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Finally, pics of shawl/poncho

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I finally got my sil to get me pics of the shawl I made her for her b'day. I LOVE how it came out. I think it just looks lovely on her! She said she wore it to work and had 4 people ask if they can buy one. If I can get motivated, I may just become a WAHM instead of a SAHM.

I used Berrocco yarn, Cotton Twist. It's gorgeous yarn! Small skeins though, took 4. I did skip the tassles I was thinking of putting on it. This project was so easy! If you can knit a scarf, you can knit this.
Here's a link to the pics....
(I'm hoping that worked. I never used Picture Trail before)
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Soooo cute I want to make one too....It would be a nice WAHM biz...
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Was that knit or crocheted? It's gorgeous! I'd love to make one, too. Where did you find the pattern? (And, I can't tell from the picture - is it a wrap-around shawl, or a pull-over of some kind?)
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It was knit. Pullover style, poncho I guess that would be. I looked at the ones in the store and realized how easy it was. I got the dropstitch idea from the local yarn store. They had a dropstitch shawl displayed. I just asked and the lady explained it to me.

Here's what you do.......Just knit a long and wide scarf shape. I had 47 stitches (size 15 needle). Stockinette stitch until you've reached desired length (I took a few swags of material and tested out the size I wanted it to be before I started.). Then drop stitch at the end when you bind off, like so......... *Bind off 5 (K, BO, K, BO, etc), drop 6th stitch, yo, bind off, yo, bind off* Repeat from *. When finished, pull the weave so the dropped stitch unravels. Then fold scarf in half and stitch up one of the long sides leaving room for the neck at the folded part.
Voila'! You're done.

The shawl at the yarn store had tassles and was tighter knit with a much thicker yarn. Had a completely different look to the weave.
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That is beautiful!! Great job!!
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Thats gorgeous!!! Your sister has beautiful hair too, so much body.
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Awesome!! I'm working on a cabled poncho in Elsbeth Lavold silky wool.. I'll post pix if I ever finish!

I may have to make one with this pattern too though.. it's gorgeous!!
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That's absolutely beautiful!
As a newbie to knitting, I have to ask you experienced knitters: how long would a project like this take? My mother would look so pretty with an orange one....
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You should add this to the how-to section!!!

It's beautiful!
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Your poncho looks great! Wonderful job.
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Originally Posted by insomniamama
As a newbie to knitting, I have to ask you experienced knitters: how long would a project like this take?
It knits up so quick! I'm not a very quick knitter and I didn't really watch the time but it probably took me around 5-6 hours. A couple of hours each over 3 days. I just worked on it for a bit after ds went to sleep. I was pretty lazy about it actually.

I'd love to see pics if anyone knits one up. Keep me posted ladies!

I'm working on another one right now with different yarn. I had some real cheap undyed acrylic lying around. It's already looking very different just from the change of yarn. Once I'm done I'm going to dye it up. Fun fun fun!
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I love it! It's gorgeous! I've been looking for a poncho to knit with a skinny yarn I have a huge amount of and I'm going to try this. Can you tell me what the dimesions of it are? I'm doing a test right now, to see what my gauge is with the yarn and needles I'm using and would like to know how many inches wide and long you made yours. Thanks!
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Yeah, I'd love to get the dimensions of the rectangle before you do the seam. I think I'm going to make a wine colored one to wear over a dark grey silky cami and black pants for a yearly formal event that I can never get myself to be quite formal for. This'll be close, though... I haven't made anything for myself yet, so this'll be fun. Thanks Ember!

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Wow, it looks great.

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Can *I* be a SIL!?! Pretty please!

I love how it came out! I am itching to make one. Thak you so much for posting!
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Sorry it took me so long to get back! Hope I didn't hang anyone up. I forgot what the dimensions were so I had to go back to measure.
The length was about 72" and the width is 22".
Remember, the width expands quite a bit when you do the drop stitch at the end.

I just knit another one (told you it was a quick project) with some acrylic yarn I had around. It came out ok, I definitely prefer the other yarn I had used for my sil's. It was much thinner and sleeker. It had a sexier feel. I think I made this new one about 76" long. It just needs to be dyed. Hopefully that'll make it more interesting.
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The shawl is really pretty and I would like to make one for myself! How many skeins did you use to make yours?
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The Berrocco Cotton Twist skeins are really small. I think they're like 72yds each. It took 4 skeins of this yarn.

The other one I just knit is with cheapo Caron acrylic yarn (huge skein) and it hardly looks like I touched the ball. It's also a much thicker yarn than the Berrocco.
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