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Oh, Melissa! How horrible for your son! I can't believe they did that! Hope he heals quickly, and I would write a nasty, nasty letter to that practice, letting them know how they violated your son, his rights, and ask if you could return the favor, please. Yikes!

And, Daednu, hope that your contractions kick into high gear again, and quick!

My plug is still completely intact. I know I'm dilating, I've been feeling it. Wonder when it will appear?

And, Carla, I am sooooo with you on the fears with VBAC'ing. I'm terrified of going over, so I'm being as proactive as I can be. Are you doing anything to help things along? People swear by EPO, and both Traci and I are going at it. Hopefully, Traci will have something to show for it by the end of the weekend. If so, I'm bumping up my dose big time after next week. There are also all sorts of herbal helpers, if you're interested. I can give you some info.

So, I'm guessing we're all planning on breastfeeding here, right? Does everyone know that afterpains are supposed to be more intense with each successive child? How are you doing with those, Kimberly? I bought a tincture called AfterEase which is supposed to help. It has black haw, crampbark, motherwort, and yarrow in it, which are all supposed to help with uterine contractions post partum. I have a good source, although shipping is kind of pricey, if anyone is interested. But, I think the most important ingredient is the crampbark and I know people who have used that exclusively with good success.

So close, and yet so far! I've been having some more contractions tonight, and some of them feel slightly productive, but mostly just like BH's still. I'm swollen as can be, and it's kind of scaring me. My ankles and feet are nearly as bad as Kimberly's! But, no facial or finger swelling, which I think are good signs. I was this swollen last time, too, but it lasted for months, not just the last couple of weeks. My BP has been holding steady, but I'm worried about what will happen on Tuesday when I have my next exam. Hopefully they'll tell me it's just normal, and not to worry too much. I've only spilled trace proteins twice, and that was after I'd been ill before I got to the office, so probably related to that.

I think I'll go howl at the moon or something, try and speed things along.
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I went and got car seats for the little boys so we can take Sean's for the new baby. Gavin gets it, but Sean isn't too sure. The seat formerly known as Sean's has been wiped down, the cover washed, I am only waiting for it to dry then I will install it.
I finished the kitchen floor, but then realized I didn't have any felt pads for the feet of the chairs. So after a bit I picked up DD and went to the crazy place and got some food and some pretty things. Pedicures tomorrow!!
DH finished the retaining wall/flower bed. Now to get fill dirt for it. That would be from several spots int eh yard that are more than willing to give it up. Alex got the lawn mowed and weed whacked so that is done. For inside, tomorrow is fold and put away clean laundry and the toy room. The kitchen needs work (except the floor), but the toy room and family room are all I have hope for.
While out I started feeling very sick, but nothing came of it. DH seemed a bit hopeful, but not tonight.
Sean wants a snuggle so I had better go. Well, I went into labor with Sean while tucking in Gavin, but I am not holding out for a repeat.
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Frog - I forgot to suggest to you that for the liquid form of the EPO, you could just use it like olive oil and put it on salads along with some good balsamic vinegar. I once would take liquid EPO for MS and just swallowing a tablespoon is very yuck. But it actually is a good tasting oil if you use it on food. Someone told me that if I was putting on top of my salads, I needed to take a peace of bread and wipe up the plate and eat that after just because you don't want to waste EPO. I love balsamic vinegar, so I always do that anyway.

Also, you could get some empty capsules and put some EPO in them for vaginal inserts. I know they sell them at Nature's (Wild Oats). I'm sure there would be a store similar to that near you that would sell them.

Anyone know how do you make nettle tea appetizing? I ran out of capsuled nettle and we have a nice bunch in the garden. So I'm thinking I'll use that for the next couple of weeks instead of buying more capsuled nettle and throwing out my nice free organic nettle before DS gets into it. I know I could take it to the pharmacy and have them put it in capsules, but I'm afraid that might cost more than buying it already packaged. And it's not like I want to touch fresh nettle long enough to finely chop it up (no working food processor) and then stick it in capsules. So I think I have to figure out a way to actually drink nettle tea. Right now, if we make nettle tea, it goes in our very small vegetable garden and we complain of the smell of the tea. (We only have a very small vegetable garden because DH knew that as I got more pregnant, I would abandon it to his care. Which I did that a couple of months ago except for two weedings of our potatoes.)

It's 6 am and I've been awake for about an hour already. I was again feeling cramping around my cervix, our bedroom is just too hot to sleep in, needed to use the potty, and was hungry. But I think I could have slept through all of that if it wasn't for the heat in our bedroom. We put a sheer fabric on our windows to keep out the mosquitos eating my DS (why do they always choose a little one?) but now the windows just have to be open all the time. So it's been getting really hot up there during the day. I think DH is going to have to make a frame for the fabric so that we can open up our "screen" and close the window and sun screen covering during the day. We have not been able to find real screens here. I saw them in the south once, but have not here and we have looked a lot. But our sheer fabric is much prettier than a real screen would be.

Take care all - Tiff
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12:30 my time, July is done and so am I. I am so tired but can't sleep. I have heart burn so don't want to lay down. I never got around to buying a recliner.
I remember a coworker who said I never complained last time but it was so obvious the last 2 weeks of my last pregnancy I was done. I think I am there. And suddenly 2 weeks is not enough time. What the heck am I doing? 5 kids? am I crazy? Am I going to make it? How can we afford this one and all the other things we want? I know it is stupid, but I really want that bookshelf. Not sure how I can wing it here soon. I know now it shouldn't be before March before anything happens if it will with my job- and we were told not to discuss it all all, even no comment is too much. Blech.
Guess I had better try again at sleep.
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i use peppermint in my nettles mix..........really helps tame the taste
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It is 3:30. The full moon is out, lighting up outside. I went to bed at 10:30, woke up a few times. I have been crampy all night. REALLY lost my mucous plug, and I think I am starting to have some real contractions. Everyone is sleeping. I am going to monitor them awhile longer before I wake up DH. So far about three minutes apart. Definitely feel different than the bh I have been having. Maybe? Maaaybeee?

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Oh-and Madrone- re: nettle tea. I have brewing some in a quart jar, chilling it, and mixing it half and half with lemonade. It is the only way I can drink it.
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Just wanted to post quick-I am in labor! The mw's are on the way, contrax arre about 2-3 min apart. goota go
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I guess no blue moon babies for us, huh???

Melissa-Keep us posted. You could have the first August babe!

Yes, planning on nursing this little one and I'm not sure what the after pains will be like. I'm still nursing DS #1 1-2x/day, so I'm not sure if that makes a difference.

Could be nothing, BUT...
I've had really weird cramping like pains all night. It is now 6:30 am and I've had them all night long. I hesitate to call them ctxs b/c with DS#1 I was induced after my water broke. My ctxs then were very localized-definitely very, very low and out-of-body painful, of course. What I've been experiencing all night and this morning is more of a WHOLE tummy ctx-not very painful, but noticeable. Also, the baby literally did some kind of dance marathon before I went to bed last night. DH saw my belly move thru my shirt and was blown away. In two babies he had never seen anything like this...

Also, I've had a number of bowel movements throughout the nigth and I had to pee like every 1/2 hour... what do you guys think???
Could someone please describe their ctxs to me????

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Oh, Melissa-our posts crossed... Best, best labor vibes to you. I'll be thinking of you today...
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Good luck you guys. Happy labor vibes.

And to whoever asked, yes the afterpains were worse this time. Sometimes they hurt as much as my contractions at around 4-5cm. It was just the first day or two though.

Well, my milk is completly in now and everything is getting milk on it! Sara is still doing so well nursing. We had a good night last night. DS did very well. Sara just wakes up to eat (and get her diaper changed) and goes right back to sleep so its really not a big deal. I don't feel like I lose any sleep.

Kimberly, I think I might be back into prepreg jeans really soon too! Maternity jeans are way to big, and the only reason I can't get on the bigger of my prepreg jeans is my tummy is still big from fluids and my uterus. I call it my incredibly shrinking tummy, b/c every day when I look in the mirror I can see a def. difference in size. It's so weird. I don't remember that last time.

Went to buy some food yesterday and got lots of comments. People loved the sling, and of course every other baby I saw was sitting in a carseat. I was happy to have my baby so close and comfy.

I really feel for you guys having end of preg. crud. My mom calls the 9th month the crap month. I know I felt horrible lots of times those last 2 or 3 weeks. All the babies will be here soon though! Not much longer, YAY! Can't wait to read everyone's birth story!

Have a good day ladies, and happy birthday to the little ones coming today.
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Ahhh Caroline ..no luck at howling at the moon , eh...me either... Sorry to hear about your swelling...
I cannot believe we did not have a Blue Moon Baby here !!!:

Melissa happy laborland to you!!!!! I cannot wait to hear about your birth.....

Bears!! Sounds like laborland is coming to you very soon....How are you feeling now???

Madrone your windows sound so beautiful....but the little biters do not ..they also seem to gravitate to ds too when we are out...and the welts they give him ..ugh thank goodness for tea tree oil.
How are you feeling now?

Nothing going here...I passed more thick globs of brownish mucous this am but nothing to go with it except this still intermittent naeseua. TMI but just in case.. the mucous is eggwhite-ish in consistancy and globby clearish to brownish..this is mucous plug right? Or maybe it is from the EPO capsules...????

baby is moving a ton, BH are still here and there- mild ...

My only other thought at this point is if I do not have this baby by Tuesday I am starting to wonder if maybe this twin was the later due twin(my baby's were going to be due a week apart from each other since I ovulated twice I have no idea when the other conception date was)....My next appt is Thursday....see if I make it to that..then really start to worry about the inducing talk.

I up the EPO tomorrow to 6 every 8 hours, so we will see how that fairs too

Anyhoo, dh is getting so anxious..he cannot stand it..he was never this *into it* with ds #1....weird how he got comfortable with the whole birthing process after we have had one already...anyone elses dh?
We set up the paper ring chain thing that someone else did here for ds so he is obessed at this point too...bummer if the little baby doesn't come on Tuesday ds will be sad his rings are gone and no baby.....
Well the weather today is supposed to be beautiful and dh is home so maybe we will go to the lake or something and try not to obsess so much about our baby coming..although it is hard now b/c all the people/strangers that see me go *looks like you are ready to go sweetie!*

Pardon the typos...I gave up on editiing Jenn you are much better than me:LOL
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Have a happy and peaceful birth Melissa!

If labor is starting for you Bears, good luck to you!

I'm rather happy this afternoon because I think we figured out the source of our perpetual computer problems. Seems like our house's electricity may not be grounded. We're going to have an electrician we are friends with come out tomorrow (she's visiting family in Paris right now) to check it and then call our landlord. We will probably still have to replace our motherboard though because I think it is just permanantly damaged from the electric. I'm hoping that both of our hard drives are physically okay though. The last time I checked they were. Kind of thinking I need to not leave the computer on unless I need to check something though until the electric is fixed and brought to code, so I may not be checking in as often for a couple of days or so. If I don't check in, it will be because of that and not because I'm having the baby. I want to read your birth stories and will be having Simonee post after the baby is born. Cannot not post on the birth just because of an unreliable source of electricity. And I've been using it this long with the electric. Just hadn't figured out the electric was the problem and was perplexed instead.

Take care all - Tiff
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Yahooo Melissa! Hope it goes very well.

Madrone, I never thought of putting sheer fabric in a frame. sounds like a very good idea to me.

Bears, most of my cx's all day yesterday were like what you are describing. Lots of bowel movements, too. Every once in a while, a cx would be a doozie with a tight cramping. I figure with cx's like that, they could be the real thing or they could not. Mostly I've been paying more attention to the urgency they make you feel or not feel........none of mine yesterday seemed to "pick up the pace." They wear you out, though, both mentally and physically b/c they're strong enough to demand attention. I was pretty much a wreck by yesterday evening b/c my body had been in limbo all day w/o seeming to get anywhere. Just make sure you get as much rest as possible b/c it's definitely an indicator that it's time to start paying close attention.
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melissa, i hope you're holding that bitty baby of yours by now! i hope everything goes (went) smoothly too

i'm with all of you having the continuous plug/mucous, bm's, pressure, back pain, cramping and contrax's...can't we just get this show on the road? i don't remember getting so miserable so early w/ my other two i just wanna cry, i know it's better for him to come when he's ready, but why can't God make our schedules coincide lol? i keep praying for peace, comfort and strength to make it these final hours, days, and weeks if necessary.

my dh is anxious too traci...he gets worse w/ each baby i think! he was so upset monday when i had that leakage and we had to come home without the baby lol! gee thanks hon, like i'm not?!?!? lol, men :::shaking head::: lol
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oh i forgot to mention...i've gotten a bright spot in this eternal (so it seems) waiting period lol...i'm gonna be an AUNT! dh's sister just found out she's pg and will be due right about her first anniversary...guess those 2 day leaves in the military are good for something, though they weren't trying lol...she's not seen him since 4th of july(last time he was home), which is when we're figuring she got pg since he's stationed away right now...i'm so tickled for them now that the initial shock has worn off! just sad b/c they'll be so far away and i won't be able to help her much as they're being stationed in jacksonville NC
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ooh Melissa is having a baby!

Madrone, I have gone into labor twice on my own. The first time was lots of BMs then the contraxs started, light at first but very regular. 2nd time (or 4th preg) I didn't even realize the contraxz were regular till a few days later when really looking at the time sheet. When my water broke, the contrax started in earnest and then the BMs started.

DH seems very anxious for this one as well. When I said I was not well last night, he said ' as in have a baby now not well?' and I said I wasn't sure at the time but no, not time for a baby.

less than 2 weeks till my due date.... how do I tell DS2 that it could be anytime? He keeps saying the baby isn't big enough yet.
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Melissa- lots of good wishes being sent your way. Hope that baby is here or almost here by now!

And Madrone - I seep the tea with speariment or pepperment, add a tablespoon or so of brown sugar (to about 3 cups of tea) and sometimes a sqeeze of fresh lemon. Stick the whole teapot in the fridge and drink it a few hours later. It's totally different than drinking it hot.
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just wanted to see if the moon brought any babies - maybe not but it looks like some labour! Go MAMAs! Not for me though.

I was in heels from 1600 - 2200 yesterday. Wow, I could barely stand afterwards!

I am feeling very sorry for myself and the fears I thought I dealt with when I vbaced with Amelia are coming back. how horrible that a c/s can scar you that much emotionally. I am experiencing nothing new or different. And I have no appt. with my mw to get things right in the head at the moment. Off to pout and be grumpy.
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You ladies will love this. I am all dressed up and no place to go. You remember my splurging on a new dress. Well, I want to wear it to church today. So all of us are in our Sunday best and I can't find the shoes that I bought especially for this dress. I found one--but not the other. So I tried everyother dress shoe I own but my feet are sooooo swolen, none will fit. I can fit into flip flops and loose old worn out sandals but I refuse to wear those to church. We were running waayyy behind so I told dh to go with ds without me. So here I am in my new dress and no shoes and no where to go. I wonder where the other shoe went?
I kinda didn't want to go anyway because I knew that I would be unable to sit still comfortably on the pew and I would probably need to use the bathroom at least once during the sermon and I have been having cramps or ligament pain or something that make me kinda jump and say ow! I can just see everyone overreacting and drawing unneccessary attention to me. I'm not in labor--leave me alone.

On the other hand...I am so excited for Mellissa! She is in labor!
Take care everyone. Thanks for the repeat of sling info, guys.

Hey--is anyone working on cute birth announcments? Tell me what your thinking....I"m working on some ideas.
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