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Can't wait to hear from Melissa! Woooooo!

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Good luck, Melissa!!

This morning at church I started getting this intense pain that wouldn't go away. I ended up leaving early (getting someone to drive me, it was that bad) and was just in agony for more than two hours. It was a constant, excrutiating pain through the whole left side of my uterus which I was hoping would trigger labour for me, but I guess not. Eventually the baby started moving (and hasn't stopped, lol!) and the pain lessened. I started having contactions, but nothing regular. I'm really hoping to go this week, but I hate to get my hopes up.

I hate that any time I mention I'm having pains or contractions, my family wants me to rush up to the hospital. I keep saying I'll know when it's time and not to worry about it. I hate to go up only to be sent home (or worse, kept when I'm not ready) because I trust my instincts about what my body is doing.

I was hoping to see the moon last night, but it was so foggy you couldn't see anything . It was also really cold. It's not a whole lot better today, but I'm not planning on going anywhere. I think my plans for this week are to stay pretty close to home.
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re: birth announcements, we'll probably print our own on postcards again since they turned out so well last time...you can pm me w/ your email address if you'd like to see shelby's to get an idea of what we did
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Wow everyone is just so busy with their bodies it would seem!!! Absolutely nothing here to indicate any baby making an entrance soon. BUT..............last baby didn't give me any head's up either. Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to what things were doing, and was only watching the calender. I have a history of going early, anywhere from 1-4 weeks early. Guess I need to just notice those signs that all of you are describing!!

So we have one mama in labor now.........yippeee!!!!! Can't wait to hear about progress!!!

Heather, you and I are due on the same day, and I don't have ANY of the stuff going on that you do labor-impending wise. Almost makes me sad! I'd like to think that *this* is the babe that makes it all the way to term

So I'm going to go sew for the rest of the day.........I'll check back every few hours to see Melissa's progress!
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Here is a big cup of chamomilla tea for you..please sit and think of nothing for 5 minutes.....

I did not realize you were VBAC'ing too...are you taking EPO?

Beeears.....are you in labor??????
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Hi everyone,

We did it! We had our HBAC! All went well. Went into labor about 3:30 a.m., Nora Marie was born in the water at 11:15 a.m. She weighs 8 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches, 14 1/2 inch head.

Dh says she still counts as a blue moon babe since my labor started during the moon. I am just happy she is here and it is over, amen!

I am still in shock. The mw's just left, I need to go rest. Just thought I would post our happy news!

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Gosh - I logged on just in time. need to go post in the congrats thread to Melissa.

Traci - Brannon was a c/s at 41w 3days in the middle of the night. Amelia was a hospital vbac at 41weeks 4days. Funny, I thought that Amelia's birth would erase all those funky worries but apparently not - I guess, even based on edd#1, I shouldn't expect this baby before 8/3 but I just don't seem to have as much going on as everyone else and it makes me start worrying that something is wrong again like Brannon's birth. But, I do know that this kid is too active to come - not out of room or uncomfortable enough yet. Thanks for the hugs Traci.
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Hi everyone,
Just checking in quickly while we are cleaning the house... No labor here! I don't know what tonight will bring-perhaps some of the same symtoms of last night and early this morning, we shall see...

Did someone say Melissa had a baby girl? Did I dream that, or did I see a Congrats about it??? If my calculations are correct-that's FOUR GIRLS so far!!!!

More later guys... Thinking of all my ready-to-go friends!!
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Congratulations Melissa! Enjoy your new little babe. Sniff her head for me.

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wow, another girlie for us! CONGRATS melissa and nora!

lots and lots of contractions, and i just want to stay close to home... i don't want to drive or walk anywhere, just putter around and fix up the last little things.

sorted through the last pile of recycled baby clothes yesterday... now i have a nice pile of extras to donate to the local women's shelter. and i must have 60 diapers, woo hoo! (though only a dozen infant covers, but we'll manage somehow).

gonna go read the "baby come out" script from the hypnobabies web site... maybe that will convince this little guy that it's time to come out and play with us!

waiting waiting waiting...

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hi everyone! Gosh you all have been Chatty!

Congrats to Lena (I told you, you would be next)
and also congrats to Melissa

Things are going very well here and I am sure I will have to long birth story written out and posted atleast by tomorrow. Little one (That's an understatement) loves mommy and daddy. She loves the breast!!!!Yeah! I prayed for that. Big sister still not too interested in her, but atleast she is not being mean to her.

Her Collar bone broke as she was being born! OUCH, they told me to just be gentle with her and not move that left arm much. She lets me know when I have moved it the wrong way. I think my milk is comming in. It took 4 days with DD #1 so this is a huge difference. I love it though.

Gotta go, my sister is on her way.

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Oh, your poor little girl. I've heard of the collar bone breaking on the way out before. That's just a terrible thing to happen.

Congrats Melissa!

DH and I went to the lavoir to wash the pillows I have thrown up on during the last 8 months, to wash the bus floor mats that I threw up on and were still in the bag with the remains dried on them, and then the first things to wash, the car seat, and a European stroller the social assistant gave us. The baby probably won't spend very much time in the stroller since I'll wear him/her mainly, but groceries will. It's made for European streets and our OR made baby jogger just doesn't hold very many groceries. And then the stroller that I used for holding my shopping goods in the states is just worthless on our streets here.

Anyway, I discovered that the lavoirs here are hard work. And pillows get super heavy when they're wet. I know how to use the Roman lavoirs of Provence, but these Celtic lavoirs are designed completely differently. The next door neighbor had told me a little bit on how you wash in them and then I had talked to the lady at the museum about it once. Our house came with one wooden box you need to use at the lavoirs but not this cart thing. The reason I talked to the next door neighbor about the lavoirs is because she noticed I was using that box as an outdoor toy box. It did make washing there much easier, but it took me a little bit too figure it out. And since I don't have the cart, I had to be careful not to let anything touch the bottom of the lavoir and stir up dirt. Which was really difficult once the pillows became too heavy.

Anyway, I was pretty much exhausted after the washing and had lots of B-H after. But that was about what I would get if I walked too much.

I'm using the electricity for the fridge right now since it's the one of two electric outlets that are set up correctly. We actually have 4 boxes going into our house. It's an old house and the electricity was added in phases. So, need to finish doing my posts and then stop using the fridge's electricity. Take care all - Tiff
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Congratulations Melissa! I am so excited you had a successful HBAC!!!

As for me, I think I am in a similar place that Bears is. Last night I woke up A LOT with contractions. Definite noticeable contractions. Much stonger than the irregular bh's I had been getting. Yesterday and last night it seemed I was having a contraction every 15-20 minutes. Now as this afternoon rolls around...nothing. (I am still having some contractions just not as regular.) This is a first time for me so I don't really know what to expect. I am "due" in 9 days so I guess this baby could come any time, but last night I was sure things were moving in the right direction. Dh was sure to set up the birthing tub this moring so it is waiting to be filled. .
Yeouuuch, having one right now actually....

So what do you ladies think? Do I have a while yet or will this baby be here in the next day or two? (oh and on the tmi front, and I haven't lost a definite mucous plug either, just brownish mucous, sometimes in smaller "chunks")

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My advice - all the things that are going on are one of two things - prelabour or false labour. Either way do life but do it gently. Your body is getting ready. This will stop and start and go on until you get further in and things keep rolling. This is where so many women get tripped up rushing to the hospital - then the body gives you a break and the hospital decides you need pitocin etc. With Amelia I noticed a "pattern" of BH in the evening at the beginning of the week. It wasn't until Friday when I woke up - they were still there, not going away - I was even willing to consider the L word. I even freaked when my water broke because I was in so much denial I thought it was too early. Just start storing this information and keep your little secrets (of course you can share with us since we can't bug you about it). Once you can't do life then I might start thinking the labour line. Labour = work

Chiming in about the afterpains - I remember them stopping me in my tracks at first with Amelia! I'm not looking forward to that with #3.

GTG just heard thunder AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a break from these storms.
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Hey katje, where's that script? I'd love to give it a go.

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Melissa! Congrats on your girlie!! My Gavin says this one is a girl too, we shall see!

No baby here, but now the car seat is installed in the van so we are done. No real good contraxs either!
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Welcome, Baby Nora! Congratulations, Melissa.

Wow, I feel out of place amongst you mamas-to-be. I'm not even hoping to go into labour. My birth can't be midwife-attended unless it happens between 37 and 42 weeks, so I don't harbour any secret hopes for a 36 weeker. Going early means going to the hospital and I don't want that.

This has been a terrible weekend. Dd is tantruming several times a day, for hours at a time. During the last one, a neighbour from another street over knocked on my door to ask if we needed anything ("I'm a nurse. Do you need any help?"). It really took me aback. I knew that our immediate neighbours were worried about us, but I also know that they know that we are good people. It would seem that the people the next street over think that we're abusing our child. This is hard for us to get our heads around (1) because we are devoted parents and (2) because we've only ever had the one child so this level of tantruming is our normal -- how are we to know that other kids aren't doing this? We used to wonder, now we know!

Anyway, I feel very self-conscious leaving the house. All the neighbours ask me if I'm okay, not in the normal "Hi, how are you?" way. In the house, the atmosphere is not good. Dh announced that he wished we weren't having another child. I think that he should have kept that to himself. I have been daydreaming about escaping the city, but I'm not sure where to go, and, because I'd have to take dd, I wouldn't exactly be leaving my problems behind. It really sucks to be anticipating another little one at a time when my first baby is being so thoroughly unlikable. I can only think of the hardships that come with parenting, none of the joys. It's really sad.

Sorry for the depresso post. Please resume happy baby talk now!
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oh no Dodo! How aweful, but nice that your neighbors care enough to ask. i am not sure any of ours would even do anything, much less ask howwe are or come over.

We are working on how DH and DS1 interact. DS1 is back to his no thinking 'i dunno' and DH is back to yelling/lecturing. Those methods do not work with him. We have decided not to pursue the autism dx and keep the ADHD. Next week we go back to the specialist for parent training ideas on how to help him and avoid the yelling. I am not sure I handle it any better and I am sure short tempered with the kids. If I had a screaming small one in the mix I would probably go bonkers. I have sent DS2 up and down the stairs in a race 6 itmes now- just to burn off energy. He is being very weird. ds2 missed his nap and is whining over everything. and we are having another one....
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Congratulations Laurie! Congratulations, Lena! and, Congratulations Melissa! Wow, so many girls! You guys better not be messing up my odds. I really want a sister for Bonnie, and then it's time for a brother next, if I can stand the idea of being preggo again, that is.

Oh, Dodo, I think you're going through some normal transitional stuff, both you and your husband. I admit to having had some of those same feelings myself. But, fortunately, it's getting better. Do you have someone local to talk to? Someone to hang with, commiserate with, that's already BTDT? That can be so helpful. I was having a really rough time when I was afraid our babe was breech, as I realized that this baby could put me out of commission for much longer than I'd like, and it really hit home how much that would be taking out of me, and away from my older DD. Lots of resentment came out, not to mention the 9 months of morning sickness I've had this time... But, things are looking up. I hope you find some peace yourself.

Nothing new going on here. Other than I'm a blubbering idiot at church. We go to an evening mass (Catholic) and it's really quite modern. They play Christian Rock, instead of the usual Catholic songs. They make me cry every time. I'm buying a CD at next week's mass that has the songs I like on it. They actually gave me one tonight, for free, for the new baby. I'm thinking I'd really like to listen to it while I'm in labor. We'll see. It's very uplifting. Of course, after my hormones die down, I may return to my usual cynical self, and think it's all a bunch of hooey, but for now, I really like it. Shameful admission #2341 of this pregnancy. LOL.
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Congrats on the hbac and the new daughter Melissa!!!!

That's soooo awesome!

man, we sure are seeing PINK on this board!

Kimberly and Katie (2 weeks old today!!)
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