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Yeah! What a relief! If at all financially possible, I'd keep doing the chiro---it can be SO beneficial.

Way to go !
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Did you feel the baby flip?
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I think Bun was always vertex, honestly. The "bobble" the midwife called the head I felt on the U/S table was the butt.

I guess my children just have a lot of room to move. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I'm going for one more chiro appointment - Friday. Then I'll think about more before the birth. I have a max of 10 of them at 7$ each before my insurance makes me pay for the entire thing out of my own pocket.

We also did moxibustion last night. What was funny is that it was really expensive to buy. One Whole Canadian Dollar!:
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Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Now, squat, squat, plie, plie, plie...........LOL

This happened to me, only my little guy was 37 weeks and it was my first baby. Medwife began the "we need to start thinking about a possible c-section if he doesn't turn.." speech. I cut her off, told her it wasn't an option and she was pretty curt with me after that. I was pretty upset......called my mom and we went to go see the Amish midwife near my Grandma's house in central Pa (who is fabulous, btw). She was so calm and non-threatening......asking me if she could just feel my tummy a bit. She very gently rubbed my tummy, humming to herself......and I felt him flip. "Ahhh, there he goes..." she said. Then she asked me if I could do a couple deep squats to encourage him to stay there, which I gladly did. She noticed me sitting with my ankles crossed a bit later and very gently suggested I might avoid doing that til he was born.....especially not crossing my legs at the knees. Common sense tells me that crossed knees and even crossed ankles pushes the baby up.

Anyway...just wanted to pop in and say congrats!

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Yes good for you! My mw thought my baby was breech too. I finally consented to an US (very unhappily) bc I was quite sure I was feeling my baby head down. Baby bums don't hiccup and I don't think it can head butt my ribs like that....
The US quickly confirmed I was right. And still, at each prenatal my mw makes a point of telling me how much that "bobble" of a butt feels like a head. It sounds to me like she is still trying to make her self sound better for being so wrong about baby's position. (Gee, the baby is in my body and I was right- is that such a surprise?)
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This thread dates from August 2004
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Originally Posted by darkpear
This thread dates from August 2004
NO wonder I was so baffled by this thread. I was thinking to myself, mamid is preggers?
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well, I found it by searching for breech in the title, and it's been very helpful!
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In addition to moxibustion, you might want to try homeopathy. Pulsatilla has a track record of use with breech presentations.
Ideally see an experienced homeopath if you can, but if you can't, Pulsatilla might help, and, as with most homeopathics that you can get at a health food store, it's not very likely to do any damage.
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