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Thanks for the link, Traci : . I'll check that out. I'm taking about 8 EPO now a day (was 6 a day, but added a couple). I'm going to find a syringe to try to insert the oil vaginally as I've read the gel caps don't always dissovle up there and I don't want to explain, lol! DH's help doesn't seem to be effective either, but of course I had tons of progesglandins (sp?) inserted with DS and it didn't help me progress any (twice a day about 5 times and 3 times a day for a couple of days) so I sometimes wonder if it would even be effective for me. I'll keep trying though.
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GRRRR!!! DD just hit the refresh button on my mouse and wiped my post! I realized that I'd missed a whole bunch of posts. Let me retrack myself...

Kimberly, yikes about the hospital bills! My DD was $35,000, and I thought she was expensive. Thank goodness for insurance!

Traci, you are doing so great! You can do this! I know it in my heart! Soon, we'll be logging on and reading your beautiful birth story. Can't wait for that moment. Keep up the EPO and maybe try to have some sex? Have you tried putting lots of pillows under your hips, so DH doesn't have to lean on you at all? It doesn't have to be romantic, just get the job done, you know?

And, Christine! You can do this too! I'm so impressed that you're exercising still! That will help you so much, overall. As for EPO, I hear it's more effective internally (vaginally) than orally, so maybe try some capsules, if you get really worried. They're kind of slimy, but they seem to be doing something for me.

Lena, glad the plumber came by finally! And, great job about Sara gaining her weight back! What did you do to treat her cord?

Carla, the birth ball is definitely a good way to help babies come down the birth canal. I try to spend as much time on mine as possible, but with this new swelling thing I've got, it's a hard choice. Elevate my feet? Help the baby engage? Decisions, decisions... You'll get back to where you were. It will happen for you, I know!

Here's hoping all of us VBAC'ing mamas go into labor before the clocks start ticking too loudly! That would be quite an accomplishment for us all to achieve! We can do this!
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I checked that link and I'm almost always in those positions so I don't know what more to do. Sigh. I think it's the VBAC deadline that has me most worried. The sooner things get going, the better. The nurse I had today had one which was nice to hear about

I meant to mention I'm so glad we don't have to deal with healthcare costs when I read how much it costs for people in the US to have babies! My bill with DS would of been unreal!!
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Caroline, I didn't do anything to her cord. I just left it alone and let it take care of itself. I'm so glad it's off though b/c now I should be able to CD full-time! She's asleep in her princess fmbg diaper right now *thanks Terri!*

Oh, and Kimberly, sorry about you blood oops! That must have been very embarassing. Note to self - when leaving house always have a nice substantial pad in!

Urgh! I've been craving sugar since Sara was born. I am eating so much candy. For most of my pregnancy I couldn't stand sweet stuf besides ice cream. What's up with that?

Have a good night ladies
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CHERYL-CONGRATULATIONS!!!! "Our" first boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :boypin
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need to go post about to Cheryl - so happy for them.

When they wanted to set my induction date for Brannon I told them I would not come in before 42 weeks. Flat out refused - I got kind of lucky though. All the inductions spots were booked weeks on end!! How scary is that!?! The hospital I use has a ridiculous c-section rate - one dr. has a 65% c/s rate He was actually my Dr. on call the night of Amelia's birth so my mw called in a favour and asked another Dr. to come in. So cute - he slept on the couch while I laboured and left us totally alone.

Anyway - they can't induce you if you don't show up.

Kimberly - yikes - never been there but I will probably think about is this time. I don't bleed too much because my body is always in a hurry to start ovulating again. :

For the rest of us still waiting patiently - lots of love. For those who have yet to meet their due dates...if you have your babies before me I may have to hurt someone. EDD#3 is tomorrow...

If I have this baby tomorrow things will really hit the fan - DHs exes 3yos b-day is 8/4 - the woman will go balistic if I interfere with his date!! To avoid that chaos I will be more than happy to wait a bit.

I received 3 phones and 1 email today asking where the baby is - going to start turning the phones off.

Nite ladies - we will see whose baby I wake up to tomorrow!
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LENA!!!! Glue that cord back on! Not faaaaiiiir! Katie has a nappy nappy nappy cord and it is hanging on for dear life. I am so NOT in love with her cord! It is starting to get a funk smell and I really just don't like it!!! Libby's fell of at 10 days and here we are at 16 days hangin' on..... I didn't do anything to Katie's at first, but the last few days I've done alcohol because of the weird smell....

Speaking of Katie boo, here's a pic of her today: http://pic7.picturetrail.com/VOL192/...9/62174402.jpg

She's starting to really fill out in the face

Kate: HOW ANNOYING are people? Good grief. Nuts I tell ya. Leave the pregnant woman alone! Like you're going to NOT call them?? Geesh.

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i posted my birth story last night. So good to get that out of the way. It was long though. I am doing pretty good. Still very tired.
Gabriella loves the breast. I am so engorged. I swear my boobs are 3 times bigger than her head. And she has a big head! I love feeding her and having her so close. It is definetly more than food for her it's comfort too which is something I didn't experience with Dd #1
I am so in love.

Congratulations Cheryl!!! I can't wait to read your story.

To everyone overdue, I am sending back all those gentle labor vibes that you sent me!
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Your birth story is soo beautiful....the part where your little dd joined you in the tub...so heartwarming...

I am soo happy the birth turned out for you the way you wanted....
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Laurie! Great birth story! I also love when Breaunna got in the tub with you!! Great job!!
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Thread closed due to extreme chattiness. Check out the new one at August 3 (for lack of a better title) Chat

See you there!
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So, how do you know "real" contractions from BH's? Hmmm? I've been having different sorts of contractions for the past week or so, most of them I would characterize as BH's, but some of them start down low and build up, feeling kind of menstrually. That's what I've been considering a "real" contraction. But, how do you really know? Tonight, I'm having those pretty regularly, but they're not painful at all, just crampy and uncomfortable. Plus, I have some back achey-ness associated with them. I just watched the clock and I had 3 in 10 minutes. I'm fairly certain I'm not in labor, and have no intention of doing anything about it until I'm much more certain. How do you make the decision to call someone, though. I mean, does it really just "come to you" to call?

Okay, I'm going to catch up on posts now, and possibly post again. Just thinking about this and had to see what other people are doing.
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Oh don't you just *love* these sleepless nights. Up since 4am, can't nod back off, thought I'd wander over here to cyberspace and see if anyone else had had their baby.

Caroline, I was wondering the same thing myself, about being able to tell real ones!! Yesterday, all evening I felt like I had one looonnng BH - for a couple of hours, everything just felt so hard and tight. Not painful exactly, just very intense and uncomfy. Finally fell asleep and woke up this morning with the same tightness. Oh well, I'll ask my mw about it at my appt later today and see what she says.

Hope all of you mama's are resting well and that someone is getting some sleep!
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