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as a long time UTI sufferer (pre-baby i'd get one just about every time i had sex!!! - but having the baby has done wonders for stretching me out down there so now i'm doing much better) and someone who has researched - and tried - just about every conventional and holistic method for treating one i think i can add my two cents:

- i drink tons of water as soon as i feel one coming on. if i don't feel better 24 hours after this attempt at flushing it all out, i assume it's a UTI and head to the doctor's office for a culture

- ALWAYS culture before taking antibiotics. never self-diagnose.

- while there are several herbs that work great at reducing pain and infection, sometimes antibiotics are the only option when it's deep rooted. for these times i always use herbs in conjunction to supply a balance.

- antibiotics often cause a yeast infection, especially if you're susceptible (lowered immunity/pregnant, poor diet, etc. etc.) so make sure to include cultured foods in your diet. some good choices are live yogurt, homemade kefir, lacto-fermented vegetables and drinks. avoid sugar and junk food while healing.

and there's no reason to have a catheter to dx a UTI - a culture works as long as the lab looks for actual high levels of bacteria growth along with an elevated white blood cell count.

i've got more tips up my sleeve but those are the most important.