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Ember, aren't you impressed with yourself that your pattern has become so famous?? I'm making it with a rayon ribbon. Yummy!!
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Originally Posted by chiromama
Ember, aren't you impressed with yourself that your pattern has become so famous?? I'm making it with a rayon ribbon. Yummy!!
I'm so excited that so many are enjoying it!
That rayon ribbon one you're working on sounds gorgeous! Be sure to post pics. I bet that ribbon will look great in this pattern.
When I was yarn shopping it was between the Cotton Twist and a ribbon yarn for my sil's poncho.
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I'm also about 1/2 done on mine! After a false start, I'm working with a pretty mohair look acrylic mystery yarn from my mom's stash. It looks gorgeous! Will post pics...
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Hey Sweet teach! How have you been! Haven't seen you in a while... are you back at work yet?

can't wait to share our poncho pix! Adina is visting me for the weekend, and just bought the yarn to start hers... she's doing it in Elsbeth Lavold silky wool... navy blue.. gorgeous!!
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if you'd like to organize your pattern and an image, I'm sure everyone would love to see it in the Patterns and Tutorial section of MDC
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Waaaaaa : I thought I finished this tonight.... I bound off, and it looked so great! Then when I sewed it up, it was so so so big I could have had 3 of me in it. I tried to take it partially apart, but it completely unravelled. Ugh. I don't know if I'll re-make it or if I'll use the ribbon for something else. Waaaaaaaa!!!!!
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sweet. you did good work.
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That shawl is absolutely stunning! Beautiful work...(more pressure on me to learn to knit someday...especially now that I'm spinning my own yarn and don't know what to do with it!)

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I finished mine tonight-it seems like I've been working on it forever but I'm often only able to sit down for a row or two at a time. I'm really happy with it. I'd like to try it in a bulkier, dressier yarn next. Here's a picture of a very pregnant me wearing it- plenty of room for nursing under there!

Oh, and I made mine about 60 inches long.

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Nice work blithe! Gorgeous!
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Kool pancho, Blithe. It looks perfect on you pregnant and I bet it'll still fit great after.

Btw, I was due 9/23/03. I'm feeling so nostalgic. There's a really strong lemony smelling tree that blooms here this time of year and every time I get near it I wanna rub my belly. Good luck!

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Hey Korin (waving)...I've been around, just posting here and there. I'm back to work as of...today! I'm back on the crazy work/school train.

Sorry to hear about your shawl! I'm still plugging away on mine.
I think I'll stop at about 60 inches.
blipa, your shawl looks beautiful!
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Sorry to hear about your shawl Chiromama!

Blithe, love the color you chose for it. Looks wonderful!

I think I might have been pulling when I measured because I just made one 72 inches and it's very long, although I kind of like it that way.
I didn't really measure the first one as I knit. I just kept wrapping it around me until it was the length I wanted. Afterward, for this thread I measured it. But it's folded in half so whatever discrepancy in the measurement would be doubled. And I think I might have been pulling it a bit. So I could have overshot the length measurement. Sorry Chiromama! (Korin I take it?).
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Oh, I was measuring it against another shawl I made. it wasn't that it was too long, I think it was just the drape of the yarn. I'm making http://www.straw.com/AnnNorling/mika...on_poncho.html pattern instead. I needed something a little different.
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oooohhhh those are gorgeous! Did you buy those patterns? I love the Musique one....
Hmmm...more things to make....eep!
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No, i didn't buy the patterns. I couldn't figure out how. (yeah, I'm that dumb!) but I would if I could!
I just figured it out from looking at it.
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I can't figure out how to buy it either! :LOL
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Dang it!!! i want those patterns!
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I finished mine last night and will post a picture ASAP.

It turned out really great, thanks Ember!

I used Lion brand Cotton-Ease (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) because it was the only thing soft at the store that I liked. It is a worsted weight.

Mine is only about 55" long and it was still too long and wide for my tastes. And I'm about 5'8" and 150 pounds, not very small. I think it was the worsted weight yarn that made the difference. When I make another one, I think I will cast on less stitches (maybe about 40?) and only make it to be 45-50" long.
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