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ischial spines?

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I read that an "experienced practicitioner" can feel them from inside the vagina. Well, then, can I feel them myself? What do I feel for? Just boney protrusions through the vaginal wall on the sides?

Basically I'm curious about the difference between "dropped" and "engaged" and how to tell exactly how low into the pelvis that head is.
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An easier way to tell if baby is engaged is if you can move baby's head in the pelvis from the outside. If not, it's typically engaged.

Really, first babies are the only ones that regulary engage before labor.

I never feel for engagement - and never feel for the ischial spines. In most women, it's hard to feel them and you only know you're there because the mom feels an electric type shock when you touch them. In some women, they really protrude, but it's not the norm.

I usually just feel for where I feel babies head in the vaginal canal - how low it is based on where my fingers are when I touch the baby's head.
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Can't answer the dropped vs. engaged question, but I know that when you do a vag. exam, you can feel the ischeal spines at 4:00 and 7:00...(if you are picturing the vagina as a clock...KWIM? ) It didn't hurt me when I felt mine, just felt a little strange. and yes, it just feels like a bony protrusion in the vag. walls. HTH...
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