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Congratulations Laurie! This IS SO EXCITING!

Dodo-it sounds to me that your baby did drop. I know my stomach is smooshy where her butt had been. Maybe you could check and see if you could feel her head? I know checking myself is getting harder and harder-it is hard just to wipe myself lately.

I know about being brainless. At my mw appt they asked me what kind of food I kept in the house, all I could do was give a blank stare. I also completely forgot my friends name when I was introducing her. Duh!

There might be lots of girls, coming, huh? We know we are having a girl too. I have been sooo tired today. I think I have taken three naps today. I lost more of my mucus plug today, and having diareahh (sp). I did manage to blow up our fishy pool and bleach it out, so if anything gets started, that will be ready. I have been having lots of painful BH's still, but I am not getting my hopes up...

I can't believe our babies will be here so soon! I do feel like I have been pg for about 10 years though!
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Wow! It IS getting exciting around here...

Dodo-I can't guarantee that the banking password will come back to you. I think once the prego brain robs you of something, it doesn't give it back...

Thought I missed a birth story from Laurie-luckily I checked in here tonight! This is soooo awesome... I love all this great baby news

Yeah, where is Katje???

Ap-Who knows? All that activity down there could get you going?????

Went to Target today to get a few comfy things for myself for apres-baby. Like new unders and comfy sweatpant-type pants. I bought unders a few sizes up-just in case. Ripped them outta the package tonight and literally both me and DH could fit inside...

Nothing doing over here. Although I'm still feeling some cervix activity. and I felt a little nauseous today. Oh, and AP, Lots of BMs today...TMI, TMI...

Can you believe how close we all are??? Couldn't have asked for a better bunch of women to share this all with...
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Actually, I'm starting to feel a little behind here - so many of you are so close now, and Li'l Bug isn't due until the end of the month.

Wishing you all the best.
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My headache got so bad that I had tunnel vision and a little strobe light action. I became uncharacteristically afraid that I was dying and called the on-call midwife, who came to my house within minutes to take my blood pressure (isn't that amazing? I wasn't expecting that, and on a Friday night). Anyway, I'm not dying, I just have a terrible headache! She suggested raw veggies, lots of fruit, no meat, no grease, some garlic capsules, more nettle tea and lots of rest. She guesses that my liver is starting to find the pregnancy taxing. I'm so relieved that it's not my blood pressure that I'm having an excellent evening, in spite of the pain.

LizaBear, I'm with you on feeling way behind the others.
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Dodo, YIKES, please be careful!! Rest extra this weekend!

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Yeah Laurie!

Dodo, LMAO about preggo brain. I did call DH and ask him what the heck was he thinking leaving me alone with his small children. I had freaked out about the due date and making the school cut off, only to realize I was 2 months off! I have really had to work HARD at finishing may thoughts and today was able to finish a conversation from Wednesday.

DS2 says this is a girl and her name is Evelyn to rhyme with Madeline (DD) I have no idea what we will do if it is a boy (we don't know) He is now introducing my tummy as 'Evelyn is inside here, she will come out when she is bigger'

The conversation I remembered was from our Des Moines weekend. DH and I were bantering boy names the whole way out. He suggested Ron and I said I would name my son 'Roadside Fruitstand' before I called him Ronald. Having a last name like the golden arches has it's draw backs!
Oh yeah, and another preggo brain, I forgot there was a new thread I hadn't posted to and was concerned when I hadn't heard from anyone.... ! gotta post or at least go to the board, silly.
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I feel way behind myself, with baby due on the 17th or 18th. Although my midwife told me at my last appt. that they would "let" me wait it out till Sept 3, at which point they would induce since its not safe to go beyond 2 weeks. I am just thinking this baby *better* be here by mid-August, I just can't wait to see the little munchkins. I am so jealous of all you mama's that have your tiny new ones in your arms.
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I think I'm in labour here. The contractions are quite regular and crampy. I called the midwife to give her a heads up. One little problem - it seems both rooms in the birth centre are taken.
I told her I'll be having this baby in a ditch before I go to a hospital. *G*
Wish me luck! I hope these contractions continue.

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Oh, Daednu....Thinking of you! Wonderful labor vibes to you...

Dodo-Please take good care of yourself

Just checking in...we could conceivably start having babies around these parts once a day...

Sleep well, ladies...
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How exciting MamaDaednu! Happy birthing vibes! And hope you can choose your home to that ditch if a room at the center doesn't open up.

Dodo - I got a couple of migraines during the last few weeks before DS was born. They were horrible. Since I have MS and got the vision thing first off, I thought it was my vision causing the headache and went to see my neurologist. :LOL So, my neurologist said she thinks I'm having a migraine. Did I ever feel silly. I'm glad the on-call midwife reassured you and didn't make you feel silly. I can really sympathize with you on it though. Talk about pain.
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OMG Daednu~ it's time for you! Now don't go talking about having babies in ditches.........I had Ivy on a stretcher in my front lawn. NOT gonna leave the house for ANYONE this time!!

Laurie big congrats.......BIG baby too!

Dodo you had me laughing so hard about the bathing suit snaps............i have trouble putting my bra on rightside out LOL.

Lizabear, don't feel left out.........there's NO telling when these kids will make their grand entrance!

Off to sew..........and go potty AGAIN
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Happy birthing vibe Daednu! And for those of you who feel behind, you'll be getting to hold a brand newborn baby while ours are growing up so fast. I'll be jealous

So I still haven't gotten more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep in a day yet, but not because of the baby. DS is having a really hard time at night. He wakes up a lot and screams unconsolably. He's always had sleep issues, but I really hope we pass this soon. I need to sleep!

Off to try to get some sleep. Thinking happy thoughts for all of you
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hello, ladies! congrats, laurie and lena! good luck, daednu!

i'm still in one piece. i've been having off and on contractions, about 10 mins apart, since sunday. no show or anything else, just lots of contrax and not much sleep.

wow, it's nice to see you noticed i haven't been around much! my sister came into town on monday and has been on a whirlwind of trying to whip my house into shape (i actually thought it WAS in pretty good shape, but apparently not!).

we got the tub on the deck covered with a screen so the neighbors won't have a peep show if i decide to deliver out there. i am spending lots of time in the tub, especially on these sleepless nights.

due date #1 (tuesday) came and went. my guess date was aug. 4, but i'm sooo ready to be done... baby has dropped way low, i can hardly walk. i was sick again this morning, and i've got constant heartburn all this week.

saw the midwife wednesday. all is well on that front.

my homeschooling friends did a little blessingway for me last night... it was very, very sweet though exhausting. many candles, much food, and a beautiful canvas full of good wishes and beautiful images. i had contrax all the way through the evening, but once again they petered out in the wee hours.

i am bored and tired and cranky and crampy. had a sinus headache today. had a big fight with my teen daughter. sister is trying to be helpful but starting to get on my nerves. yelled at my sweet 10 yo ds and felt like a total heel. house is still a mess after the party.

wish i WAS next! but i am slowly becoming convinced that i'm going to be the first eternally pregnant woman. thank you soooo much for your well-wishes... i'll try to check back in more often.

bless you all, and especially those beautiful babies!

your cranky grumpy rotund friend,

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oh poor katje you deserve to be happy these last few days!! maybe you will have baby on aug 4...........that's not TOO long. well, i'm sending fast labor vibes your way too.
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Wow..peaceful birthing wishes to you Mama Daednu!! Bears you are right .......with the size of our due date mammas list, we can literally have a baby everyday of the month of August...I just added another aug mamma yesterday..our list is HUGE!!!!
And you are getting close to yoru EDD too B right?....You are two days after me....

Melissa we are having tons a girls here....I still have no inkling what I may have ..sometimes I think a boy but then this pg has been sooo different if I follow the wives tales I am having a girl too...sometimes I think the spirit of the twin I lost with this pg is still around and mixing everything up for us as the HB has been consistantly 140 one week 155 the next and like I said I have no mama vibes about this being B/G either way...With ds #1 I knew he was a boy..just knew....

Dodo and others feeling behind......

Katje good to see you! I am so jealous you had a blessingway...I would love to experince the *spirit* of women coming together like that....here is to baby coimg soon for you...

Tiff glad to see you too...Your EDD is right around the corner too..

K8..how are you doing...is today your second EDD passing.......is today the wedding?come baby come ...

Jen... my ds also says this baby is a girl and her name is Lala....he says if we do have a boy he wants to name it boner...nice , eh..his innocence in sayingit is now gone thanks to dh making him tell everyone for show and a good laugh....:

Well, I had a lot of cramping through the night...I think the EPO is definatley ripening things ...I passed a big glob of brownish mucous this morning but that could be anything since I am sticking so many EPO tabs up there before bed..so I am not anticipating anything.....

Blue Moon tonight..will it pull any of us to laborland?...we will see......

dh and ds are off to haircuts and I need to go get a shower....
check back later....
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Katje - I am there with you for the long haul! and the rest of you feeling a little left behind.

DS is running a really high fever - kicking myself because I told DH when DS is whining and driving me nuts somethings just not right and maybe we should go to the Dr. Chalked it up to new baby coming and just being 2 and here we are on Sat with 103 fever after alternating ibuprofen and acetomenophin. Not sure what we are going to do about the wedding tonight - it's my brother watching the kids so it's not the same thing as leaving them with a baby-sitter; but, leaving a sick kid still makes me feel kind of guilty.

ap - DS learned Sh!t from my sisters BF. No if he says it he says, "sorry mommy, I say shoot." Little minds...so easily maligned.

HUGE Question - DS is only wearing underwear now and is OBSESSED with is penis. He will tell me to go away because he needs to be "private" while he plays with himself. Finally, I told him that what he was doing was fine but something we did in our bedroom (he likes to stand over the vent in the playroom). How normal is this and how long does it last?

gtg - both kids are back down and maybe I'll get a shower alone.
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Oooooh, Daednu, how exciting

I'm so excited for everyone but my exclamation point won't work so imagine lots of exclamation points

Boober Katie ate **7** times last night! WOW! Hey, it worked!!!!! YAYY!! Good exclamation point!

ok nak now
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oh kate... lol... boys and their toys.... my friend's son had his penis out and she said 'what are you doing' and he said 'making it big' :

sooooooo glad i have girls sometimes lol
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On my second awakening this morning (I normally wake up between 6 and 7 am and then go back to bed around 9 but this morning my awake time was around 4:30 am to 7:30 am), I was feeling really crampy around my cervix. It got me wanting to get things done today. I still think the baby will not be born until after the 40w mark from LMP, but with the dropping talk on this thread, I had started to think maybe I didn't want to wait anymore to do my belly cast. So, I told DH first thing that I wanted to do my belly cast today and we finished it up a bit over an hour ago. It looks very different than the one from DS. When I have put on DS's cast during this pregnancy, it has never fit right and I knew that. But having this cast up next to DS's is just kind of startling because they look so different. You can barely tell that they are both of my pregnant body. My breasts are smaller and my belly is just such a pointier shape. It's only the shoulders that are the same. (I like including the shoulders because they don't change very much. They may gain a little bit of weight during pregnancy, but it's not like the blades move or anything. Pretty much everything else can move.)

Maybe since my belly is so much pointier this time and the fact that this baby's heart rate is faster than DS's means that I am having a girl this time. DH dreamed two nights ago that we had a girl. But I dreamed last night that we had a boy. I'm right with you AP on the confusion. I thought DS was a boy but just really don't know on this one.

Katje - I'm sorry that your absence wasn't because of having a baby. Sorry your sister is driving you crazy.

I still need to clean our bedroom, wash the car seat stuff, and give all of us haircuts before the baby is born. Today is a beautiful sunny day, so I should get DH to help me take it to the lavoir this afternoon. But he's gone to the library with DS for now and I washed clothes last night and am not sure where I would put the car seat stuff to dry with clothes already on the rack. I figure giving out haircuts will be difficult with a new born and DS and DH really need one, so that has to be done this week-end or Monday. And it's better to do it on a hot sunny day like today. Then, there's all the ordinary stuff. Once again clean the living room because there is sand all over the floor after just 6 days and then do my a couple times a week cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom because they get dirty so incredibly fast.

So who knows what I'll do this afternoon. But I cannot spend the time surfing like I've been doing recently. This is the last day of July and this baby is coming in the near future.
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Awww crap.
Was going along nicely with crampy contractions 2 minutes apart for hours. Then it all suddenly stopped. :

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