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Hi Ladies,
WOW! :girlpin I am still blown away by all the girls that are being born... amazing. And Melissa, CONGRATS again on Nora's birth! I'm so happy that the birth was what you wanted this time around...

Daednu-You're reminding me of that precious new baby smell...

Katje-We thought maybe you were in labor...soon, mama...

Laurie-So happy for you! And sorry to hear that she broker her collarbone-I've heard of this and didn't know what the treatment was for a newborn. Apparently, just a lot of TLC...

Cheryl-Sounds like some of that discharge is your mucous plug... I know it can come out in lots of different ways for different women. Some lose it all at once and it's really what it sounds like-a big, mucous-y blob, others lose bits and pieces, and some, I think, start with a discharge-type thing...I know that first babies are notoriously late, but that doesn't mean anything, really. I was late with #1, but only by 4 days... your baby could be coming... Oh, and let's hope that we are both heading in the right direction...D

Ketilave-Yes, we are tired,too, of all the storms. Every night DS asks, "Will there be thunder tonight, mommy?"

Dodo- I'm so sorry you're going through all this with your DD...Sounds so incredibly difficult. Can you get some help these next few weeks? Have you thought about taking her to the doc or your practitioner? I know some severe tantrums can be brought on by physical stuff...Remind me how old your DD is???

Magemom-Yes, it must be hard to think about having another when one of yours is having a hard time-especially a hard time like Dodo is having...

Caroline-I like your shameful admission! Enjoy it while it lasts! I grew up Catholic, but I do not practice any religion now. I'm sure a certain contingent of my family would be THRILLED if the pregnancy brought on an uncontrollable desire to be in a church!!

Yeah, Kimberly, what's UP with all this PINK????? Happy 2 week b-day to Katie!!

Okay, ladies, I think that's it for me. I have a few things to do and it's already 10:30. I keep thinking that I'll just go to bed these nights when DS does, but I can't. I don't want to only have 1-2 hours of sleep and then go into labor at any given moment... Some more cramping tonight...Who knows?? The doc I like is on-call on Tuesday, so perhaps this babe will wait until then??? Tomorrow I bring DS to the dentist for the first time. If that doesn't send me into labor, I don't know what will :
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It's so exciting to check in every now and then on this board and see what's going on! How fun about all the baby girls.

Dh and a group of our friends threw a surprise shower for me tonight - and it was a *total* surprise!! Had lots of fun, and as we are the last in our little group to have a baby, they all had good advice and fun stories to tell. A few grandma's were there, and they both predicted from the shape of my tummy that it's a girl!! We'll see.

Well I wonder who's next, sounds like a few of you are on the way to being the next one!

Have a good peaceful night everybody.
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Just checking in quick need to get to bed....
Melissa so happy for you!!!!

Nada going on here still.....
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After pains

OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having so many. You know, I can stand the contx. when it's to get the baby here, but this is just rediculous : I litterally have to breathe through them. The milk is in! :2bfbabe: She is doing so much better than my DD #1 ever did. I feel really blessed. We went to church this morning. I felt so thankful to be holding a precious HEALTHY baby in my arms. I am certainly hormonal and on the brink of tears. I just feel so grateful for how wonderful the whole experience has been. Praise God!

Again, I promise the birth story will be up by tomorrow and a new sigi with a link to pictures too.

Have a great evening ladies and Gentle Labor Vibes to everyone really ready for thier babe!

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Originally Posted by MamaDaednu
Hey katje, where's that script? I'd love to give it a go.
you have to be a member of the hypnobabies yahoo list, but if you pm me your email address i'll forward you my MSWord document copy (but don't tell on me, OK? ;-)

lots more of nothing today... contract, contract, contract, but nothing comes of it. maybe i'm insane but we're gonna try to go to the zoo tomorrow morning... my sister made me promise to rent a wheelchair if i get tired.

every day is one day closer to meeting this little one... i just wish i could tell if it was three days or fourteen! *sigh*

madrone, that whole washing saga really, REALLY makes me appreciate my little laundry set-up in my basement. hope you are taking it easy now...

dodo, my heart goes out to you. there WILL be an end to the tantrums... maybe go to the life with a toddler boards for some inspiration?

time for bed... sleep well, ladies!

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Okay, this will probably be another one of my long, rambly posts, but I'm kind of scared, so please bear with me.

Last pregnancy, at 38 weeks, I was at the midwife's office on a Tuesday. I'd been having a lot of swelling (although it had been going on for months), slowly elevating BP, that day it was 140/89, and was spilling +3 protein and high ketones (don't remember the level). They drew blood, tested me for uric acid, which is an early indicator of kidney failure, which is associated with pre-eclampsia. The next day, Wednesday, they called me in for an induction based on my uric acid level - which was 7. I had a 36 hour induction, lots of pitocin, topping off at 29 mg, was on magnesium sulfate, which I later learned is given to women who go into preterm labor to STOP labor, but was given to me to prevent seizures and other pre-eclamptic symptoms. After 35 hours of pain free laboring (thank you HypnoBirthing!), I was told that if I did not progress in one hour, they would have to deliver my baby by cesarean. I was at about 5 cm, only 50% effaced, water manually broken for 18 hours, and I'd been stalled for nearly 12 hours. My BP kept going up and down throughout, peaking at 220/160, which is when they called the cesarean. The final hour, while I waited for the cesarean, was the most excruciating pain of my life, and I know it was because I was no longer able to relax through this ridiculously hard pitocin induced contractions. So, I practically begged them to cut me open and get this baby out.

Fast forward 3 years. I'm 38 weeks tomorrow. I have an appt with the midwife on Tuesday (the same day of the week as my last appt which set the wheels in motion for my cesarean). I'm scheduled to have some bloodwork done, which I've procrastinated about. I need to go to the lab to get this bloodwork done, since the nurse at the office has to poke me 4+ times before she can get any blood out of me, and I won't let her do that anymore. All of a sudden, this week, I'm swollen up beyond reason. Tonight, my husband was giving me a foot massage, and he was rubbing my ankle pretty vigorously, trying to push the fluid up my leg, and he left a deep thumb impression in my ankle. I saw it and burst into tears. Pitting edema. My blood pressure has been mostly good, although for my NST last week, it was 130/80, which the nurse assured me was fine. Awfully close to 140/89 though. I'm scared to death. This seems like history is repeating itself to me.

All along, I've had this strong sense that this baby would arrive on August 7, which is Saturday. If I were to have a repeat of last time, I'd get the blood work on Tuesday, find out I need to be induced on Wednesday, and then have my child delivered on Friday. But, bloodwork seems to come back slower around here, so they may not get back to me until Thursday, which would have the baby delivered on Saturday.

Am I making any sense? I'm awfully emotional right now. Darn these hormones!

I keep reminding myself of the positives. I was not at all dilated last time until I went on pitocin, and I only ever made it to 50% effaced. This time I'm already 1 1/2 cm dilated, and 70% effaced. I'm using EPO vaginally, taking 5W, and getting nightly applications of hubby's prostaglandins (even though it's horribly uncomfortable and requires a LOT of pillows!). I've been having quite a few contractions already, which I didn't have last time which really encourages me.

What should I do? Should I call the midwives/OB in the morning and tell them about the pitting edema, so that when I get my bloodwork done (which I really should do tomorrow), they can also test for uric acid? Or should I wait and just tell them on Tuesday? Should I mention this edema? Or is it normal?

I'm scared, confused, and impatient. I'm sick and tired of being sick (which today I puked up two meals!) and just hate that one day I feel fine, and the next, I'm not. I feel like a manic depressive/bulemic, constantly happy/sad/puking. Driving me up a wall. I want my body back! Although, I'm still nursing my almost three year old, so I do have some recognition that I won't actually get my body back, just won't be vomiting and the hormonal mess I am will slowly fade over the next several months. Give me some prolactin, please! I need that calming sensation again!

And, on another note, what the heck is a lavoir? Is it a laundromat? I've been scratching my head over this one, and too lazy to research it myself. Whatever it is, it sounds just dreadful, and I'm sorry you have to deal with it, Madrone.

Okay, off to try and relax.
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Dodo - I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. My little guy has had an increase in tantrums also. It seems like quite a few others have complained also of that. It's probably because of the changes that they see and don't quite know how it will work out. I'm hoping that after we work through the transition of a new baby, DS will have fewer tantrums. I haven't been as gentle to him as I normally am (not that I'm mean but I seperate myself from him a lot now instead of talking about his feelings)during this period also, so I really hope we will go back to our relationship a number of months ago.

Caroline - Hugs to you - I don't know what to tell you on the pre-e fear, swelling, and asking whether to have your uric acid tested. Have you done anything too active to cause you to swell more? Some swelling is normal at this point. Do you feel as bad this time as you did last time when you had pre-e? Because I thought people with pre-e felt bad. But your blood pressure wasn't bad last time until they induced you. Maybe the puking yesterday was more about an upcoming delivery than morning sickness. I know I felt nauseous yesterday. But I've been one of those who has thrown up occasionally for the past 8 months. I'm hoping that Laurie or someone can give you some good advice because I really don't know very much about pre-e.

And I guess I thought people would know what a lavoir was even though I only know a French word for it. A lavoir is where women used to go do the laundry before home laundry facilities. I do have a washing machine and a dryer in our outdoor bathroom, but I have French machines and it's not like I can wash some things in there.

The Roman lavoirs of Provence have a very large cover over them and they are above ground. Clean and clear water always runs through on a longer angle. They have on either one or both sides, a part that is not in the water where women washed the clothes. Here's a picture of one: http://www.beyond.fr/villphotos/celleP08.html Since they are covered and the cover is so large, most people would leave there clothes there hanging for a while to make them a bit lighter to carry home.

The Celtic lavoirs of Brittany are below ground level, so the woman cannot stand in a comfortable position like while using the Roman lavoirs. Here's a postcard on e-bay of one: http://cgi.ebay.fr/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...ayphotohosting
Since that is e-bay and the auction is coming up soon, that link will disappear quickly. Celtic lavoirs are more like in-ground shallow pools. They are much harder to use than the Roman ones, in my opinion, but the Roman ones are the first ones I learned on. You can see the box that I was using as a toy box in the photo. The woman kneels on a small pillow in the box to keep from getting wet. It also makes it much easier on the back and just entirely more comfortable. I'm glad the neighbor noticed mine and told me what it was for. There is also a wooden wheel barrow type of cart needed that is actually placed in the lavoir. You can see one that is sitting on the outside of the photo. The clothes are washed on the cart. I don't have the cart, so I had to be careful about letting my very heavy pillows touch the bottom of the lavoir and stir up dirt. The Roman ones are entirely stone. The Celtic ones generally have dirt bottoms. But, no matter what, they become not very clean unless they are maintained and finding maintained ones these days is difficult.

There are two not even a quarter mile from my house, but an old woman that we talk to often told my DH for me to not use those but this other one that is probably a mile away. One of those, I would not have even dreamed of using because of it being so unclean. There is a neighbor that has started trying to clean it. But it still needs a lot of work. DH drove me in our bus to the one that the old lady recommended and played with DS while I washed since the things would be too heavy for me to carry back. DH did end up helping me with the pillows though. We know of one an hour and a half away that an old lady still uses as her only way of doing laundry. That one is exceptionally clean because of her. It's the lack of use of them that has caused so many of them to become dirty. They do maintain themselves if they are used constantly. I washed with savon de Marseille, which pretty much is what has been used in them since forever. I have thought for the past two years that I'm going to have to take my house rugs there sometime to wash. After washing the pillows, I dread the thought of doing my rugs. But that's the only way I'll be able to get them clean. The rugs will get so much heavier than the pillows got and they were ridiculously heavy.
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I do not have any words of wisdom on the whole preclamp-e/pitting edema but just wanted to send you just keep thinking positively...you realy have made progress this time!
and I bow to you for having the ability to get the prostaglandins from dh as after we tried that a few days ago, I was in soo much pain the next day it was unbearable. I think it is from my pubic shear inflammation. I have been to afraid to try that again...I know it would help..but ouch...ouch.... ouch.....

well today I start the EPO every 8 hours
tomorrow is my EDD
baby kept me up all early am movin' and a groovin' in there sooooo

I am like Katje...I wish I knew if I had 1 more day or 14 more days at this point...soon to be joining all you OD mammas.....
I think I will start incorporating a morning walk everyday this week too...
and prayers that my Thurday office appt will never be.....

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Thread Starter 
Caroline, I think it's normal for you to stress out at this time. Could you keep the appt., but spend Monday relaxing and trying to decrease the swelling, maybe by floating in a pool and drinking lots of nettle tea? If it does come down to an induction, are there tips for a more successful one?

Laurie, I forgot to say that I was sorry to hear about the breaking of your baby's collarbone. I know that there have been other MDC moms with the same experience.

Bears, dh and I were thinking about taking dd to her 3-year-old well-baby visit in order to discuss the tantrums, but we weren't sure if that was appropriate or what.

Magemom, it's funny that you should tell me about your own challenges, because at times I'd find myself thinking I'm having trouble with one and she's on her way to five, why am I complaining?

Madrone, thanks for the lavoir explanation. All I can find as a translation is wash-house. It seems like the original laundry basin, no?

OK, wish me luck today. Dd isn't up yet, but she had a great evening last night. I am hopeful.
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Caroline: Hugs, sweetie! Pre-e is so scary, as we all know. SOME swelling is fine. Localized, below the mid-shin edema, can be okay too. It tends to be more of an issue when the edema goes above the mid-shin into the upper calf/knee area and into the hands and face and other body parts (for me breasts/belly)

For me, I would go in and be 100% upfront about your fears and request the extra bloodwork. The thing is, not knowing about your levels doesn't make you less sick if you do have pre-e. It just makes you sick and unaware. The more information you have about your standing with pre-e, the better prepared you are to make good decisions to prevent permanent kidney and liver damage in YOU. And of course, to prevent seizure, stroke, and/or death to both you and your baby.

It's tempting to deny the symptoms of pre-e (I know I wanted to!) but I just had to keep reminding myself that if I ignored them, it didn't mean I wasn't still in pre-e. It just meant I was being ignorant and foolish and putting myself at risk unnecessarily.

Anyway, that's not supposed to come across harsh, I just had to be harsh with myself to keep myself on top of the pre-e and not in denial.

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dodo - hang in there. My neighbours would just call the police - they've done it about dogs barking and mine are indoors! I definitely argree/believe that the kids sense what is going on and our low tolerance is also natures way of helping us separate some so we can focus on the newbies without too much guilt. I'm sorry about your DH saying that; if he is anything like mine he thinks after he speaks... I told DH today that if I am pg again anytime in the near future I worry I would be suicidal. My body is physically overdone.

Tiff - it's the "little" things like that when I can deal with the "convenience" of life in the States.

Caroline - Lots of hugs! If you are concerned you need to discuss it with someone but experience and the lessons you have learned will empower you to take control of this birth.

off to the grocery store - how long before I will be able to take a 2yo, 1 yo and a NB to the store. What a thought!
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Originally Posted by mommycaroline
And, on another note, what the heck is a lavoir? Is it a laundromat? I've been scratching my head over this one, and too lazy to research it myself. Whatever it is, it sounds just dreadful, and I'm sorry you have to deal with it, Madrone.
That's exactly what I was thinking! It sounds rough. I feel pretty spoiled with my little laundry room around the corner of my kitchen. Sometimes these days I even complain about that because I get acid reflux bending over to lift the dry clothes out of the dryer so I make dh do it.

traci, good idea on the morning walk. Now that I'm a stay at home mommy Maybe, I can do that too!

Ketilave, I have the same fears about taking 2yo and nb to the store. I couldn't imagine 3.

Right now Ben is sitting on his big bounce ball like it is a birth ball and he is being so silly and he doesn't even know I'm watching. This is one of those rare moments that I can grin about. I can totally relate with the out of control moments though. It is so embarassing when other people get involved because they don't know what is going on or what you're doing to try to fix it. They just see or hear snippets.

Update on me...I feel silly because last night I actually thought I might be in labor. After 4 contractions that lasted 1 minute. I know what I gun jumper I am. But these contractions HURT more than any bh I have had before. They were different: low, very intense that I had to breath deeply and close my eyes, the other bh's only lasted 30 seconds. And I just had a feeling...so much for that. I had like 45 minutes of this then it stopped and then they were irregular for an hour. ug. I feel silly. I even called my mom at 10:30 to tell her that I might be in labor. bad call. I know she's probably biting her nails anxiosly waiting. I was telling dh, if I was one of those "go to the hospital as soon as I think I might be in labor" kind of people, I probably would have gone last night. But I'm not. I want to labor at home for as long as possible. I'm glad because I would have had a big ole false alarm last night.

I am 37 weeks and a few days now. I guess I'm can relate to the fears of history repeating itself as well, Bears. I desperately want labor to happen on its own. I am so afraid of another painful induction. (I had low waters at 10 days past edd) I can give you some encouragement about the sudden swelling. I have it too. I mentioned it to the doc at last appt. It wasn't pitting though. He said the baby is laying on a vein that prevents blood flow to the feet and legs and that is what is causing it. My feet are soooooo huge (as you may remember from my Sunday morning post) and "propping them up" like everyone who *tries to be helpful says doesn't help. I have to lay flat on my back and it is as though I feel instant releif of the pressure on my feet and ankles. Maybe you could try laying down for 20 minutes or so throughout the day to see if the swelling feels better. I am too impatient to do that though so I get inverted toe wrinkles before I know it. I noticed that none of the fruit juiced that we mentioned before like grapefruit, lemon, and pineapple or watermelon help me they seem to just make it worse. So water water water water is all I ever do. I am so tired of spilling icey cold water down my boobs. It seems to always happen when I'm wearing a stretch camisole top. brrr.

OH my this post is getting long.

I wanted to share that I'm finally through with my student teaching, ds is OUT of day care for good, and I'm a stay at home mommy now. I have never done that before and I'm looking forward to it. So far so good right? Ben has been watching PBS all morning so I could sleep a bit on the couch. Hee hee. I'll cut off the tv soon and do some reading and art. That will be fun.

Doesn't it seem like yesterday that I was just dreaming of graduation and ketilave's little girl was just a baby? Now she's turning one and I'm through with school and so many of you have had so many other changes as well. Did quite a few of us move during this pregnancy??? I know I did. Who cleaned houses? Wouldn't that stink if you were still doing that? I can barely bend over to mop once a week. sigh. What a wonderful group we have to share our pregnancy and births with.

I am going to teach dh how to log on and post for when I have the baby because I know I'm not going to feel like sitting at the computer for a while after labor. I don't know how you other ladies are doing it.

I really need to go now. Thanks if you are still reading .
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(edited to add: I think it was a false alarm. I layed down for a while and nothing came out. Darn. I'm glad I didn't get too excited about it )

I *think* my water may have broken! We were shopping and I went to the washroom and my underwear were soaked and I did not pee myself (for once, lol! Plus it was further back than when I wet). I put a prefold in there and finished up shopping. When I got home, there wasn't much on the diaper (probably less than an hour), so I'm not going to be too concerned until something more starts happening. I am GBS+ so I'm not going to wait too long though. I'm strangely calm about it now .

As a side note, I _finally_ picked up a box of RRL tea just before this happened. I think I'll brew a cup and wait and see what happens!
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hi all! So sounds like a lot of us are having some false alarms! Darn that labor, such a tease! Well I woke up yesterday at about 4 am with pretty painful, regular contraction for about an hour. Thought it might the real thing for a while there, but nope they went away. For the rest of the day I had them off and on, but not very painful. I even tried walking around the mall to see if that would get the party started, but no dice! Oh well, at least *something* is happening. With ds there was hardly a peep from my uterus until I was jacked up on pitocin, so this is exciting for me!

bwylde: Maybe you should go see your practioner and have the fluid checked out, just in case.

christine: It does seem hard to believe how quickly things have happened. I feel like we were all just talking about when we would start showing and feel our babies moving! Glad you are enjoying being a stay-at-home mom and congrats on graduating!

Caroline: sorry you are having so much stress right now I have no wisdom to add, but I think you've gotten some good advice from others. Good luck.

So who's gonna be next? We need some boys around here Ok, gonna go congratulate Melissa on her baby girl!
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I *think* I am having some back labor, not sure at all, but the baby has been moving so much today and I am so uncomfortable in my lower back and it feels like the sides of my body are being stretched to he max...I posted this in the pg forum to get some feedback from those who have had back labor....
off to call my doula....

How are you doing Carla?? Still leaking?

Christine..enjoy your new title of SAHM...good for you!!!!
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Carla.... thinking of you leaky mama!

We did the outlet mall today! It felt SO good to be out shopping, even if NOTHING fits right! Wow, my boobs are HUGE and my belly is a big saggy mess, but that's okay.

Katie did great, dh wore her in the sling (AP Babyspace) and then we stopped at Booksamillion and I nursed her in a comfy chair and read US weekly (trashy mag! Loved it). I actually wore a nursing shirt which made it soooo discreet! I was really comfy and felt very unexposed, which is good. I hated NIP with Libby because my belly flab showed when I lifted my shirt... I finally got some nursing shirts a few months ago and I'm so thankful I did!

All we ended up getting at the mall was lunch LOL but that's okay It was really good from LaSalsa Fresh Mexican... yummmmmy! They have this mango salsa that is to DIE for. I stand at the salsa bar and just pile it up and up and up and up! YUMMY.
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caroline, are you visiting the vbac forums? they might have some more support along the lines of getting past the scary stuff... i know that when i've done doula work for vbac moms, the challenge is getting past the point they were at before... and you have so many hurdles to pass! but YOU CAN DO THIS! even if you wind up with another induction and c/sec, you WILL BE FINE... you are strong and healthy, your baby is doing great, and you will find the resources within yourself to deal with whatever lessons and adventures this pregnancy is going to give you. sometimes things don't go the way we want them to, and that's OK... what really matters, in the long run, is how we cope and use our resources to make the best decisions possible under the circumstances. and that's exactly what you're doing! we're so proud of you... you're asking the right questions and thinking things through carefully. hang in there and keep us posted, honey!

bwylde, i've had a few times where i've wondered if my water was broken... i think it was really just a whole bunch of sweat (i know, sweating down there?!)... because nothing else happened, and it didn't smell. who knows? but if it keeps on leaking even if you're not walking around, i'd think about having it checked... good luck!

jilly, it's great that you're excited about these contractions! i'm starting to get really irritated with mine... and it's good to put it back into perspective: my uterus is revving up for the big day, and all these practice contractions are good for me! the system is working like it should, and i just need to relax and go with the program. thanks for the reality check!

christeeny, welcome to SAHM land! you'll do great!

ap and others trying to get dh's donations of prostaglandins: we are using LOTS and LOTS of lube... i mean it, don't stint on this! it makes all the difference in the world. as far as pubic shear (ow! that hurts even to write it!), i'd make dh donate in a paper cup and do some sort of turkey baster thing.

madrone, thanks for the anthro lesson... very cool! although i'm afraid my rugs would never get clean... i'd hang them and beat them, but if i got them wet i'm afraid they'd disentegrate completely.

well, i was up from about 3 to 7 a.m. with regular, can't-sleep contractions. very low and achey, different from b/h but who knows if they are doing anything. i did get an hour or so of snoozing once they calmed down, and then asked my sister to haul my kids to the movies so i could have a nice quiet house for a while (it's like 100 degrees out there, so the zoo was out of the question). threw up my breakfast, though, which sort of ruined my peace. so i'm consoling myself with an hour online, spending it with you lovely ladies!

the contractions have started up again, tho not as intense as when i was lying down. i think i'll do some knitting on the birth ball, which will put things more forward and use gravity better (i'm lounging in my recliner right now). it feels like they are getting more regular, though i've tried to avoid timing them... i just want to ignore them, and then be surprised when i'm... whoops! all of a sudden complete and ready to push! (ha ha ha... i know, i can dream, can't i?)

dh made a blueberry pie, and he put the piebird in, with the words "come out!" in pastry around it. very cute!

baby is nice and wiggly, i'm about ready to think about eating again, and i'm wondering who will be next...

hugs to all of us! we are the living doorways for the next generation, and we are doing such a great job!

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kimberly, we cross-posted... i'm glad to see you're out and about already, but please take it easy, momma!

so where did you get plus-sized nursing shirts that you like? i've never owned a nursing shirt in my life, but might consider treating myself...

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Just got an excersize ball - wow, does it ever feel good to sit on it. Totally eases the pelvic pressure.

So other than sitting/gently bouncing on it, what other excersizes have any of you felt to be comfy/helpful at this stage of the pregnancy.

Nursing shirts - I've tried on about 7 or 8, but I'm afraid they will gape when I'm not paying attention, like if my shirt shifts or something. At least the ones with the so called "concealed slits" in them. Would love to find something that i wouldn't have to think about.
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No time for a baby here

So you guys can have all the labor vibes. I need to wait at least till after 9am Aug 16 for anything to start. Today's drama is 2 yo's face is swollen AGAIN. Took him to the dentist this time and his molar is 'something' but what he did was put the metal pokey tool on his tooth and puss came out. Ick! Out it comes Friday. The office was teasing about me delivering there and I said that would really be a differnt kind of extraction!
Good news? is the appointment I tried to take 12 y/o to was really for Wednesday not today so I had a bit extra time. NOT!

Christeen, did you call your doc?
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