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**DONE** Blue Moon, Beginning of August: Chat Thread

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This recap will be short and sweet as I too have a mind like a sieve.

Most importantly:

Lena birthed Sara May
Laurie is in active labour
and Katje is missing in action.

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Laurie, best wishes for a smooth labour.

I'm having trouble typing because I have a debilitating headache. Any tips on how to deal? I had to go back to bed before noon.

Can someone clarify the dropping process for me? The other night my baby went into wickedly violent spasms that in turn caused my legs to buckle. Yesterday, s/he barely moved at all. Today, I can feel him/her, but s/he is way low. My belly feels mushy where it used to feel hard and full of baby. Is that dropping?
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I can hardly handle the excitement!!! Laurie must be thrilled! I know last time she had a pill of a situation with the water going before she was ready!

Ohhhhhhhhh babies are commmmmming!!!!

Kimberly and Katie who is asleep in the sling on my chest with milk breath
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Um, I can't remember my online banking password. Please tell me that this will come back to me.
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...Laurie...alright!! Happy Labor vibes to you!!!!
This is getting so exciting..I keep getting goosebumps everytime I log on here!!!

Dodo...all I can do for you is ...I sooo KWYM....
The dropping issue...all I know as since mine has really dropped this past week, I am far beyond comforatble and I also have mushy where once was baby....believe me when I say I feel like I have a beachball between my legs...hth on the dropping info....

please please hang with me friends..I am so sick and tired of editing my posts..the typos are just gonna stay..I am not kidding I have dyslexic fingers at this point....
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Go Laurie! How exciting!

Don't know anything about dropping. Haven't had it happen either time (yet...) But, my baby just had some majorly violent spasming waaay up high, over my ribs. Kind of freaked me out, but it's been more normal movement since then so I'm calmer now.

Hope your headache clears up, Dodo! Low lights, warm bath (not too hot though), some chamomile tea may help.

And, Kimberly, maybe you missed it. I'm looking for a super cute changing pad. Have any recommendations?
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Oh Caroline
yes I stareted the EPO yesterday and it is very messy inside now.....you got that right....CNMW said it goes right to work on where it needs to when you insert it so we will see....
I ma very uncomfortable to day and having one heck of a contraction as we speak....whew...
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Could AP be next? I wonder... MamaDaednu, are you out there?

Caroline, I'm not sure if this is what you mean, but I like the look (and price) of the Kooshies/Kushies changing pads. Haven't tried them, but am keeping them in mind should the need arise.

I called the bank to replace my password. Then I called dh to tell him to come home ASAP, because I'm losing the ability to think and should not be left alone with a small child.
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I am home alone! And what am I doing? Lol, I can't seem to stay off the computer today. Oh well, the dishes are done, I have laundry going, everything else is pretty much done and no toddler to chase after, so I'm going to enjoy this quiet time! I've been on another board checking to see if anyone has had their babies. Can't wait to hear how Laurie is making out (and Katje for that matter)!! I'm hoping the moon will do it for me too

Apmama, are you putting the capsules right in or just the oil? I've debated about doing it internally down there, but since I have no one to "guide me", I'm not sure other than taking them orally.

Oh, and about dropping, can you "drop" then have it come back up again? The baby was way down there before now it seems like it has bobbed back up as I can't breathe again, having heartburn all the time again and I'm not having much pelvic pain. I was so hopeful with the baby so low, now I wonder.
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I'm inserting my capsules right inside. Actually, DH does it. We sterilize a needle, poke a hole in it, and then he guides it up as high as he can. With just straight oil, I'm not sure how you'd do that. A turkey baster? LOL. Or if you have a spermicide foam applicator, that might work. Very messy, but would work. Capsules really are the best method.

Hope you're going into labor, Traci! I'm crossing my fingers for you!
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Oh, and Dodo, I checked out the Kushies pads. They look nice, but maybe bigger than I want. I just need a portable pad for our diaper bag. I got a cute purple backpack with a few different pockets, so I'd like something that would fit inside and maybe match, too.

And, by the way, every time we change threads, people always say something about "we're up to 8 pages". I must have my settings different than everyone else, cause I"m only on four pages each time. But, boy are we chatty the past few days!
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Yes, just putting the capsules right in..CNMW said they would melt away with body temp and go to work.

No, No Dodo and Caroline..I am not next....just tired and uncomfortable...BH yes...but nothing doing.....

ok this is turning out to be a Dodo Caroline Traci thread...:LOL.....

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Caroline: I have a changing pad from http://www.tydytykes.com and it matches the custom diaper bag she made for me. I think http://www.littlelily.com makes them too? I dunno?
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just checking in - trying to work on a web page between painting the bedroom and a playdate. Trying to keep my brain busy since my body isn't
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Hi ladies. Yay! Laurie. Just back from the doctor. In order for them to release us at 24 hours past birth I had to agree to bring her to the base hospital to have her bilirubin level checked before weekend so just in case she got jaundice we'd know and not be stuck over the weekend, She was fine. She's getting milkies already so she's doing good. She is such a good sleeper. DH and I can hardly get over how different of a baby she is than DS. DS has always been very high needs.

I love reading all the excitement. This is so cool that some of you will have babies soon. Then the coolest part is that we will just keep have the excitement of babies arriving all the way into Sept! I can't wait to read each and every birth story.

Happy birthing vibes and baby growing vibes to all
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Another baby!

Lauries baby daughter was born at 2:05 this afternoon!

Thats pretty much all I know, but I am sure Laurie will be home tomorrow and able to give all the details!
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Thanks, Lynsey, for keeping us up to date. Send our congratulations to Laurie!

I'm starting to wonder if I had a brain aneurysm. I took dd to the Y for a swim and for the life of me I couldn't figure out how to snap up my bathing suit. Then I walked her to the pool, losing control of my legs when, every couple of steps, the baby would kick.
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Dodo - I couldn't help laughing when I read your brain problems. Mine is just as bad as yours. I swear, I hear something and can't remember it 5 minutes later. It's just terrible.

Thank you for sharing the news Lynsey. I'm looking forward to hearing about Laurie's birth.

We've got 3 girls now. When are some boys coming? Surely we're not all having girls. But most of those who found out the sex were having girls. Don't know what I'm having. Only have a first name for a girl and no names for a boy. I've gone back and forth on whether I think s/he's a boy or a girl.
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I finally spoke with Laurie and recieved permission to post a few details about her baby and the birth.

Gabriella was 9 lbs 7 oz (!) and 20.5 inches long with a head full of hair. Her delivery went perfect and big sister, Breaunna, was able to be in attendance, as well as quite a few other people from what I understand!

Laurie said her midwife was wonderful and never left her side. She got everything she wanted.
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WOWSERS!!! 9 lb 7 oz is AWESOME!!! YAY!!! I'm so excited for her!!
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