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Hi ladies! Gotta go congratulate Laurie! And Daednu, maybe the cx's will kick back in any moment now.

And Madrone: Was it you who mentioned a while back that you've heard that menthol is bad for preggo ladies? I wonder about eucalyptus. I have had so much snot in my head the last few weeks.........ended up medicating the cold I had for a week and got over it, so this is probably just allergies. I snore and snore. It's embarrassing when we have guests.

Big-time, crampy, frequent cx's here this a.m. I say, bring it on. Been having ones like this for the last few evenings, but this is the first in the morning and these are much more serious. This could go on for days, tho, is my suspicion. I think that for some of us, labour happens over a long, drawn-out period and for others, it's a much more condensed event.

ketilave, hope DS feels better. DD is just now starting to pay attention to her privates. We walk around naked quite a bit in this household, so she's pretty aware. Well, and she's got these farm-animal toys that she loves that are anatomically correct. I was astounded a few days ago when a friend told me her 5 yr-old just now discovered that boys are made different. Astounded.

Hope you all are well!

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I'm the one that said something about menthol. In France, they say pregnant women should not use things like Vicks because of the menthol being bad for the baby. They only let pregnant women have eucalyptus. Here, it's pretty standard fare that for a cold, you make up a little inhaler thing that is put up to the nose and inhaled. They've got special ones for baby's even. Pregnant women only get perscribed eucalyptus to put in the inhaler though. Other adults have something with lots of other things, including menthol.
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SO I am on my hands and knees scrubbing the gunk out of hte cracks int eh wooden floor. I have done this every 3 months in the past year. Dh says I am nesting.

AND my neighbor has 2!! sons! We have lived here over a year and I never saw them!!! I thought they only had one.
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I am cleaning lots today, too. I really don't think I'll be going into labor anytime soon but today seemed like a good day to get everything ready to go. So the bags are packed, clothes and diapers washed, house clean. And I am exhausted! But it feels good to be ready! Now watch me go late and sit around ready to go for another four weeks!

So excited for laurie! I noticed too that there have only been girls so far, wonder who will have the first boy. Still not sure what I'm having. My gut says girl but could very well be a boy. Guess I'll find out soon enough!

Daednu: oh that sucks! I hope your contractions kick back in soon!

Kate: sorry your son is sick hope he gets better soon. Yep, my boy likes to play with himself, too. The interest in it sort of comes and goes...its pretty normal. I'd say especially b/c your ds is just recently out of dipes and has more, um , access to himself!

And I had LOL about your friends son's comment Kimberly! That is hilarious!

katje: sorry to hear things have been crappy lately. hang in there!

Dodo: Hope you headache is better. That sounds awful. And I am totally brain-dead, too. I swear I can barely hold a conversation with anyone anymore. Its too hard to think!

Hope we have some more babies here soon, someone's got to have a blue moon baby, right? have a great day everyone!
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oy, i could kick myself...i thought the EPO orally might be a good idea (can't hurt), so i figured i'd try a tablespoon of it (about the equiv of 3 caps i think?)...WRONG! gag, blech, vomit! :Puke i mixed it with white grape juice, but ICK! yeah ok, i'll just let my cervix do it's own thing lol...
i'm loosing plug pieces lately and increasingly crampy and nauseous. i was up 2 hours in the middle of the night last night contracting and having some serious pressure and then it all eased up. i hate this prodromal crap, let's just get the show on the road lol!
sorry for the vent, i just felt the need to whine to someone who'd understand and be able to commiserate!
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I hear ya mama. I just want to get this show on the road. I just finished a conversation in that vein with DH. He was extremely kind and sensitive. Something he's not usually very good at.
I've just realized I've been feeling really rushed to get things going. Our insurance changes over on Sunday to only 85% coverage as opposed to 100% coverage so I was playing beat the clock. Plus it's been really stressful around here with INS crap.

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Told my parents about our plans for a waterbirth

My parents were here for a while this morning, dropping off a meat order for us.

My computer is set up to show a slideshow of my saved pictures as the screen saver, and my mom was sitting in my computer chair watching the pictures.

I recently saved a friends's water birth pictures to show to Brad, since we've been thinking about this birth being at least partly done in the water.

My mom was watching the photos, and I told her that they were of a friend's birth - that I'd saved the pictures to show to Brad. She made a comment about how that is what she'd wanted for MY birth ! I didn't know that, I think it's really neat actually.

MY birth did not go anywhere near as planned though - I was presenting wrong (my mom still doesn't understand this, but it's obvious from the picture of me at a day old with the large cone shaped head - cone going off to one side), she ended up with a large episiotomy and me with forceps on my head. Not the dimmed lights and warm water she'd planned on (even in a hospital birth in '77 - not likely to happen, but at least the thought process was there).

So - I got to tell my mom about having the kiddie pool here, and our plans for using it for at least labouring in, if not birthing this baby in. And she thought it was great !

This is the woman who thought I was nuts for planning a homebirth with Owen - what a change of attitude in the last 2 years.

It was nice. I'd been completely avoiding telling my parents or IL's about the thoughts of waterbirth for fear of being made fun of, reprimanded, etc. This came out of nowhere, so I had no time to really think through what to say - and it went so well.

*G* At least it will make it easier to tell my side of the family about a baby born in the water ! Of course - the IL's are another story all together !
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Lizabear, that's great about your mom being so cool with thewater birth!!

Here's some for the mama's who are so close to birthing! Count me in for wanting to be one. I was so over with DS I was hoping to go earlier this time (he was 3 weeks over). I'm just concerned my VBAC won't happen if I go too far over (since 10 days is as far as they'll let me go).

I've been crazy cleaning too. For the first time in ages, all of our clothing is clean! There are some things I need to clean, but nothing presing. I feel the need for clean.

I think the bbaby has dropped again as I feel a lot better re breathing, heartburn, ect... I got DH to take some pictures. I have one with DS in a sling I made yesterday, which DS enjoyed but was hard on my belly. I'm so much bigger than I ever was with DS and I feel it!!
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WArning-bitchy post ahead!

I am with you ladies who have been having these stinking contractions on and off for awhile. I hardly slept at all last night due to them, plus ds was crawling all over me, and dh was snoring. I just want to get it on! But..I can't be mad at ds...

We had a HORRIBLE dr. appt today. Speaking of penises, ds was up a lot last night saying his hurt, and was telling me it hurt when he peed. So we took him to the dr. this morning, and ds isn't circed. It isn't our normal dr., and I won't go into details, but the asshole retracted his foreskin and made it bleed. So on top of this infection that he has, he is in pain because of that. I posted the story on the circ board, if anyone has any advice. I Can't Tell you how PISSED I am. I feel so bad for my little boy. He just peed a minute ago and started crying from the pain. That man needs to die a slow painful penis death.

Can I go into labor being this mad? I was thinking it might delay me a few more days until I can feel calm again.
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OH Melissa
that is awful for your poor ds...what a Dumb a$$ doc....

Daednu sorry the contrx stopped they may be back later so you never know....

Think positive Carla! Visualize your cervix opening and talk to your baby about coming soon..you never know........

Heather...... I am losing bits of my plug today too...I thought it was from the EPO but I just went to pee again and wiped a big glob of what I know for sure now is mucous. Cramping off and on along with it-no big contrax or anything, but the plug was my sign with ds #1 and labor came right after I lost it. I too have been feeling nauseated off and on the past two days so who knows about us! I know DH sure would love the labor to come today as he is about done with all this OT at his work. Not to mention ds and I miss him much....

Lizbear that is cool about your telling your mom..what a relief for you....

Leah more labor vibes coming your way.....

ok gtg
gonna og ot my moms

ohmi..see these typos....I cannot stand it any more...
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Can I share something???

I'm back in my pre-pregnancy jeans today!!! 13 days pp and in my jeans! I'm thrilled!!! They don't look really attractive in the belly area since they're slightly low-rise, but that's okay! They zipped! LOL

I feel for all of you feeling miserable. It's sooo nasty hot here today and iiiiicky! We went to Whole Foods and I was just sweating like a pig and I'm not even pg anymore! Ick!!!

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oh melissa - your poor poor baby boy...that's my biggest fear about not having ian done, some retard will want to retract it before it's ready...thankfully our fp knows better, but he's not always gonna be around yk? anyways s

and kimberly, you better run honey...i might be pregnant, but i'll still lay out a butt-whoopin' over that jeans thing
Heather <~~~ who's wishing she could wear her prepg jeans right now
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Your poor little guy Melissa. I read the post in the circ forum. Doctors just get me so annoyed sometimes thinking they no better than nature. A doctor circed my fully retracting DH when he was a pre-teen during a surgery for a testicle that did not descend. Just like, since it's there and causes so many problems, why not get rid of it? That doctor probably would do the same. Forcibly retracting the foreskin of such a little young guy.

I didn't get very much done today besides the belly cast. We ended up going to the beach. But I had gotten grumpy, so at least that got me in a better mood.

Need to read the other new posts and then get to bed. Take care all - Tiff
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Hey Guys,
Just a quickie here. I am taking a break from the whirlwind of nesting, cleaning, and doing we've done today. Thank GOD it is almost dinnertime and we can sit and relax a bit. We've completely cleaned the basement, installed the carseat, cleaned the deck, the porch, did some shopping, picked up the car that was being inspected, did laundry, etc., etc., etc... I think I'm gonna pass out! :yawning:

Okay, I think my little dream of having a blue moon babe may very well be out the window. It is almost 6pm here in the east and no signs of labor....hmmmmm....I really hope someone goes yet tonight b/c I want ONE of us to have a once in a blue moon babe!

I know I'm going to forget some of you...I'll check in later. But Daednu-keep walking, moving and doing... perhaps you can bring those CTXs back.

And AP-a little lost mucus plug here and there is a GOOOD thing... Maybe things are really starting for you... And yes, my EDD is 8/5.

ILOVE-What an awful doc experience. I have a friend whose son IS circed and his penis was really red one day so she brought him into the doc and the doc pulled his little bit of foreskin back so hard that he bled and bled and bled. And was in A LOT of pain. What can you do for him to make it better? Can you give him some pain reliever????

Oh-Ketilave-my DS is just 2 1/2. And he is pretty obsessed with his penis, too. It is COMPLETLEY normal. And if my observations are correct, they NEVER get over it... DS likes to rip off his diaper and run around the house with an erection. All I do is ignore it. I'm not sure if my guy understands the "private" thing yet, so I just ignore. Except at night. At night (and we co-sleep) he will take his penis out of his diaper and then pee all over the place... I tell him that at night we have to keep his penis in the dipe...My advice would be to totally ignore it...

Okay, I have to go and get things ready for dinner. I'll check in later. So much can happen in a few hours... we shall see
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Thanks for your sympathy guys, I am more calm now. I talked to one of my friends (whose son is also intact) for awhile about it, and she was just as mad as I was. I didn't think of a pain reliever, Bears, that is a good idea. Maybe some tylenol would help.

ROFLMAO, Frog! Sorry Kimberly, but I was also eyeing the computer evily with the jeans remark! Feeling as big as a bus, and the jeans are far far away for me! :

mamadeadnu-I hope your labor starts up again! What a bummer though!

I am still not giving up hope for the blue moon baby! I am having contrax still, I just took a walk, and might try another one. Just since I sat at the computer I have had a steady pain in my back along with the contrax. Head is very low, lost more mucous today, been having these annoying contrax for a week. Come on baby!
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Oh Melissa... the retraction thing had me in SHOCK. What a jerk!!!!!

I feel for all of you, but at the same time, I kind of miss the pg thing already... she's a tad more demanding on the outside (the 24 hour boob-a-thon)
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You guys think checking this thread is part of after-dinner clean-up, right???

Hey Kimberly-Do you still have the mastitis??? Just wondering b/c I know it can sometimes hang on a bit... Hope you're all better...
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Melissa, what an awful thing for that dr to do! You got to wonder were they get their education.

Thanks for the thoughts Traci . I'm trying to be postive but it can be hard. I keep reading the VBAC Companion but it's not helping as much as the first 5 or 6 times I read it. I just want to get it over with!
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I did walk around a lot yesterday. And did a lot of exercises on the birthing ball. Apparently it didn't help though.
We'll be going for a nice long family walk after dinner.

And I'm with you mamas who've been losing bits of plug here and there. It's such a teaser though, as I have no idea how much is there to begin with.

*pokes belly* Out! Eviction time!

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I just lost my post. grrrr. Oh well. I was just checking in. Nothing going on here. I want to make sure to post to I could get email updates. I hate missing what goes on here.

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