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Thanks Kimberly.. Adina found this yesterday too. I think many of the patterns are pretty cute. Someone may be getting it for her birthday next week...
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You are too funny Korin. :P

and Kimberly - I LOVE your screen name!!!! Which ajah are you? :LOL
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Excellent! I am rereading the whole thing - cause I just got book ten in paperback...I forgot how long it is! :LOL
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part of a book - the Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan. :LOL
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ugh. not that series.

We have it here mostly in hard back. I haven't cracked it. Why? Because our old roomie was enthralled by it and made me sick cause he wouldn't stop yapping about it! DP enjoys the series so I let him have it and he leaves me my Earth's Children, Dragonriders of Pern and any Darkover I have. Then again, he lets me read anything I want anyway because he will devour it too.
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It really is good - but the uber geeks who are obsessed with it are a little annoying. I didn't read it for years because my ex was totally into it and couldn't stop talking about it.

Back on topic!! :LOL
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Wheels of Time? Sounds like something I'd like. I haven't read anything in ages. I may just have to pick that one up. What is the first book of the series? Is it called Wheels of Time?

Chiromama...... I LOVE that poncho!!!! I may just have to try knitting that one up too. How do you do the wrap stitch? I'm assuming it's not like the wrap stitch you use in the short rows when knitting a soaker.

Karen......Can't wait to see your poncho.
If you reduce the stitches next time you'll probably want 41 stitches instead of 40. The way I figure it, you want the amount of stitches to equal an increment of 6 minus one. That way each end has 5 knit stitches before a drop stitch row.
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The series is called The Wheel of Time. It is by Robert Jordan. The first book is called The Eye of The World. It is good. Good fantasy.
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Thanks Adina! I'm definitely going to check it out. I love fantasy. I thought it was by the sound of the name.
Oh boy, I'm excited to get a hold of a good book again. I cannot live entirely on Dr. Seuss and The Hungry Catepillar any longer!

Chiromama......I think I figured out the wrap stitch. They have a free drop stitch scarf pattern that explained it. I think I may just have to try that poncho next. Thanks!
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Thanks for the inspiration Ember. After I read over the thread I started one for my daughter with some cheapo yarn I had no idea what to do with. Instead of a poncho that slipped over the head I made it into a little cape so her hands are a bit freer. Of course I'm critical of my own knitting but she got compliments all day and she made sure to tell everyone I made it.

I have more yarn and maybe I'll make myself one. How many did you cast on again?
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I finished my Embershawl last week! Now if I can only remember to upload pics! soon...
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yay!!! i can't wait to see it - i am almost done......

And here I am back several hours later....DONE!!! Woohoo!!!

It came out great! I did have one little booboo - apparently I did a double stich somewhere along the way, so when I dropped one stitch, and it only unraveled about 6 inches. Oh well, you can't tell, and it still looks good.

Here's pics

Ignore the messy house behind me.....:LOL
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Woohoo!!!!! You GO girls!!

Adina, the pics are a bit dark to me. Is it a dark royal blue? That color looks gorgeous!
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Those are better. It is a navy blue silk/wool blend. Super cush!
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Oh adina, your Embershawl is beautiful! It's so nice to "see" you!

Here is the link to mine...it's towards the end of the bunch.

knitting pics
You need to get a snapfish account (free) to view.
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Those are great!!!! That knitting group is full of lovely ladies!

Which one are you???

The shawl turned out great - what a great color.
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