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Oh Jenn, ewwww on the tooth!!!

Katje: The nursing shirt was from motherhood. It's an XL, so not plus size. It fits a bit snug, but not too snug. I'm so borderline on plus/regular.... I was almost into all regular clothes when I got pregnant this time, so it's kind of up in the air what size I'll be when everything settles. Right now I'm wearing a mix.

I am buying a Kitchenaid food processor tonight! I looked at them at the outlet mall but they were the same price as a closer store and I want to buy it close in case we have to return it.

We bought a ridiculously (read: $600+) expensive food processor this spring and had to have SEVERAL parts replaced and we ended up returning the whole thing for a refund two weeks ago. It was a NIGHTMARE. I mean, we're talking every week something would break on it! They charged us $125 to take it back and I just don't even care anymore. Ugh, learning experience for sure.

Anyway. I'm going to LLL (just me and Katie) tomorrow! It will be my first time to drive (it is less than a mile) and I'm a little nervous, cause I haven't driven since the end of MAY!!!

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Magemom - The tooth sounds horrible. I hope your little one will recover quickly from the extraction.

AP and Katje - Hope the contractions will go someplace.

Today was 40 wks from LMP for me. So, I guess some would consider me OD. My due date buddy here who is birthing at the very unnatural place had to start NST today. She goes back on Thursday for her second thing of NST. I wonder when there going to start telling her that she's low on fluid or that the placenta is breaking up. She's been having BHs for at least a month, so hopefully she will go into labor soon and not be induced.

Also had a telephone call from a French person that we know from the states who is in the area for the next 2 weeks. He came over this afternoon. I was having quite a number of BHs, so I used that as an excuse to go inside (where I came and read new posts here). He has a girlfriend (I am friend's with his soon to be x) and I liked her a lot. I think she is a much better influence on him. He didn't drink too excess while here (once we ran out of alcohol before, he always went to the store to get more -- didn't this time) and she had them leave at a decent hour. I would always get annoyed with him before because he basically would never leave before 6am. So I didn't mind the visit like I thought I would. Ended up not getting anything done this afternoon though. Had wanted to do some cleaning because Simonee will get here tomorrow. Oh well. I want have a clean house for them to come to.

Take care all - Tiff
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So, thanks guys for all your support. I'm sorry I throw these fits! I'll be cruising along fine, confident, strong and empowered, and then whammo! I hit a brick wall. It helps so much to have this sounding board to get these fears out.

I've checked the VBAC'ing boards, and just don't have enough to post really to establish a relationship with folks. It helps a lot more to know the people you're posting to, you know?

I've done lots of research about pitting edema now, and I'm feeling better about it. I'm pretty sure I *don't* have the classic symptoms, as it's really only my ankles and the tops of my feet, and when my husband left that mark on my ankle, he'd been pressing *really* hard. Pitting edema (or the kind that could be a concern) seems to be more related to the shins, and gentle pressure leaving marks that stay. I don't have *that*, thank goodness. And, even that is not entirely conclusive for pre-eclampsia. In fact, there are lots of sources who say it's not related at all. So, I just have to keep focused on the upcoming birth, and try to not let this get to me.

Tiff, thanks for the explanation about the lavoirs. I'm surprised that something like that even exists still in the modern world, to be honest. They look like something from ancient times. What a tremendous effort it must take to wash something like a rug in one of them. Wow! I have a whole new admiration for your strength!

Nursing shirts: I have several of them, all plus sizes. Have you checked www.motherwear.com? They tend to carry plus sizes. I've also scored some for reasonable prices on Ebay. Personally, I'm not crazy about them. I find I expose far more nipple using them, and draw a lot more attention to myself trying to get my bra situated than if I just wear a t-shirt. The only real piece of nursing clothing that I have to say is indispensable is nursing dresses. There is nothing like a great nursing dress, and while they're outrageously expensive for what they are (I would never spend $80+ on a dress for casual wear), they are irreplacable. I have three, and cannot live without them.

If you're crafty, you can also make nursing shirts for pretty cheap. Take a t-shirt, cut a hole in the middle, approximately where your breasts are. You can do two slits, or you can just cut out one big oval or whatever shape you feel most comfortable with. Then, you sew a coordinating piece of fabric over the opening, leaving the sides open, but closing the top and bottom, so you could feasibly stick your arm through from one side to the other, if that makes sense. I've made several for myself and friends, and I'm not terribly good at sewing. They cost under $10 to make, and the designs are limitless. T-shirt material doesn't unravel, also, so you don't have to hem the edges underneath.

Kimberly, good luck at the LLL meeting tomorrow! What a terrific place for your first solo outing. You're doing an awful lot, though, so take it easy. I know how much you're probably dying to get out of the house, after the bed rest you've been on, so I understand, probably more than you realize, since I've been trying to stay house bound as much as possible myself. Has your swelling gone away completely now? I sure hope so!

So, good luck to those in labor land, or hoping to be soon! Things are starting to get moving on this board! Wowsers! In not time at all, we'll have so many babies, we won't know what to do!

I just referred a friend of mine here, so she might be joining us soon. I hope so. Her name is Heather, so Hi, Heather! If you've found us!
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mommycaroline: Please try not to stress. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. I will keep you in my prayers. I am such a huge supporter of VBAC. I really hope you get the birth experience that you desire!

Just checking in here. Sorry, still havn't written that birth story. I am so tired. I did however get the photo's downloaded. You can see them in my sigi line. They will be updated daily I am sure!
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Laurie - Thanks for the pics. So cute!

I had some discomfort around my scar line today and Brannon was very worried the baby was hurting me. Explained that my body was hurting me...I love the way these guys think. Amelia took 2 2+hour naps today and I got to run errands with just Brannon so this has made everyone pleasant. Until I tried to put groceries away and things fell out all over me. I don't even bother bending over anymore - just called DH in. He got a bunch of work done today so it almost seemed as if we got back to "normal."

Nursing clothes - I've never gotten into them. If I need to dress up it's sweater sets with a skirt. I was thinking of selling out to the latest trends and getting one of those "poncho like" things. Esp. I have to fly out to UT at the end of August (if I ever have this kid) for 2 black tie events

GTG AGAIN = thunder and lightening.
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Hi everyone and thanks for the thoughts . I haven't noticed any more leaking, so it could of just been a lot of discharge or sweat from walking around a lot (I found it muggy today). I'll mention it at my OB appointment tommorow. I hate to go in without knowing for sure since where it's a VBAC, I'd hate to open the doors for unnecessary intervention.

Aww Laurie, she's so sweet!

About nursing clothes; I'm plus size and have only ever owned one nursing shirt which I hate. It's too snug in the arms, but I packed it in my hospital bag as I might like to wear it there. I'm thinking of making some nursing dresses for church. I have a jumper pattern I like that I could adjust to put sleeves on it and make openings with an overlay on the chest that would tie in the back. I've been throwing the idea around, but have been too lazy to make it. I just hate cutting patterns out and I'm too cheap/poor to buy premade (I got most of my fabric for a dollar a yard : ).
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Caroline: I am praying for your vbac! I think it is REALLY good that your swelling is so localized.

Laurie: Isn't it the BEST feeling to have an easy nurser??? I mean, WOWWWW, after Libby, who didn't latch till she was 10 weeks old.... I expected some issues, and Katie is just a PRO! I'm so happy your birth went so smoothly!!

I promise I'm taking it easy! DH is still home with me, he starts school (he's a teacher) on Thursday.

Tomorrow we're going to another mall. I'm desperate to find clothes that fit.

I was wrong, LLL is Wednesday, but I'm still going! I am so excited to go with Katie! I didn't go to LLL till right before Libby weaned when I got pg, so I haven't gone with a nursling very often!
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LAURIE!!! She is sooooooooo cute and CHUBBY! WOW!!!! I'm in awe of her cheekage!!!

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Originally Posted by mommycaroline
So, thanks guys for all your support. I'm sorry I throw these fits! I'll be cruising along fine, confident, strong and empowered, and then whammo! I hit a brick wall. It helps so much to have this sounding board to get these fears out.
Glad youa re feeling better, and sorry I called you Christeen in my response. Christine was talking about how she knew how you felt and I decided that was you, all the while knowing better. It has been a rough day all the way around!

Dh said I can have the baby tonight because I have nothing scheduled tomorrow. Whatever!
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Hi everyone,
Nothing going on over here. No more ctxs or anything. Just can't sleep AT ALL anymore. NADA! Peeing every five minutes and just downright uncomfy the whole time.

I also think that DH and I are still somewhat in denial about this babe being born soon. I have yet to pack my hospital bag and do a few other minor things that would take me all of 20 minutes each to accomplish. And I just won't do 'em. I am so anxious and excited to meet this babe, but a part of my brain can't fathom it quite yet...

Caroline-I'm so sorry you're going thru all this stress and worry. I'm sure all your symptoms and worry bring back the whole saga of your first birth experience. Sounds like Kimberly has some great BTDT wisdom to share with you... Just take care of yourself. The most important thing is that you and your baby are healthy... Oh, and BTW, I am going to to you on your first birth story. I had Pit-induced ctxs and it was the most unimaginable, unbearable, out of body pain... you are an amazing lady!!

Ket-I am already worried about getting out of the house with TWO, let alone THREE!!

Christine-Congrats on being done. And Congrats also on your new "career" as a SAHM. It is challenging, amazing, etc., and there's no place I'd rather be... (okay, *maybe* somedays I'd rather be at the Starbucks or out for a long lunch, but you get the picture... )

Jilly-Labor IS such a tease!!! Of course, once we try to think we can control or know Mother Nature, it seems even more so...

Bwylde-Keep us posted!

AP-Where are you??? Still having the back labor????

Kimberly-Don't even get me started thinking about fresh, tex-mex type food...yumm...

Katje-What beautiful words for all of us tonight...

Laurie-What a cutie Gabriella is!!!

Okay, enough outta me tonight. Didn't feel like cookin tonight and fed DS and DH and I getting take out. We cook ALOT in our house, so this sudden refusal on my part to cook, well, it's kinda nice for me...

Anyway, wishing you (us!) all the best tonight...
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Bearsmama..... I made southwestern veggie egg rolls for dinner too.... we're on a little tex-mex kick right now

Mmmmmmmmmm.... yummy!!!

I always cook too, and being on bedrest and having to eat dh's cooking.... well, lemme tell ya, I'm glad I'm back in the kitchen He was great about it, but he's NOT a chef! LOL
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Made it through the day. I gotta tell you. For being a stay at home mom, I sure didn't stay home much. We went all over town getting errands done that I never had time to do before. Ben was great through it all because I was able to do it around his schedule instead of squeezing it in before dinner when he's already hungry and cranky. So anyway...

Laurie--your children are adorable. Gabriella is sooooooo cute and I just want to pinch her cheeks.

Caroline, I'm glad everything is going smoothly again.

Goodnight ladies. Maybe someone will go into labor tonight!!

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still here...
back pain...off and on....
this feels so much different than your frontal BH.....
baby still very active...
Doula said just pay attention an if they get worse or more intense/regualr it is the real thing....you would never know I already had a baby...but hey it has been 4 years ago..how quick the mind forgets...I am feeling ok now...just a little uncomfortable still.....so maybe the increase in the EPO is really doing something Caroline......or maybe it was the 1/2 hour walk we took this am....I laid down for about 20 minutes and that helped alleviate some of the pain....

Laurie..beautiful pics!!! Congrats!!!!!!

Caroline.. glad you are feeling better

Carla...good luck tomorrow at your appt....

so SIL wants to give me a foot massage tomorrow...she has her own salon and says she swears by a good foot massage for getting labor going........would this be considered a natural induction??...LOL......

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HEY AP! THERE you are! And YES, the foot massage would be a good thing to induce. In fact, a friend is a massage therapist and recently showed me exactly where to press to help induce labor. Of course, she couldn't guarantee that it would work, but is has been *known* to work. It's about 6 fingers up from the inside of the ankle...start pressing, AP!!

Okay, I haven't had any real cravings in ages, but today, starting at 5:30 this morning, I needed to drink a GALLON of water and eat Stella Doro cookies! What's up with this? If I went into labor today I'd be in a lot of trouble, my general fatigue coupled with an all-carb day, well there would be no energy to push this baby out!!!

That's all for me... hoping one of us goes into labor ASAP. Now, I have a feeling this little babe will be LATE!!
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Just a quick message. I think the acupressure spot is on the outside of your pinkie toenail. Put pressure on it for 10 seconds, then do the opposite toe for 10 seconds. Keep alternating until you've done 10 reps each. Or something like that. I know that they will also burn something (can't remember what) very near that spot. It's supposed to be the end of a circle which includes your uterus, for whatever that's worth.
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Did I shoot myself in the foot?

I think DH has a UTI and I told him no till he got it checked. Odd sounding to me, but he has complained of something not being right for days.

Well, no baby here. DH said by saying I didn't have time for one today it would happen. Babe is plenty active so I don't think so. We ran out to get a new router tonight and he was kinda mushy about the rear facing seat in the van. Awe.

Guess I had better get back upstairs. The boys weren't settling with me in the room so I left. Poor Sean. His one side of his face is a little swollen, the other side is a little discolored from last nights head clunk with his brother. We looked at furnature for them tonight while at the store. Can't afford it ofcourse and that upsets DH, but I tested a Temper Pedic bed and it was awesome! I layed on my tummy for the first time in months!
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Caroline - I'm glad you learned some facts and are feeling more positive now. Even K8 has said that the VBAC fears come back after already having one successful VBAC. I think the rollar coaster ride you're on is completely normal. And I'm really glad to know that your localized swelling is probably nothing. Your BP is good, so try to think positive thoughts. Maybe post some sticky notes in places with some good affirmations?

AP - Take SIL up on that foot massage offer! Even if it doesn't start up labor, it still would be wonderful to have.

So, maybe some of us "OD" persons should try both of the acupuncture spots? Are maybe we could ask Pama. She would probably know. But I don't know think I'm feeling pressured yet to have this baby. It's going to be close to the 10th when the doc's are wanting to start up NST that I'm going to start feeling pressured. But I'm so relieved to have chosen the place further away rather than to have it started up yesterday. I've known for a long time that this baby would go over 40 wks.

Magemom - you have to threaten to take that away to get him to go see if he has a bladder infection? He must really not like the doctor's office. But taking away your prostagladins, that's pretty hard for you.

Take care all - Tiff
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Tiff - good idea about the positive affirmations on post-its.

Bears - I do all the cooking here and no packaged food. So, when I am not up to it DH has to fend for us - I end up with 3 choices BK, Pizza or chicken and salad. Being not very tall, I am struggling to reach everything so it's making things that much harder. I did make 6 loaves of banana bread yesterday because I had so many bananas in the freezer! They all fell out on me.
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I guess I'm really lucky because my DH is a wonderful cook and since he stopped working at the end of June, he has done almost all of the cooking. I do help clean up afterwards every night. Which, the clean up is a bit harder after he cooks because he's messier. But cleaning the stove after him is still much easier than cooking.
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Well, here it is I am now *OD* too..the day is not over yet..but I really do not feel this baby will be coming....
I think I will wait and see what the office says Thursday and then take my SIL up on that foot massage
so I am going to start researching and getting all my info I can to counter attack induction talk on Thursday. I really want to VBAC this baby..and induction will cut my chances in 1/2 not to mention I will have to go to a very mainstream, huge, lost in the numbers, hosptial......*sigh*

Caroline/Carla..... you may want to check out my thread in VBAC forum on VBAC'ing past EDD. I got some info there that I was not aware of....like the Bishop's score..I had no idea that exsisted.

ok I will check back later....
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