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OK. Who's left?

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41 weeks +2 days here. MW will transfer me to an OB if he's not here by Thursday. I think I am going to do some blue and black cohosh tincture today...
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Tonight is the blue moon. Maybe this will be it for you! Hoping you have a safe and speedy delivery!
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Yes, I thought my baby would hold out for the second July full moon, but she came with the first!

Sprinkling strong labor dust. . . .
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I'm still here! My due date isn't till tomorrow so I'm not stressing yet. I'm actually hoping for another 1-1.5 weeks so that dh doesn't have to go on a week long business trip beginning on Aug. 15. We'll be full of visitors after this new one arrives. BIL and his family have announced that they are coming 8/12-8/15 and MIL and dh's grandma are coming 8/17-8/20. Talk about stress. I'm not looking forward to MIL visiting as she has a tendency to "take over" Plus my family will be coming to help out with the girls while I'm in labor and for a few days after. UGH!! The stress!! : Other than that baby is doing good. As of yesterday I was 1cm, 80% effaced, and he was at 0 station.
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Kris Here's some labor dust! I wondered if you'd had your bebe yet- I saw when I ordered my sling that you had arranged for your babymoon on your page and wondered if that meant you'd delivered.
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Oh Kris!! I just popped over to see how you were!

I'm thinking of you!!!

I solicited for you at Whole Foods today! A lady saw Katie in the sling and loved it. She has a 3 week old and wants one

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Cool, Kimberly, send her my way...

Thanks, Brandi, what did you order? PM me...

Full moon tonight, y'all...
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Thinking of you & sending you positive vibes!! Last Saturday night my back started hurting... and Sunday morning there was a little girl born in our bathtub. Wishing you the best, Kris!!
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Good luck to all you mommas!!
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Still here! Officially overdue according to my due date (7/30) as well as the due date that was calculated by my LMP (7/28).

I had a lot of contractions (felt like the real thing) last night and more bloody show today (sorry if TMI). What I don't have is that anxious and naseous feeling that I usually get!

I have an NST and appt on Tuesday!

Kristin! I see that you had your baby!!!
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still here...due on the 28th according to the midwife, the 31st according to the u/s.
everyone is coming on weds...

I feel like its my fault somehow I can't get labor going. I have done the castor oil, the cohoshes, walking..walking..,primrose oil, sex, nipple stimulation.... I am dialated to 4 now and 80-90% thinned out

last night the contractions were 5 minutes apart and lasted 45 sec- over a minute....much the same story everynight for the last 2 weeks...then after about 3-4 hours..they fizzle away and nothing.

Yesterday, dh put on soft music, got a babysitter, gave me a full body massage for like 2 hours! ...did the primrose..everything... and then, off to work he had to go today..a bit bummed about it.

(fyi- to anyone considering castor oil, I have had it strait, in OJ and shaken in root beer, and root beer is the way to go)
Although, considering the aftermath...I would rather go to the hospital to be induced than try castor oil again
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Congratulations Kris!

Stacy- sounds like your bebe is just wanting a little more time in utero :LOL you can only shake the fruit down from the tree when its ready to fall~ I'm sending you ripe baby thoughts
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How do you know that Kristen had her baby? Where's the link?
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still pregnant...anyone else?

I am dialated to 6 cm now and the baby dropped more..but no regular contractions (irregular daily)...maybe he'll just fall right out..like I've been in labor for weeks and all of a sudden he's crowning..lol

my husbands family flies in tomorrow at 9am....last night MIL called to ask DH why we can't just go to the hospital : I am so not looking forward to this....c'mon baby..only 4cm to go

has anyone ever heard of this type of dialation? I want to take the blue cohosh again but after reading all those articles I just can't...
overdue pregnant belly
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Still here. I don't think much has changed since my appt on Friday. Still lots of pressure and just uncomfortable overall. I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow for an adjustment so maybe that will help move him down further. I have a dr appt. Friday morning so hopefully either I'll have had the baby already or have made some progress by then.

Good luck to those who are left!
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well..its after 3pm, the inlaws fly in tomorrow morning. All of the stress and pressure to have this baby is just gone. I've accepted he is not coming before they all get here and I am not going to do anything to encourage labor. Now my focus is on keeping him in there as long as possible lol
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