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Moms of older same sex twins, I have a question

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When did you start buying clothes specifically for eac one of your twins? My boys are only 7 months (on Wednesday! ) so it really isn't an issue. They both wear the same size in clothing and are about the same length so I just dress them in whatever is handy! I don't see this becoming something I need to really worry about 'til later, but I'm just wondering when you made the switch?


(p.s. I know, I sound completely neurotic, but I'm a planner and apparently having twins hasn't stopped my obssesion! :P)
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Mine are 4, and I just have a clothes pile, really, and they are interchangable. They are almost the same size (same height, 5 lb. diff. in weight), which helps. A lot depands on when they realize they can have different clothes, I would think.
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I started when they were about 2, when they both had definite ideas about what they wanted to wear. They are 10 now and occasionally wear each others clothes, but only if they're completely out of whatever it is they need (shirt, shorts, etc.).
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My boys are 4 1/2 and they've recently gone into different sizes so that makes it easier to buy for each of them. Before though I just always had one closet and just let them wear whatever. We've only done the matchy poo outfits for pictures, lol.
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It happened naturally at our house at a young age - about 20 months or so. Whoever wore something first claimed it, and if I tried to put it on the other on a different day, they would protest. (NO! MY!) So, I just followed their lead. But everything is in one dresser/closet. We don't separate the clothes, they just remember whose is whose.
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I always 'assigned' an outfit to one or the other. It helped me to keep track of who was who! Espescially years later in old photos. THey look exactly alike, but I know who wore what!

By the time they were two or three, they liked to shop for their own stuff, you know, "do you want the red jacket or the blue one?" And then that was THEIRS. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Now they occassionally dress alike, not often. But they loan each other clothes all the time. Just so you get the laundry in the right piles...
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my twins are 4 and a half and the 3 year old is the same size (size 4). They all wear the same clothes since everything is pretty generic tee shirts and shorts... one of the twins is very slim so anything that runs small I tend to put on him but as of now they basically all share. I figure they'll let me know when they don't want to anymore
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