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So DH and I managed to lose his wallet with the debit card in it, and of course his SSN and insurance and all that. So sad day for us, but on the up side, in reporting the loss to the credit bureaus, we will get free reports. So we will really see how low our credit has sunk...
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lilli: sorry about your DH's wallet! replacing all that ID can be such a pain! OTOH, it's great to get a free credit report. here's hoping it isn't as bad as you thought!

peppermint: I would definitely put it on the card. it's earning you very little in a savings account, and can save you alot more on monthly interest. you may not need the emergency fund for some time, but even if you do and have to use the card, you will have saved on that interest, and it will be great psychologically, too!
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Peppermint - ITA about putting it on the card. Also congrats on no broken fridge!!! I am still sad, thanks for the support though!!!!

I put the VW in the paper. I asked too much for it, figuring we could go down, and it would hurt less when it went. I shouldnt say too much, its worth it to someone who has the money, its in excellent shape.
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i'm apparently among the minority when i say don't put it all on the card. my reason being that what happens when you do have the emergency -- you just put it on the card again and wham. back to square one (debt that is).
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and umm, rowantree ---> you can buy another vw bus when you don't need the $$ so badly. I know, I know one gets attached to these sorts of things. But the peace of mind from making your bills can be attachment forming as well.
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Hey everyone... I'm back! I participated frequently in the first few threads but left July 1 for a long visit to see family/friends across the country. Between backpacking and not being around convenient internet access, I'm been out of the loop. I'm not back home yet, but am at least closer to a computer that is convenient.

Great to catch up with you all!! Its been hard to keep on our plan while travelling. I haven' t been able to bank as easily and my mom has been depositing checks while we're gone- but its' hard to not be home and have the same local control. I'm looking forward to being back home and in my life again. Travelling gets old.

I dont' have much else to say except that I love the new thread title and am looking forward to being back in the circle!!

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Oh, rowantree, we want a vw so bad but I think it would be against the ideal of this thread to make such a purchase! Oh well. What is it like? Dh and I want to camp around the country next summer and we would love a bus/camper. I am sorry to hear that it has to go.
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well not to go on about it, but its a 71, 60,000 on a new engine. it isnt a camper however, sorry lilli78!!

Im over the selling of the Bus, 5 have a wonderful 97 VW golf thats needs some attention, and if it gets the attention it will last a long long time. AND I own it out right.

does anyone know about jetblue airlines? The tickets are really cheap< like $89 one way, I need to goto my dads wedding in S Dakota.
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I have heard wonderful things about jetblue. The planes are new and the service is somewhat human. I have not flown them but my parents have and they said it is nice. They are always getting written up in major magazines as being great and the future of airlines.

We don't need a camper... ACK! I have to stop this fantasizing...
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My FIL swears by JetBlue. He won't fly anything else.

Well, we decided not to do out vacation because we couldn't afford it. Which meant that I worked two extra days than originally planned. And, to top it off, thank goodness we didn't go because it turns out that when our new home equity loan got set up, they didn't set up the automatic payment properly, so this week we find out that the bank never withdrew the money and we owed them almost $600! If we'd gone on vacation, we would have had no money to pay for it. But thanks to my savings account, we were able to. Phew!
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I just got back from the grocery store and we didn't make it under our $50/week goal - spent $72 this week. I'd like to try and rationalize and say, "well, this was expensive and we needed that and I used loss leaders to stock up" but the reality is we went over and that's that. I'll just have to come in under for the remaining weeks in the month. Luckily, I got some rain checks this trip that will help me do that.

Now, piglet asked me:

congrats on the extra savings to your budget! Now....what are you going to do with that extra cash each month?
Well, it's not really extra unfortunately. We're still running a deficit so the cash is just going to be allocated to something else. I'm still hoping to pursuade my husband to sell the one car and that will bring us into non-deficit status. Even though the payment is only $199 for a really nice Passat, there's still the matter of keeping three gas tanks full and three cars insured and three sets of brakes and oil and and and and... We don't have any consumer debt (yet - although I can kind of feel it coming on, you know?) but my student loans require service of over $600 even with the refinancing. If we get rid of the extra car, we should free up almost $300 a month that can go toward keeping the credit cards unused and avoiding late fees on other stuff. I think we owe about $8,000 and we can probably get about that much for it.

And, although I know it's not necessarily popular here, I'm collecting stuff to put into Ebay. I may only net $8 or so per hour but it's more than I'd have otherwise and we donate stuff, too, which helps keep our material karma good as well as helps with taxes. If I can get a couple hundred with that it'll also help with consumer debt avoidance as fall approaches and we need firewood and have a birthday party to throw.
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Originally Posted by chalupamom
And, although I know it's not necessarily popular here, I'm collecting stuff to put into Ebay.
Um, what makes ebaying bad? I have not heard of this.
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Um, what makes ebaying bad?
Oh, ebaying isn't "bad" per se. I was referring to discussions, both in these debt reduction threads and in other places around MDC, exploring the time/value ratio of ebaying. Some women have found that their "earnings" from ebay simply aren't worth their time when they could be doing other financially valuable things. Others, like me, are finding that the time we can squeeze into ebaying doesn't necessarily detract from other economically useful activities and the pennies it brings in add up.

It's all a matter of perspective!
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Hi there, I am a newbie posting to this thread but not to reading it...I have been following along for over a month now and I have decided to finally post.
This thread helps me to remember my goals for this summer which is to pay off most of our debt.
In April I ordered my dh's and my credit reports....YIKES!!! They were messy. I have been working to pay off the debts on there plus other monies owed that werent reported. I have pretty much cleared up dh's report except for one thing which I cannot find any proof of and I am trying to dispute. This is not easy...I just recieved a letter from 2 credit bureaus saying that I didnt dispute it correctly and they cannot investigate...UGH!!! what a bummer...I need HELP with this part of the credit game...anyways...
Since June I have paid off $1200 in debt and by the end of August I will have shelled out $1873...not counting about a grand in credit card payments. The reason I dont count cc's is because we are still in the habit of using them and then paying off big chunks. I bought an air conditioner with mine last week etc.
I feel really good about all of this...there is about $1000 in bills on my credit report that I cannot deal with this year...honestly the stress isnt worth it...the claims are illegal and I just dont have the resources to dispute it...it falls off in Oct of next year so hopefully it wont be reported again and I can let go of it....hopefully.
Anyways, I am pretty psyched about the burdon being gone...it is going ot be a really nice feeling when all of this stuff is taken care of. Most of this is old debt....irresponsible but neccessary debt from when we lived in Phoenix...in order to get out of that city we had to choose no to pay off a bunch of stuff so we could essentially escape. They really set that city up so you make just enough to get by and now we can finally pay it all off...
I have been slowing working on paying off debt every year....things that accumulate, old debt....I am finally seeing the light...we are really close!
I just wanted to add that you ladies have been an inspiration to me to keep on the debt-reduction train. If it werent for an earlier thread I never would have bought The Simple Living Guide that manifested itself the day after I read about it here at a local coffee shop.....pretty cool...
We will still have a student loan leftover but that isnt really getting us into trouble or holding us back so much...we can tackle this next!!!!
It is really hard for young people just starting out I think....it is so easy to accumulate so much debt because of inexperience or just plain old low paychecks. We are finally getting out of that cycle...YAY!!!!
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Hey girls! I just wanted to write to let you know I am still here! :LOL Today my daughter and I went to the beach it cost us 1.57 since we needed to get my daughter a floaty! I don't think that was unreasonable! DH and I spent a lot of money this weekend that we shouldn't have so this weekend we are just staying home. We will just watch movies we already own and hang out with our daughter. (have to make up for the 100$ we blew last weekend!) Oh yes has anyone had experience shopping around for hotels??? I have a wedding to go to this month and I need to book it now for the end of the month. I would like to get a cheaper rate. Any suggestions? Oh thanks for the link to make a sling! I am going to have to check it out and get moving on it! Oh and good news I sold some of DD's dipes to help off set the cost of new dipes! (certainly couldn't do that when she was using sposies!) Well got to get going to bed forgot the floaty in the car. Imagine what the heat would do to that!!! Well have a good day girls and happy saving! Oh and my opinion on putting the savings onto the credit card is DON'T DO IT!!! IMO everyone should have atleast 1,000$ in their savings for ANYTHING that could happen! What if your car TOTALLY died and you still have to pay on it! Atleast you could go get a clunker and just own it! What if you just needed something like meds for your child! Why charge it when you could just pay yourself back! NO INTEREST!!! WOO HOOO Hope that helps anyone!
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Hi ladies- well I decided to put half the money from savings on the CCs, since you all were split on it too :LOL- the "put it all on the CC" people almost had me before the others chimed in .

Doing pretty good here, we have been "in the black" at least since I started this thread and have aquired no new debt during this time.

My next challenge- ds's birthday next month- I am tempted to buy him an over $100 gift- but am sure that if I work at it can think of something just as nice for less money- maybe have dh make something. I am thinking a firehouse dollhouse, as he's REALLY into firemen and will be turning 3. I am going to send out a mass e-mail to my Mom's Club to see if anyone has a firetruck cake pan I can borrow, otherwise I'll just have dh draw one on top of the cake with frosting .

The urge to adopt a child is getting forever stronger and really strengthening my committment to getting out of debt and accumulating savings ASAP. And you ladies are my rock , thank you.

Anyone with news/updates?
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That is wonderful that you are wanting to adopt! I would LOVE to adopt a child! My husband doesn't think that he could love an adopted child the same. I don't think it would matter to me! They are all little miracles! Anyways congratulations!
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ARGH! I HATE COMPUTERS!!! (There are some keyboard shortcuts for going back and forward on Internet Explorer and I keep unconsciously pressing some combination while typing that sends me back and then when I come back to this page, my post is deleted. Any ideas?)

Anyway, as I was saying...

Clark Howard, king of radio finance advice, says never put all spare cash towards CCs, always have a savings account.

If we hadn't had a savings account, we would have had to take money out as a cash advance from the CC (acruing high finance charges and a fee) to pay for the home equity loan I explained about earlier. So it was really good that I'd put it in savings instead and could easily transfer it.
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ok first: firetruck birthday cakes. my dh LOVED firemen. wanted to wear a firehat (you know the 3 dollar plastic kind) every place he went. wouldn't wear shorts bc he thought firemen didn't (then saw them wearing shorts at a firehouse and overnight would wear shorts). anyhow...MIL made a firetruck cake. Basically a rectangle with lichorice (sp?) ladder and wheels made of oreos.

and over 100 dollar gift....what's the item in question?

second. good call peppermint on spliting the cash. I think that was a great way to spend it.

and finally...i've had a rough week. I had a single male (childless) colleague in town for the week. He's a post-doc, I am a phd student. He's working on the same research project as me. Instead of bringing my lunch everyday I forked over $$ for lunch out every day. Thing is I didn't really eat well. All the food I had was not great. I took him back to the airport this morning, have loads of work to do on the research project and will be eating well all next week.
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Originally Posted by kerc
ok first: firetruck birthday cakes. my dh LOVED firemen. wanted to wear a firehat (you know the 3 dollar plastic kind) every place he went. wouldn't wear shorts bc he thought firemen didn't (then saw them wearing shorts at a firehouse and overnight would wear shorts). anyhow...MIL made a firetruck cake. Basically a rectangle with lichorice (sp?) ladder and wheels made of oreos.

and over 100 dollar gift....what's the item in question?
Kerc- Great idea on the cake! I admit though, I was :LOL about your "DH" loving firemen and wearing the plastic helmet everywhere
: . I got what you meant though , at least I hope so .

The gift was a firehouse dollhouse from a catalogue (see were not that creative), just had thought of buying the one in the catalogue instead of making it.

Ah- lunches out- I know it's fine to be all frugal, but when old friends come to town, you do feel the need to "take them out", so sympathies there.
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