached trimfolds and am really loving them. If you have always loved prefolds but just wished you didn't have the unecessary bulk of folding them down, this is a wonderful solution! I would have done this myself if I could sew, but I can't, so I was happy to find someone who will sell them this way!
The seams are nicely finished and secure looking (much more professional looking than I could even get a friend to do on a regular sewing machine) and having the extra right in the wet zone is soooo much better. It was just being wasted before, but now my wool soakers stay completely dry. I don't have to hang them to dry between changes anymore, just change the diaper and put the dry soaker back on! I don't have a really heavy wetter, though. He can wear a trimfold for 3 hours and you can hardly tell it's wet on the outside (he is completely dry the first two hours, so no, he's not being neglected ). I could probably go coverless with these now. I'd like to convert all my cpf's to these, but I guess shipping them back and forth is a bit expensive since prefolds are so heavy.
So yeah, I give these a huge thumbs up!
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I just got a rainbow 6 pack of Colorfold prefitteds for the baby-to-be and they are SO neat looking! I can't comment on the function yet, but they are very well-made and Janette was super easy to work with. These appear to be a wonderful alternative to prefolds- the leg elastic makes them seem almost like fitteds, but I'm sure they'll be way more adjustable than regular fitteds. Her prices are very reasonable, too, IMO. I'm going to send her the dozen infant pf's I have to be converted!
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Janette converted 2 dozen premium UBCPFs into prefitteds for me. They are serged in a rainbow of colors and are beautiful. The design allows for adjustability and they are idiot-proof. No folding skills needed.

She is very honest and pleasant. She even refunded us $4 when the shipping cost less than expected. She is great!
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I bought 1 prefitted (mermaid ) from MDF stocking & Janette was so quick with email & shipping! I'm soooo thinking about converting some prefolds!
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I got an infant haloween one from midday faire- it is soooo dang cute, I am hooked. I just bought a rainbow sixpack Now I just need a baby!
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I bought 2 fab fold prefitteds on whim because they were going incredibly cheap on an ebay auction. I didn't expect to like them so much. I am really impressed! I use dritz pins with them and they fit just as well as some of my favorite fitteds! The reise is nice and long, so they will fit him for a long time, I imagine. Very well made and the prints on my fab folds are so pretty too. I really like GMAR prefitteds
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I have had six premium colorfold prefitteds for well over 6 months now and they are our nighttime system! They are wearing well, even with frequent washing, and I just love them.

I just ordered 3 dozen infant colorfold prefitteds in infant size for my baby due at the end of September.
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I ordered 4 fitted diapers from GMAR and they are WONDERFUL. The customer service is so fantastic, and Janette answered a bunch of my questions. She is lovely. My daughter hasn't leaked through one of her diapers yet, and they prints are adorable. Love the doublers, too - very nice!

All in all, a fantastic and affordable diapering system that allows you artistic leeway without needing to remortgage the house to afford it.
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I have about 20 of these!!! Some basic gmar rainbow prefitteds, and some fab bfitteds with inserts. great diapers, awesome prints. and fantastically afforadable.
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I was able to snag a rainbow of velour wipes from the HC a couple months ago. These wipes are beautifully dyed and sewn. They are flawless! They have replaced all our old wipes and we use them every day and they are still as vibrant as the day we got them. Excellent stuff they make
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